At the edge of the sword, all the blood drops on the blade were fallen.

The man holding Su Yan's sword eyebrows erected, and the dark pupils revealed an unspeakable anger.

"I will take care of my sister, are you taking care of it?"

The question of full of anger is not answered in half a sentence. Su Liuer, who is filled with blood, is only holding her bleeding arm. The scarlet pupil is full of unspeakable killings.

"Dog, robbery, I sympathize with you, but it does not mean that you can hurt my sister."


The long sword in his hand screamed, and the silver-stained sword trembled.

Su Yiyun.

The person who is holding her is Su Yiyun.

Even if he lost too much vitality, he looked very old. Su Yan can still recognize at a glance, she is the brother who was very fond of her in the world.

It was that even if she was hungry on a rainy day, a phone call would run for a few kilometers to buy her favorite meal, and she was still in the clothes for the brother who was afraid of letting this meal cool.

Didn't he go to the Mozu?

Why did he come here suddenly, and he said his sister in his mouth.

Obviously not at the time of the world, he would not want this sister himself?

"Don't be afraid, if you have a big brother, no one can hurt you."

Su Yiyun calmed Su Yan's emotions in her arms with a very solemn tone. Until then, Su Yan in her arms began to speak in a trembling tone.

"How come you are you? Are you not going to the Mozu? ”

Su Yiyun, who was holding Su Yan, was inexplicably shuddered, and immediately he smiled and looked at her with soft eyes.

"I will explain it to you later, but it is better to solve her problem now."

"Don't hear" the solution, Su Yan thought that Su Yiyun was going to kill Su Liuer, and quickly said, "Liuer sister is in the robbery, she is very good to me, don't kill her."

"I know."

After smirking at Su Yan, Su Yiyun's gaze was suddenly turned.

"It is that she is in trouble, it will be a little trouble. But you can rest assured that the older brother is measured and will not really want her life. ”

call out.

The long sword in the hand allowed Su Yiyun to abandon her high, even though she saw her arm constantly printing.

"There is no end to the world, the law is impermanent, the soul is locked, and it starts!"

I saw that the sword was embedded in the foot of Su Liuer, and immediately at her feet there was a hexagonal light array.

At the six corners of the light array, blue light emerges, gathering at a point above, and turning into a pyramid generally seals Su Liuer.

"Go to death, to die"

Let the seals seal, Su Liuer is still roaring wildly.

Seeing this, Su Yiyun's toes sneaked into the void and floated to the front of Su Liuer.


Su Yan, outside the array, shouted with concern, but Su Liuer in the cage stretched out his hand from the cage and grabbed it towards Su Yan.


A lot of lightning strikes on the beam of the cage.

Su Liuer, who was eating it, quickly took back his hand. The scarlet eyes were also accompanied by fear, and they curled up and carefully avoided inside.

"sister!"Although the claw just caught Su Yan, she saw Su Liuer still can not bear to exclaim, and immediately prayed to Su Yiyun, "You don't be in the electric Liu sister, she is not intentional."


Su Yiyun just removed the lightning from the spirit array, Su Yan saw a sigh of relief and immediately began to speak.

"Do you have any way to make Liu's sister normal? If there is, can you look at my face?"

"Okay, I know."

After taking a picture of Su Yan's head, Su Yiyun looked at the Suliuer as a beast in the cage.

"The heart is not removed, forcible." If I don’t look at my sister’s face, it’s really good for you to be so long, and I’m too lazy to take care of you. ”

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun’s finger appeared a blue light.

"What happened to her Liu Erjie? When I left, I saw that she was very stable."

Ye Zichen, who came from the Dragon City, learned about the situation from Suzhu and saw her face full of difficulties and fears.

"I don't know. It didn't take long for you to go. The redness of Liu's sister became more serious than before." She may have a little scruples before, and I and Xiaoyan will not be. But this time, her attack ignored me and Xiaoyan. ”

"How is it so serious?"

In the speech, they came to the position of Su Liuer, and they immediately saw that Su Liuer was bound in a spiritual array. Her arm was also on the side, and there was a man in front of her. I don't know what to do.

More importantly, Su Yan is still in the man's arms, and she can be seen from her face.

β€œSu Yan, Liu Erjie!”

Ye Zichen was red-eyed, and the exclamation also made Su Yiyun and Su Yan look back.


Su Yiyun, who has blue light in his hand, smiles on his face. He has been undercover for so long. In the middle, in order to prevent Black Dragon from doing a lot of things, he is sorry for his brother.

Now that he has been paving the same, he is finally able to liberate and take this opportunity to explain it.

However, the spirit has now condensed, and if it is time to condense the spirit, he will be ready to deal with Su Liuer, and talk to the old friend.


His smile is in the eyes of Ye Zichen.


fling in teeth?

He seems to be saying, Ye Zichen, they are very important to you, now they are in my hands.


I will kill this woman in front of you.

"Su Yiyun, you are looking for death!"

Ye Zichen under the wrath mentioned the speed to the fastest, and all the spiritual power allowed him to move to the right hand.

"There is no end to the world, the law is impermanent, and the million is broken."


The fist pierced his chest from Su Yiyun's back and saw the bloody hand that was drilled from the chest. Su Yan's eyes instantly widened.

"Do not"

Ye Zichen was also inexplicably caught when the palm of his hand was worn by Su Yiyun's chest.

How could he not resist?

Until he heard Su Yan's shouting, and Su Yiyun held her posture.


"There is no end to the world, the law is impermanent, and the obstacles are broken!"

Even if the chest was pierced, Su Yiyun still gently photographed the blue-eyed hand to Su Liuer's eyebrows.

Blu-ray did not enter its eyebrows, and soon after seeing the red gas on Su Liuer's body dissipated.

The hand pulled out from Su Yiyun's chest and Su Yiyun, who had pierced the chest, turned back. The blood of the cockroaches flowed down his chest, but he reached out to Ye Zichen.

"Ye-zi, I haven't seen you for a long time!"


With his knees on the ground, Su Yan can no longer control the emotions in her heart.


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