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The flames of burning the world are burning, and Zhuge Hong is also transformed from the body of Suzaku, and the fire girl who is burning with flames.

At the moment of the burning of her fire, the earth was dry and there was a crack.

The ancient trees far away in a hundred meters are also burned into ashes under the heat of the roast.

The fire of Nirvana and Suzaku burned all things in the heavens and the earth.

"Nirvana rebirth? It seems that there are some differences. ”

Exiting to a safe range that can withstand, Black Dragon dragged his chin and smirked.

Nirvana's Suzaku made him feel some pressure, but this is not better. It is boring to have no victory in any resistance.


At this moment, the flame of Zhuge Hong, who turned into a fire girl, turned out to be a few more high.

Her burning golden flame is like the sun falling from the air to the dust.

The mountains melt and the rivers dry up.

Wanyuan Wanli is all in a transpiration.


In this sizzling heat wave, the dead corpses fell to the ground, including the Mozu, the blood group, the beast and the human race.

The heat wave from the face made the black dragon scream, and the dignified look filled his face for a long time.

Ye Zichen, who is far away from the 100 meters, is almost incapable of preventing the heat from drying up the body's blood.

Suddenly, a man in a black robe appeared in front of him, pushing the palm of his hand forward, and a khaki glow shook the heat wave outside.

"Ye Di, give it to us here, and you have to go inside the Dragon City."

"Turkish chief."

Ye Zichen stared at the thin back in front of him, but the squid was staring at the Suzaku, who turned into a fire girl in front, and sighed.

"Suzaku Nirvana, burning the world. In this state she is unable to contain her flames, but the unconstrained fire will be the strongest flame. Under his flame, all things in this world will make her burn out. ”

"Incinerating the world."Ye Zichen is stunned.

"The phoenix nirvana, the fire is reborn. Zhuque Nirvana, burning the world. Now she is using herself as a furnace to refine everything in the world. "

"Isn't that?"

"Not as serious as you think."The squid shook his head and said, "We are doing this just to gain time for the activation of the Four Elephants. Under Zhuge Hong Nirvana, the Black Dragon is definitely not afraid to stay in the heat of her flames." As for the warriors of the animal domain and the Terran who have not yet withdrawn, I will cover it. ”

From the eyes of the squid, Ye Zichen read something he didn't say.

Zhuge Hong after Nirvana will die, and he will be buried here to protect the Terran and Orcs.

"After the opening of the Four Elephants, the Dragon City will be invincible. In a hundred years, we can leave you the last time. By then, the future of the three realms will be entrusted to you."


The flame of the Suzaku, which turned into a fire girl, was raised a few times, and the color of the flame became pure gold.

Under the glory of the golden light, the heavens and the earth burned.

Under the undetected attack, no matter whether it is the Terran, the Mozu, the Orc, or the Blood, it is turned into a dry corpse, and it falls to the ground and turns into an ashes to dissipate between the heavens and the earth.

Standing in front of Ye Zichen, the squid with its barrier, after seeing the change of the color of Zhugehong's flame, lowered his head and held out his hand and held a jade in his hand.

Put Yu Pei on his lips and kiss him, and then he threw the jade to Ye Zichen.

"I also asked Ye Di to hand this jade to my wife and tell her that I love her!"


Great earthquakes.

The gully gully emerged from the dry land, and the earth's crust also changed at this time. The melting mountains and rivers disappeared in the sight of the crowd, and the dry river disappeared before it.


A horn-like low-pitched sound came from the mouth of the squid, and even if he saw him turn into basalt, the back carapace was separated from his body.

The crustacean rules are arranged in a line above the void, and it is not long before they see the words that are hard to understand on the split crust.

In a flash, the words shine brightly, and a khaki protective cover spreads from around the font.



Around the body of the Terran and Orc, who struggled to resist the heat of the Suzaku, there was a khaki-colored ball of light, and the tossing heat was disappearing.

"Zhuge patriarch, brother of the earth"

Ye Zichen gritted at the back of both of them, and immediately clenched the fist, holding the Yin Shang is to plunder the Dragon City.

The warriors of all races on the battlefield also retreated toward the Dragon City under the horn of the horn. As for the blood stasis and the Mozu, they had already taken care of themselves.

"Zhuge sister, brother"

Xia Hua under the Dragon City saw this scene as a crack of his eyes. He held his fist tightly and bit his teeth hard to let his tears flow down.

This is what they planned before, in order to get absolutely enough time for the layout of the four elephants.

Xuanwu people and Zhuque people watched their patriarchs sacrifice for their ethnic groups, and their eyes were filled with blood red.

But they went to suppress the emotions in their hearts and secretly hold their fists.


Above the Dragon City, the non-stop Terran and Orc warriors passed over it. Xia Hua’s turbid eyes gaze at the void, and the spiritual touches extend outward.

Time is almost up!

Xia Hua, who was staring at the void, "retracted his eyes, and looked at the people of the saints with dignity. "Please."

What does this sentence mean in the end, the San people in the presence are clear in their hearts.

They nodded without saying a word, and all of them were full of dignity and firmness.

Get up in the air.

A total of 20 members of the tribes of the five ethnic groups, who are pure and pure, stand on the void and stand in a circle.

In the center of the circle, each ethnic group also has a tribe, standing in the direction of the saints of each ethnic group.

Suzaku, Xuanwu, Qinglong, Baihu.

The patterns of the four holy beasts flashed from their feet, while the other twenty people standing on their periphery lifted their hands high and bowed to the central four in a pious position.

Or, it is worshipping in the pattern of their holy ancestors.

build connection.

The golden lines were drilled from the patterns of their holy ancestors, and the golden lines were all squatting in the arms of their people.

Immediately, I saw that all the faces of the tribes showed a painful look. The blood on the body was also the carrier of the line, and it was instilled on the pattern.

Those who stood on the pattern, and the purest of the blood of the sacrificial people, gradually appeared holy and unstainable light around the body.

In an instant, the light and shadow of the sky is skyrocketing.

Four elephant array, Kai!

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