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"The end of the cold."

There is a smile in the black dragon's eye that is stepping on the void. His smile is like a signal, so that all the people above the dragon city will converge.

call out.

In the blink of an eye, the black dragon beyond 100 meters disappeared directly from the sight of everyone.

It is impossible to have a chance for people on the Dragon City to react, when the Black Dragon appears again in the eyes of everyone.


"White Emperor."

The black dragon who had fallen to a few meters outside the four elephants punched, and opposite him was the white dog emperor, who was holding his fist with a light smile.

When the right hand pushes, the black dragon falls to a hundred meters away.

"I haven't seen it for thousands of years. I don't know if the old injury can be recovered in the past?"

In the distance, the black dragon's left arm was inexplicably shaken, and his mind could not help but think of the man in front of his right arm.

White Emperor.

One of the three great emperors of the animal domain, the emperor, whose name is also the emperor.

He counted the earliest famous emperors in the Upper Three Realms, even the Jade Emperor of Heavenly Court, or the Emperor of Heavenly Emperor of the Land. When they had not yet called the Emperor, the White Emperor was already the emperor.

With his amazing talent, he actually broke into God as long as tens of thousands of years ago.

It can be tens of thousands of years in the past, but he still stays at the peak of Xian Wang, never took a step.

After the sudden rise of Jade Emperor and Tian Qiren's Holy Emperor, the reputation of Baidi is gradually forgotten.

However, others can forget, Black Dragon can not forget!

Ten years ago, he attacked the three worlds and fell, and he lost in his hands.

Almost no resistance, it is completely unilateral suppression.

The other people above the Dragon City are all surprised, even if Xia Hua is hesitant, and his eyes will change in the body of Bai Di and Black Dragon.

Have they even had an intersection between them?

Just listening to the words of the White Emperor, it seems that the Black Dragon did not find benefits in his hands.

More important is the shot of the White Emperor.

The disappearance of the Black Dragon is even his summer, and he did not make the most timely judgment, but this white emperor


The black dragon in the distance tried to restrain the trembling of the left arm, and the distracting light appeared in the eyes.

"Bai Di, the enemy of the broken arm of the year, has always been remembered in the heart. In the past, my seat was indeed defeated, but now I can’t say it. ”

"Are you sure?"

Bai Di smiled and looked up. In a moment, the black dragon felt like he was trapped in a cold pool. His instinct is constantly warning him how dangerous the owner of this gaze is.

At this moment, the dragon and the bamboo in the dragon city rushed out from the inside, and the anxious face was full of uneasiness.

Su Zhu went straight to the front of Ye Zichen, and Ye Zichen quickly reached out and held it, screaming.

"Su Zhu, what happened?"

"Zi Chen, you can go see with me, big sister, she"

Su Zhuqian’s words could not be said, and she now has no time to ignore the outside of the Mozu army. In her case, Su Liuer’s situation is more important than at the moment.

"Isn't Liuer sister already settled down, can you say?"

Ye Zichen suddenly had a bad feeling in the bottom of his heart, but in a flash he thought that the Mozu is now under the Dragon City.


"You look at me with me, Xiaoyan is still there, I am afraid"

Su Zhu’s shoulders began to tremble slightly, but Ye Zichen was in a dilemma.

"Ye Di can go with confidence, it will be handed over to me here."

Bai Di smiled at this moment, facing the black dragon that is already the most sacred, he could not see a little dignity from his look, but also had a touch of disdain.

"The heart and the robbery are not so good. The stability at that time may be just the process of the demon in her heart to make her settle. For the safety of the female emperor, Ye Di is still better to go and see. As for this, I can guarantee with Ye Di that the Mozu can't break the four elephants. ”

"Then please ask the White Emperor."

Arched toward the White Emperor, Ye Zichen looked at Suzhu Road.

"Take me in the past."

Su Zhu and Ye Zichen left from the Dragon City and went to the old forest where Su Liuer lived.

Watching them leave, Baidi just smiled and turned back.

Suffering from such contempt, how can the black dragon of the heavenly endure endure.

"White Emperor!"

"Noisy."At this time, the White Emperor licked his ears and immediately looked at the Black Dragon Road with an indifferent gaze. "Retreat, or die."


As soon as the voice fell, the breath of heavenly supreme was revealed. The majestic spiritual power, the people on the repressed Dragon City are almost breathless.

Unexpectedly, Bai Di just smiled, letting the black storm set off by the black dragon blowing his face.

Immediately, a sneer appeared from his mouth.


In an instant, in his body, he released a more violent spiritual power, suppressing the black dragon's breath.

White Emperor!


"Sister, you wake up quickly."

Su Yan, who stood outside the thunder, bit his lip, and his fingers kept licking his clothes and wondering what to do.

She kept calling for Su Liuer to wake her up, but she could hear Suyan's call.

"Sister, sister"

Su Yan, who bit her lip, kept whispering, but at this moment she saw Su Liuer in the robbery suddenly looked at her.

The red eyes shimmered with the fascinating light. Under the gaze of this gaze, Su Yan almost lost the ability to think.

call out.

Suddenly, Su Liuer in the robbery rushed out of her robbery. She went straight to Su Yan and reached out to her neck with her handcuffs.

"Sister wakes up"

Su Yan, who asked Su Liuer to raise her, kept slaping her arm, her feet kicking and kicking her, her face full of painful colors shouting at her sister.

Did not wake it up, but it was the more awkward face of Su Liuer.

"Death, die to die!"

Su Yan's arm suddenly forced, so Su Liuer grabbed the neck of Su Yan can only feel the powerless suffocation.



A blood flashed from Su Yan's eyes, she felt the power at the neck disappeared, and the hot liquid splashed on her face.

Subconsciously wiped the liquid on the face

is blood!

At this time, she saw that Su Liuer was holding her arm in painful screams, and her arm was already stunned. The broken arm fell to the ground, and the blood of the sputum spurted outward.

She was also in the air and fell from the air at this time, but in a moment it fell into the arms of one person.

Looking at the person holding her, in an instant, she is directly in the arms of this person. She couldn't speak, she could only look at the man holding her with a mistake that could not be concealed.

The man did not speak, but he held a sword in his hand, and the dripping blood was still dripping down the ground with his sword.

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