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Ye Zichen is very angry now. He didn't think of the arrangement of the four elephants. Xia Keke was in it.

What made him even more angry was that no one had ever told him from beginning to end.

If it weren’t for him now, I don’t know how long they have to lick themselves!

The spiritual power of the catharsis will fly around the people, the ankles on the ground, and the body as if the arrow of the bow is bursting toward the position of the four elephants.


A dragon claw took a picture of it, and even after seeing Xia Hua’s look, he rushed over.

"Ye Di!"

The claw before him was photographed. After Ye Zichen entered Longcheng, Xia Hua had been staring in fear, fearing the scene.

"Oh," wiped his mouth with his hand, and Ye Zichen looked red and red and looked at Xia Hua’s burst. "Xia Hua, you are really deep enough!"

"I still hope that Ye Di understands."Xia Hua sighed and sighed. "I don't mean to hide it."

"Not on purpose?"Ye Zichen squinted at his lips and shouted at Xia Keke standing on the top. "That is your granddaughter, Xia Hua, I really can't think of your dragon's heart." Immediately immediately let Coco withdraw from the four elephants, immediately! ”

"No."Xia Hua Shen Sheng.

"Okay, then I will save cocoa personally."

Not much to say, Ye Zichen’s stunned Xia Hua’s eyes turned to the four-image array.

In the meantime, Xia Hua was turned into a dragon, and the dragon tail smashed toward Ye Zichen and drove him heavily on the ground.

"Ye, don't mess around!"

Restoring Xia Hua’s anger, he even flashed the crystal in his pupil. “If I can replace her, do you think I want cocoa to sacrifice? You think I want to arrange the four elephants. It is the pure blood of the saints. The pure blood of my dragons is Jinlong. I have searched the whole family and only have these six people."

Looking at Ye Zichen, who let him smoke on the ground, Xia Hua’s old face flashed with perseverance.

"I don't want my granddaughter, but for the future of the community, she must go. Zhuge, Laolei, and old earth are all in their own bodies. Now the patriarch among the saints is the only one. I must let the lord and the human race seize the hope of the last turn, Nirvana for a hundred years, regain the Three Realms, and avenge them! Ye Di, you want to break this line, as long as you break this battle, then we have no last hope. If you still want to go your own way, if you want the family of the beast to follow you, then go break! ”

The people around them fell on their bodies, and the muscles on Ye Zichen's face, which was falling on the ground, kept shaking. He looked at the four elephants and looked at the painful Xia Keke.

"Coco, can you hear me speak?"

Ye Zichen, who got up from the ground, stared at the Sia Keke of the four elephants. "You tell me, is this your own decision?" If not, tell me now, no matter what the three realms are, what will happen in the future, I will immediately rescue you. As long as you tell me, is it your own decision? ”

What three realms are born.

What the future of the people.

All are shit!

It’s a ball in the heart of the world. If at this time, even his own woman can’t save it, is he still a man?

As long as Xia Keke shook his head toward him, there was no answer.

He immediately broke the break.

In the vagueness, Ye Zichen has already mentioned the spiritual power, and the Xia Hua in the distance is also alert to the spiritual power.

Immediately, I saw Xia Keke, who was in painful face. At this moment, she smiled and smiled.

"I am willing to volunteer, my morning brother, don't blame my grandfather, I really volunteer."

make a fist.

Song fist.

Make a fist again.

Then loosen the fist.

After numerous repetitions, Ye Zichen glanced at Xia Keke and looked back.

Seeing his decision, Xia Hua was relieved, but he was somewhat inexplicably lost.

For the future of the group, he will not break the four elephants. But if you are selfish, he doesn't want to see the Xia Keke sacrifice.

"The devil, the ancient, I will shovel you sooner or later."

Hey, clenching his fist, Ye Zichen left without saying a word. He is afraid that if he stays here, he will really ignore the shackles of reason and break the four elephants to save Xia Keke.

Xia Keke in the formation saw the look of Ye Zichen, and it was a pain in his heart.

Let him let him down!

However, she really didn't want Ye Zichen to bear the nickname of the whole world for her!


Just then, the Dragon City suddenly rang through several thunders. The people in the entire Dragon City scared the stunned thunder, and immediately they looked up and saw

I don’t know when there is a thick thunder cloud above the void. In the thundercloud, I can see the purple-red lightning in the clouds.


Another thunder was falling, and the thunder of the thunder flashed a purple awn in everyone's eyes.

Ye Zichen, who saw this scene, couldn’t help but frown, this familiar scene, if he remembers correctly

Someone is robbing God!

In front of a log cabin at the Dragon Mountain Range, Su Liuer sat on the ground with his knees.

Awakened from the coma, she did not blame Ye Zichen and Su Zhu for their behavior. She knew that they were doing it for her.

In order to be able to avenge Yuan Hong without being subject to checks and balances, Su Liuer directly communicated with the thunder and robbery.


A thunder jumped from the void, and Su Liuer had already accepted 3,927 Tianlei.

Tianlei is a level one, and the power of this thunder will be several times higher than the power of the previous thunder. Su Liuer did not dare to support the big, and all the spiritual power was transferred to the defense.


The thunder was falling on the top of Su Liuer's head, but this thunder was without any substantial attack, but after it fell, it was turned into a red mist wrapped around her.

"Wanger sister is in the robbery?"

Ye Zichen, who was coming over, looked at Su Liuer, who was in the center of Lei Ping, and couldn't help but frown. When he saw him coming over, Su Yan was a glimpse, even if he bit his lip and nodded.

"Yes, Zichen, how many of these thunders are there, why have they been so long, my sister has not succeeded."


Ye Zichen is also somewhat unclear, at least when he was robbed.

That thunder is endless.

"Ye Zichen, you have had a thunderstorm before, do you know what this thunder is doing? Why is it not a bit aggressive, and after this thunder has fallen, it has not been falling for a long time."

Su Zhu opened his eyes on the side of the eyebrows, but when they heard the sound, they saw Su Liuer sitting cross-legged on the ground, and the sudden release of the violent killing in the body.

Her eyes are filled with red gas, her tail is also blood red, and her hands are turned into claws that are irrational in the chalet.


It is the most secretive of the thunder, the devil!

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