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Miles away.

Even if you retreat here, you can still feel the heat wave, and hundreds of thousands of Mozu army will only leave tens of thousands of remnants.

The group of slow-moving blood stasis was completely annihilated.

Those who can leave from the center of the flame are the three people who are drought, sorrow, and minister.

"Suzaku gave us a big gift."

At this time, the Black Dragon has already recovered the bone spurs on his body, but the supreme Yuwei of the day is to let the people around him not dare to breathe.

Especially the ancients, the adult did not know if he could fall into this lower bound.

Moreover, his relationship with Black Dragon is not as harmonious as he imagined. Among them, his situation is the most dangerous.

Looking from time to time to see Su Yiyun, the ancient departure is a bit curious.

What can Su Yiyun do to keep the Black Dragon under the horse.

"Suzaku's nirvana is indeed a great loss to our demon, but she and Xuanwu are forever lost between the world."

Su Yiyun sitting on the wicker chair smiled faintly, even though he faced the black dragon of the heavenly supreme, he still had a light smile.

"Now we need to care, it is actually there."

Between words, Su Yiyun pointed his finger at the position where the bloody light was on the Dragon City.

Looking at the past along his fingers, hesitating distance is too far, they are not particularly clear, they can only see some people squatting in the void.

"Su brother, there is"

Asked Su Yiyun to raise an eyebrow, Black Dragon asked some puzzled.

"Four elephants."

As a master of the Fa, Su Yiyun is naturally familiar with the world, and the four elephants are naturally within his cognitive range.

"Listening to a kind of spiritual array, I don't know what effect this spirit array has?"

In fact, the Black Dragon is also slightly involved in the spirit, although his arrangement is not as good as Su Yiyun, but the effect on the size of the array is still seen in ancient books.

However, he did not have a slight impression on the four elephants.

Su Yiyun, who looked at the blood in front of him, chuckled: "You don't know that it is normal. The four elephants are the ones that are circulating in the four saints. This method was also only when the gods and gods fought, and the four saints and ancestors had joined together. Its utility is to be able to turn the scope of the spiritual array into an absolutely invincible space. ”

The brow is deep locked.

Absolutely invincible space.

Going to this step, the Mozu has been greatly damaged. If the beast is not taken down, then their Mozu really lose too much.

"Su brother, you are absolutely invincible"

"It is absolutely invincible."Su Yiyun stunned him, saying, "This spirit array is enabled, even if it is the lower limit of the Protoss, it is impossible to break this barrier."

"That must not let them be arranged!"

The black dragon's face was full of anxiety, and the sword eyebrows were locked into a ball. "If they succeed, then we can't say that they can't help them?" At this point, the Mozu paid too much, and the seat could not tolerate and could not let them shrink under my eyes. This thorn, this seat must be pulled out. ”

Stepping on the Three Realms.

Even if their Mozu will flatten the Three Holy Lands, as long as the Dragon City is still there, it does not mean that the Three Realms are unified.

They will always be like a thorn, so that the Mozu are always worried about their Jedi counterattack. More importantly, they can take the initiative to attack, but their own people can not help them.


"Why, do you want to break their battles now?"Su Yiyun sneered at the sneer, "Before the Suzaku Nirvana, everything in the heavens and the earth is within its refining. Xuanwu turned into a wall and covered all the dragons. Why did they do this? In order to get absolutely enough time for the arrangement of the four elephant arrays, if you can get the heat wave of the Suzaku Nirvana, you will not retreat here, isn't it? This time, you can't break it. ”

"Is it necessary to watch them arrange?"

"What panic?"Su Yiyun grinned and said, "Suzaku Nirvana really won time for them, but that is far from enough for the four elephants to be formed. The inheritance of tens of thousands of generations, even the purest Sacred people of the blood, is not as good as the purity of the blood of the four great ethnic groups of the four peaks. The four elephant arrays are not so good. ”





Among the four sacred ancestors, there were cicadas and screams, and those who stood outside to supply the blood to the ancestors, all face pale and look very incomparable.

However, the four people inside are not good enough to be instilled in their bodies.

The energy is full of the whole body, and their only feeling is that they have to blow up.

Within the Dragon City.

Fortunately, the territory of the dragons is wide enough, even if the people of the entire animal domain are gathered here, there is not much crowding.

All the wounded were sent to the healing, and those who were slightly injured or not injured were watching the blood on their heads.


Gently push open a wooden door, sitting in the room is a gorgeous woman. At this time, she was kneeling in front of the statue of Xuanwu Shengzu, and she kept praying in the mouth.

At the moment the door opened, the woman kneeling on the ground suddenly turned back.

"you are"

In the woman's eyes, she was faintly confused. In her impression she never saw the youth who appeared in her room.

"I am Ye Zichen."The young man spoke.

"It turned out to be Ye Di."The woman raised her eyebrows.

"You are the wife of the squid."

Ye Zichen, standing at the door, snorted, and the woman nodded and saw Ye Zichen take a jade from her arms and hand it to her hand.

"Tudor asked me to give this jade to you, and let me tell you that he loves you."

"Why isn't the little fish personally handing me jade to me?"The woman holds the jade in her hand, and her eyes are filled with Ye Zichen looking forward.

In the face of this kind of gaze, Ye Zichen barely dared to look at it.

"Tutong, brother, he died in battle."


Yu Pei slipped from her hand and fell on the futon. The luxurious woman just lost her soul and looked at the front with her empty eyes.


But in the blink of an eye, the long black hair turned into a dead gray.


Deeply facing the woman, Ye Zichen retired from the room. Just as he closed the door, he heard a tearful cry from the room.


The fist clenched, Ye Zichen wanted to take a cigarette from his arms to ease his emotions, but the blood on his head attracted his attention.

Immediately, he looked up and looked at the void.

"Is this what they said about the four elephants?"

Just as he looked at the four elephants, he saw that Xia Keke was also in this battle.


Under the blast, Ye Zichen rushed up to the four elephants without any hesitation.

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