Heaven is supreme.

Even in the upper three worlds, it is also considered a hero.

Of course, among the protoss gathered by the masters, Heavenly Supreme also needs to be careful and alive. But this is not a Protoss. It is just a small three-zone of countless planes under the Protoss.

Who can, who dares or has the strength to stop the black dragon of the heavenly supreme.

Even though Yin Shang was a little nervous under the lock of Black Dragon, he did not let the breath completely lock the Black Dragon.

"Ye, the suggestion of the minister is not to fight."

In the confrontation between the two sides, Yin Shang Ning Shen voiced Ye Zichen.

"If I am not mistaken, the current Black Dragon is at least the strength of the Supreme, and it is difficult for you and me to benefit from his cooperation. Let me say that if I didn't misread his true strength in the land, he would not have much problem with the patriarchs of the other three saints. Moreover, in their camp there are zombie ancestors and Su Yiyun's masters of the formation, we have fallen into an absolute disadvantage in the master. ”

If the three holy places can send troops, maybe they still have the power of a battle. But they contacted the above people, curbed the support of the Three Holy Lands, and let the Three Holy Lands into a war.

Then the three circles of this moment are in a disadvantage.

It can be said that from the moment of the battle, this is not a fair contest.

Ye Zichen's look changed, but as he hesitated, Yin Shang had already repeated what he had said before with several other saints.

After getting this news, the remaining patriarchs were somewhat silent.

Hot blood is there.

The fearless sacrifice is definitely not worth it in this case.

Maybe, they want to avenge the Thunder Tiger and want to level the Mozu and the blood. But they can't take hundreds of thousands of lives to gamble this gamble without hope of winning.

No, this is not a big gamble.

Simply hit the stone with an egg.

"I agree."

Under the short silence, the Dragon patriarch Xia Hua chose to give in.

"What do you think of the two?"

Yin Shang voiced Zhuge Hong and the squid, and even nodded when they saw them.

Just as Ye Zichen was still thinking about it, the Yin Shang and the saints were already inconclusive. With this result, Ye Zichen didn’t say much.

In fact, he may think so in his heart!

"That's so set, let me fight for the time to retreat for you. You are now protecting the leaves of the Emperor and the tribes, and the four elephants are in use. ”

The Yin Shang’s indifferent opening, even if he saw his sleeves, did not dance with the wind.

"Heavenly Supreme, I have been stuck in the position of Supreme for a long time, but I want to teach you, the ultimate difference between God and Supreme!"

"That may make you feel desperate."Black Dragon disdainfully smiled.

"Yes, try it and you will know."

The right foot slammed into the void, and the air at the foot of Yin Shang immediately caused a wave of air. His body is also under the reaction of this wave of waves, turned into a light and shot.


Black Dragon’s eyes squinted, and numerous spurs were drilled in the chest.


Yin Shang’s fist collided with the black dragon’s bone spurs, and the roar of the roaring sounds.


Zhuge Hong and Xia Hua and others looked at the point of view and plundered toward the Dragon City. The Terran and Orcs who fought against the Mozu and the Blood were also fighting and retreating.

"Want to run?"

The ancient departure in the distance saw the retreat of the saints revealing a sneer, but at the time of his shot, a kicking leg with a strong wind kicked in his arm.


A full range of more than a hundred meters, the ancient smashed the sour arm, watching the person in front of him smile.

"You stayed behind to deal with me, this is really a good opponent. Ye Zichen, are you planning to return the stellar star to me? ”

"Want, let's take it."

Ye Zichen was just a light smile, and immediately spoke to the saints who wanted to come and help.

"Don't worry about me, you are going."


The dragon god predecessors once told them that if they want to turn over, Ye Zichen will be the most important turning point.

They really can't let Ye Zichen


Only when they hesitated, Ye Zichen was bursting with binoculars and bursting into them, even if there was no hesitation, and they were killed together with the ancients in the distance.

The bite of the teeth creaked, watching both the black dragon and the ancient deviant



In order to assist the retreat of the Terran and Orcs, Zhuge Hong is turned into a Suzaku body, and the mouth constantly spits out a true life, and blocks all the routes of the Mozu and the blood race.

Outside the Longcheng Gate where Xia Hua fell, the four saints who existed here to arrange the four elephant arrays stood here.

"Hey, have you taken this step?"

Xia Yingda, the eldest son of Xia Hua, is also the current patriarch of the dragon family. Xia Yingda opened his eyebrows. Although they did not participate in the war, they could stand on the scene outside the Dragon City.

The situation is not optimistic.

Looking at these saints outside the Dragon City, Xia Hua’s face nodded a little.

"Sorry, we lost."

When talking about these words, Xia Hua’s fist was tightly held. He buried his head deeply and did not dare to look directly at the people of these saints in front of him.

When he said this, it means that these people in front of him must sacrifice for the ethnic group.

"The strength of the Mozu is too strong, especially without the constraints of the rules. Black Dragon has an absolute balance between us and the power of the Supreme. My old dragon is not afraid of death, but I can't let hundreds of thousands of millions of people follow me to die. There is no way, we can only retire, and wait until the Lord of the Trust Rules comes, and we may have hopes of a turnaround. During this time, you need to fight for us. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Xia Hua reached out and handcuffed Xia Keke into his arms. The turbid eyes became crystal clear at this time.

"Cocoa, Grandpa is useless, Grandpa is sorry for you, sorry for you"

This is his most beloved granddaughter, but she wants her to be this eye.

The tears fell uncontrollably, and I felt that Xia Hua’s trembling cocoa was laughing at the delicate face.

"Grandpa, don't blame yourself, I don't blame you at all. Hey, Grandpa, don’t you cry, it’s such a big age, and you’re crying like a child. You can't cry when you look at me. ”

The pink little hand passed away the tears in Xia Hua’s eyes, and Xia Yingda couldn’t help but sneak a tear on his side.

When Coco was born in the world, he was proud of it. But now, he prefers Xia Keke to be just an ordinary dragon.

Then she won't have to

She is only twenty years old, only twenty years old!

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