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"Hey, look at the other side and you seem to be thundering. Maybe it will rain soon, and when the fire for the girl is ruined, I can kill it. ”

The remnant of the Mozu, who was huddled outside the scope of the Suzaku Nirvana, pointed to the thunder opening at the distant void.

The rest of the Mozu also looked at the Thundercloud, even if there are more knowledgeable people said.

"Don't dream, the fire of the phoenix is ​​not extinguished by ordinary thunderstorms, let alone the fire of Suzaku."

"And there is a fire that can't be extinguished by thunderstorms?"The Mozu warrior said strangely, but his ignorance is no one is willing to pay attention.

"There are people in Longcheng who are robbing."

The words of the warriors of the Mozu also passed to the ears of these high-level people. Someone in the demon statue put their hands in front of their eyes and looked at them. They immediately judged this thundercloud.

"It is a robbery."

The rest of the demon statues also nodded one after another, the black dragons who were wronged in their hearts heard someone robbing, and this turned their eyes.

The tight brow lock is deeper and the tone is also gloomy.

"How long it took, someone actually robbed me." Su brother, is this four elephant arrays also effective in improving the personnel in the array? ”

For a long time, Black Dragon did not get Su Yiyun's answer. When he turned around, he saw Su Yiyun's face was very dignified.

"Su brother?"

The palm of his hand patted Su Yiyun's shoulder, and he only returned to God and raised his eyebrows.

"what happened?"

"Su brother also noticed that the robbery."The black dragon pointed to the thunderstorm in the distance. "The person who robbed the child seems to be the female doll of the Jiuwei fox family. When she played against her, she seemed to be in the middle of the half-step fairy king. Didn't feel that she had the sign of a robbery, but the four elephants had just been arranged, and she had robbed the middle of this. Is there any connection? ”

If the four elephant arrays still have the effect of improving the strength of the personnel in the array, then this spirit array can say that nothing can make them arrange for success.

The people of the Three Realms have a unique advantage, and they have the Dragon Pulse to purify their power.

If these four elephant arrays also have the effect of improving their strength, they can still remain invincible, then they still play a fart!

"You want to ask me, does the Four Elephants have the effect of improving people's strength?"

Su Yiyun just looked at the black dragon when he shot his shoulder. After that, his gaze has been locked in the distant thunder.


Black Dragon nodded, but in his heart, he was suspicious why Su brother was so up to the thunder.

"The four elephants did not improve the spiritual effect. She could rob at this time. It may be that she had previously suppressed the spiritual power, just like you." Now she will release all the spiritual power, and naturally she will bring in a thunder. ”

Su Yiyun replied, and even heard the Black Dragon.

"Then why I didn't have a robbery."

"You Mozu don't need to rob."Su Yiyun still stares at the direction of the thunder, and the fists on his legs are slightly clenched.

"This is actually the case."

The black dragon nodded and did not expect that their demon had such advantages.

In a flash, his heart was filled with confusion about Su Yiyun's state at this time. The people around the nine-tailed foxes are robbing, why he is so worried.

"Master Su, then do you know why the thunder of the female emperor is red, and the general thunder are not all blue and white?"

Someone in the demon statue spoke, Su Yiyun is also a returning line without thinking.

"She is a mythical mine, different from the ordinary Tian Lei, the heart of the demon is to ask the heart." This Thunder has no attacking power, but it is the robbery that the thieves do not want to encounter. Since ancient times, countless heroes have been placed on this magical thunder. ”

"Is the Heart Devil so powerful?"

"Even if it is a great hero, who in this life dares to say that he has not achieved true conscience. Not only that, the Devil Thunder will find you the most weak and painful memory to attack you, and few people can resist this offensive. ”


Su Yiyun, sitting on the wicker chair, grabbed the armrest of the chair with his voice not falling.

The people around him were full of mistakes and looked at him. Even if he saw him actually got up from the chair, he took out a few Lingshi in his arms and flicked around the Suzaku burning with flames.


The sensation of the radiance, suddenly, a cage is actually locked Zhugehong directly inside, and the heat wave she released is also to isolate the cage, releasing no heat.

"Su brother!"

When I saw Su Yiyun's means, the Black Dragon directly locked the eyebrows to ask questions. Since he has a way to curb the Suzaku, why did he come out at this time?

However, Su Yiyun did not answer his question at all, and it was a dozen hits, which disappeared from the cane chair.

The people on the Black Dragon side are all looking at it all, especially the Black Dragon is a cluster of brows.

In a flash, he thought of the four elephants above the Dragon City, and countless bone spurs on his back, which turned into a bone swept toward the Dragon City.

After the demon and the Mozu warriors, they did not dare to delay after seeing them, followed closely.


The sudden change of Su Liuer made both Su Zhu and Su Yan exclaimed, when a middle-aged man in white fell from the sky.

"The devil is thunderous, it seems that the female emperor is falling into the demons."

"White patriarch."

Seeing the white-haired middle-aged man who fell from the sky, Ye Zichen raised his eyebrows at him.

This person is really the head of the Tengu family.

He did not appear in the previous war because he was always in a deep retreat and did not know what was happening outside.

When he left the customs, he learned about the situation in the Three Realms from the mouth of the prison king. Without any hesitation, he was bent to come to the Dragon, and he happened to catch up with Su Liuer.


Su Zhu and Su Liuer stood in the distance and were very anxious. In the middle of the thunder penalty, Su Liuer, the claws on the palm of his hand kept waving, and a sharp gas was drawn from her claws. The old trees are all cut off.

"Fantasy Thunder?"

For the sake of thunder, Ye Zichen, though experienced, is ignorant. Listening to the Bai patriarch said that this is the heart of the demon, and fell into the demons, he could not help but ask.

"When Liu's sister fell into the demons, how can she let her break this?"

"difficult."The Baizu chief of the Tengu family shook their heads and shook their heads. "If I remember correctly, before the three kings of Huaguoshan, General Yuan Hongyuan, died for the female emperor, the relationship between them is a lover?"

"Yes, but what does it have to do with this?"

"Have."The Bai nationality locks the eyebrows. "Actually, my understanding of Tianlei is only a half-baked understanding. However, I seem to have seen it in ancient books. The magical thunder will replay the most difficult times in the heart of the robbers. With a little carelessness about it, it is very difficult to get out of it. Now the female emperor wants to break the game."

The Bai patriarch suddenly stopped and shook his head.


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