What did he call me?

He called me Ye-zi.

Ye Zichen looked at the man on the ground, and Su Yan was crying at him by his side.


It was autumn, and the red maple leaf was covered with a playground full of technology. Ye Zichen, who just signed up for the dormitory, dragged the suitcase and came to the dormitory.

"Hey, what's new?"

The opening is the name of the young man who is sitting on the window sill and smoking, and the clothes are worth a look.


At that time, he liked to keep an absolute distance to strangers, even now it is still the same. Looking at the vacant bed in the room, Ye Zichen placed the suitcase on the bed next to the window.

"Yes, I also know where to choose a window. It seems that the trick is the same person?"

The young man hit him with his shoulder, and Ye Zichen was very unhappy, but he didn't say much.

"Don't pretend, we can just see the dormitory of the girls' dormitory in the opposite school, and I heard that the women in the dormitory are all the best. By the way, I donโ€™t know what the brothers call. โ€

"Ye Zichen."

I didn't particularly like this kind of self-cooked Ye Zichen. When I answered it, I answered it with Emei.

He really wanted to use this cold tone to make the other person retreat, but he couldn't think of it. The guy even reached out and hooked his shoulder.

"My name is Su Yiyun, ๅ˜ฟYe Zichen, then I will call you Ye-zi!" Ye-zi, I think you are also pleasing to the eye, do not want to call the phone of Su University, I can give you! โ€

Ye-zi, that's it.

Maybe Ye Zichen doesn't know why they had a very different personality when they first entered college, but they could become such good brothers in the future.


"I told you, we are scattered."

Su Yiyun, standing next to the ancient corner, sneered at the chilling sneer, behind him is the overwhelming Mozu, and here at Ye Zichen

There are countless bodies that can't move, and Su Yan, who has Su Yiyun's indifference.

The best brother!

Go to the Mozu!

In the heart of Ye Zichen, he defended him for countless times and found an excuse for him.

But the scene that followed, but his heart is getting colder and colder, until now, he is really determined to kill Su Yiyun.

But he



Su Yan, who is crying Su Iyun, is crying so heartbroken.

Su Zhu also fell to the front of Su Liuer at this time. When she saw her lost arm, her heart was inexplicably hurt, but when she saw that she had really settled down,

There is some peace of mind in her heart.

Ye Zichen, standing in the middle, just looked at it all, watching him still bleeding in the palm of his hand.

Didn't he rely on the Mozu?

Didn't he say that he was a friend or a friend?

The scene flashed from Ye Zichen's mind, no matter how ruthless the words flashed in my mind, but it was defeated in the last sentence Ye-zi.

"Ol'Three !"

The pure spiritual power spared no effort to infuse Su Yiyun's body, but when the spiritual power was instilled into the body, he found that Su Yiyun was a long-awaited life.

"Forget it, don't waste your energy. My life is over! โ€

With a chuckle, Ye Zichen's hand was pushed away, and Su Yiyun reached out and patted Su Yan's head and smiled.

"In fact, I am very fortunate, I still have the opportunity to see you again."

"You haven't really trusted the Mozu right now, in fact, you really didn't really trust the Mozu, right?"Ye Zichen burst into the air.

"Of course, I am the brother of your reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor. The Mozu is your enemy. How can Laozi be with them? Are they equipped? โ€

Su Yiyun replied with a relaxed smile, and Ye Zichen heard the head banging after the hearing.

Are they equipped?

In a word, everything is explained!

From the beginning to the end, Su Yiyun never put his heart on the Mozu.

"Then why do you want to lie to me, why do you want to tell me what is the enemy and non-friends, and fight against me for the Mozu again and again, this is why Su Yiyun, you tell me, this is why!"

Ye Zichen standing on the ground shouted violently, he didnโ€™t understand

What is the reason for Su Yiyun to be able to make this play so perfect, he is not an actor, why he is so real.


Is it just for

"I think you killed me by yourself."Just when Ye Zichenโ€™s thoughts just appeared, Su Yiyun smiled. โ€œIโ€™m going to make you hate me, let you kill me. Iโ€™ve killed too many innocent people, you It is the three realms that are represented. If you kill me, you should take revenge for them!"

"fart!"Ye Zichen screamed with red eyes. "You haven't told me why you are going to the Mozu. Before the ancients also said that if you and I joined forces, how could the Mozu be our opponents. As long as you and I join forces, you will not"

Having said that, Ye Zichen has some whimpers.

Twenty years old.

The vitality was wasted, and he couldnโ€™t understand why Su Yiyun had experienced what the Mozu had experienced in order to make his vitality so overdone.

"The same, the power I have now is actually obtained through the overdraft of vitality. Even if I am on your side, if I don't overdraw my vitality, I can't have the ability now. โ€

Su Yiyun smiled a little, with relief in his eyes.

"You don't have to tell me why you didn't tell you, I can't tell you." At the moment when the game was in the game, there was no way to resume it. Moreover, I must also stand on the side of the Mozu to be able to maximize the heat waves I can distribute! โ€

"I can not understand what you say."

Ye Zichen kept shaking his head, and Su Yiyun said that he couldn't understand at all.


Just then Su Yiyun coughed up a blood, and Su Yan, who was healing her, was inexplicably shaken.

Su Yiyun just wiped off the blood at the corner of his mouth with his sleeves and reached out and rubbed Su Yan's hair.

"Okay, don't heal me. Xiaoyan was a brother at the time, sorry for you."

Su Yan kept shaking her head and the fluorescence in her hand became brighter and brighter at this time. Regardless of her, Su Yiyun's breath is only getting weaker and weaker.

She now hates herself, why she didnโ€™t follow the person in her mind to learn therapy.

Why she has been weak and afraid to touch it all.

Just because of her weakness, she did not dare to save her brother now.

"Small smoke!"Su Yiyun couldnโ€™t help but comfort, but Su Yan shouted, "Donโ€™t worry about me, donโ€™t talk."

A faint crying, Su Yan lowered her head and pressed her hand tightly on Su Yiyun's chest.

Seeing her look, Su Yiyun could only helplessly shake her head and immediately glanced at Ye Zichen.

"I almost forgot, I have to give you a present."

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