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During the thunder, the Su Liuer at this time returned to the Red Maple City where Yuan Hong died.

Yuan Hong, who was wearing a chest, was lying on the ground without a god. They were surrounded by the Mozu soldiers who could not see the end. They surrounded them.

"Damn, you all damn it!"


The majestic spirits vented to the outside, and the blue eyes were turned into bloody moments.

Bloody red suffocating from her body, using the most instinctive fighting style of the Yaozu, with her claws and fangs, all the demons that swarmed were solved ten meters away.

She wants to leave Yuan Hong with the last piece of pure land. No one can step into the scope of this ten meter.

Only the group of demons did not let her thunderous means to kill, they did not know the fear, but still rushed into her and Yuan Hong's position.

The whole world, leaving only her and Yuan Hong, and the other is the Mozu who can't see the end.

"Everyone is going to die."

The claws kept shredding the Mozu, and she did not know how many Mozus died under her hand.

Looking around, she can see the corpses of the Mozu mountains, and the Mozu who are constantly stepping on their corpses and moving towards them.

Inexplicably, she is somewhat desperate.

Why haven't people come to save them so far? Why did she delay such a long time, but she did not see a friendly army helping them.

What she can see is only the blood of the corpse, only the demons who swarmed.

Why, is she and Yuan Hong so abandoned?

"Kill, Black Dragon said, whoever smashes this little girl, they will seal thousands of families." Brothers, kill! ”

The Mozu, who waved the bones and the sharp-edged sword in his hand, rushed toward her, and after the unstoppable battle in front, Su Lier’s strength had reached the bottom.

She gasped in a big mouth and listened to the words of the group of demons.

"Brothers, kill, that little girl is going to die."

Seeing that Su Liuer wheezed, the group of demons rushed forward with the chicken blood.


At this moment, Su Liuer suddenly sneered.


The group of swarming demons instantly made her freeze into ice sculptures, but after releasing this spiritual skill, she also used the last strength.

Arms tightly hug Yuan Hong's body, not long after, countless Mozu is surrounded by a knife.

"Yuan Hong."

Fingers rubbed on Yuan Hong's cheek, and the face of the powdery face showed a heartbreaking smile.

"How silly you are, why are you so stupid?"

Slightly whispering, Su Liuer put Yuan Hong's head on his lap. She looked up and a cold wind from her body rolled up, so that the surrounding Mozu couldn't help but step back.

"I am too useless, I can't bring your body back to the family." But it doesn't matter, you will not be alone on Huangquan Road, I will accompany you in a while. However, I have more important things to do before this. ”

"Liu's sister stopped, has she already passed the demons?"

Ye Zichen couldn't help but look at Su Liuer, who was still on the ground.

The Baizu chief of the Tengu family is also a deep-browed brow, and his fingers rubbed his chin.

"I can't be sure, but seeing the suffocation around her has weakened, like signs of having passed."

"Not good, the people of the Mozu attacked."

Just then, there was a sudden explosion of others in the distance.

Ye Zichen and the Bai patriarch, who are observing the situation of Su Liuer, almost all looked shocked. After looking at each other, the Bai chief left straight.

Ye Zichen was a deep gaze at Su Liuer, and Su Liuer, who was holding his fist tightly, followed him from here.

Only when he left, he vaguely felt a wave of fluctuations in the surrounding space.


The eyebrows were low, and Ye Zichen did not pay too much attention. The door to the Dragon City was rushed over.

"Stop the four elephants!"

On the Dragon City, Xia Hua died in front of the four elephant arrays, but his eyes were particularly dignified and looked at the front of the hundred miles. The Mozu might have come to the fore, but they were not long-distance, but stopped in Xuanwu. Before the ban, the madness broke the ban.

"How's it going?"

Ye Zichen also landed on the Dragon City at this time, and looked far.

Immediately, he noticed that the fire of the Suzaku Nirvana, the flame is still burning. But those flames are like some kind of imprisonment, unable to release the heat wave of the flame.

"Suzaku Nirvana, Xuanwu is the wall"

The Bai dog chief of the Tengu family was amazed. How could he not think that this battle was so fierce?

"Suzaku Nirvana can refine the heavens and the earth, why can they seal the fire of the Suzaku Nirvana?"

"I don't know this."

Xia Hua stared at the Mozu in front of him. All this came so suddenly that he didn't have the mood and time to go with the Bai chief.

"It is now important that the people of the Mozu come to the end of the four elephant arrays. You do not know the Bai patriarchs. The black dragon of the Mozu is the strength of the heavenly lord!"

"what?"The indifferent face instantly became dignified, and the head of the Tengu tribe jumped wildly. "How is it possible, is there no rule to restrict the balance?"

"Now we have no rules here, otherwise Black Dragon will not be so arrogant. The details of it are now no way to explain to you, this Mozu"


Xia Hua’s voice did not fall, and he saw that the Mozu outside the hundred miles had broken the banned by Xuanwu and swept toward the Dragon City.

Above the Dragon City, all ethnic groups are watching the front with their breath.

Four elephants!

Fighting to protect the four elephants!

Only in the 100 meters outside the Dragon City, the Black Dragon actually stopped the team. He looked at Ye Zichen on the Dragon City and stared at it.

"Ye Di, are you really a partner in this show?"

Ye Zichen of Longcheng locked his eyebrows and looked at the black dragon below.

"What is the meaning of this?"

"This time is still with this seat, is it too much?"The black dragon's face was full of smirk, and immediately shrugged his shoulders. "But it doesn't matter, this one doesn't care about these."

This inexplicable remark made Ye Zichen very puzzled. As everyone knows, Black Dragon is also secretly examining the look of Ye Zichen.


At this time, Ye Zichen has no need to cover up the need.

But he still has an unidentified color until now, not to mention that Su Yiyun, if it is really Ye Zichen's person, does not need to solve the Suzaku Nirvana and let them drive straight into it.

Is it really that he thinks more?

But Su Yiyun didn't solve Nirvana at the very beginning, and left without leaving any explanation.

There are many doubts in my heart, but

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