"It’s all time, you are still making a joke."

As Su Yiyun's breath became weaker and weaker, the anxiety of Ye Zichen's face became more and more obvious.

If he is dead, he will blame himself forever!

Su Yiyun's arm was grasped by his right hand, and the spirit of the body kept pouring into his body. Even if his vitality is already exhausted, Ye Zichen can't let him die!

"I said, don't worry about me."

Su Yiyun said in a weak tone, and Ye Zichen raised his head and gave him a look.

"Spiriting, running around the day!"

"I said I have no time."Su Yiyun, sitting on the ground with an old tree chair, suddenly shouted out, "put your hand out."

Ye Zichen, who was a spiritual force, was screamed by him and looked at Su Yiyun's expression. He slowly extended his hand.

"This is right."

Su Yiyun smiled and held his hand, and even though he saw his body suddenly released a dazzling blue light.

The blue light went straight into the sky, and Su Yan, who was healing for it, let the blue light shake back a few steps.

"The task you gave me was finally completed."

Rainy night.

"Who is following me sneaking, I found you for a long time. Tell you, Lao Tzu is not an ordinary person. If you dare to move Lao Tzu, I will let you not live in Bing City. ”

Lee Min Ho’s birthday ended and Su Yiyun stopped on her way home.

The street lamp shines on his shadow, pulling his shadow to the old man. He suddenly turned his head and looked at the distance in the street.

"I don't think you are still awkward?"

Just then, a black shadow flashed across the street. When Su Yiyun returned to God, he had one more person in front of him.

"Ye Ye-zi, how are you here?"

Su Yiyun looked at the man in white robe in front of him, but in a flash he just stepped back and stepped back.

"You are not Ye-zi, who are you?"

"I? In fact, you can also call me Guzichen, but I am also Ye Zichen, in other worlds."

The man in the white robe smiled a little, and Su Yiyun heard the fog in the clouds, and the brow never appeared before the appearance of this person.

"Who are you?" Are you talking to me about tongue twisters here? What is Gu Zichen, Ye Zichen's other worlds. I think you are watching too much. Do you think you are crossing? Laozi’s mood is very bad now. I advise you not to provoke me. I am the grandson of the Su Shi consortium. If you are interested, you can quickly get rid of Laozi. ”

"It doesn't seem to make you think about something, it doesn't work."

As soon as the voice fell, Su Yiyun saw the man who claimed to be Gu Zichen, and waved his hand toward his head and took it.


If the warning is not yet exported, there are countless pictures in his mind.

In his memory, he wore a gold armor, and his gaze was always on the man who was facing him and wearing a yellow robe.

The picture has changed a bit.


Knowing the picture in the sea, he stood in front of a woman wearing a costume red dress, the delicate face was branded with a touch of anger, and her side


The man in the yellow robe finally turned back until now, but compared to Ye Zichen he knew, the Huangpao people in this picture were a bit more vicissitudes and more stable.

"Often first, come back"

The Huangpao man sullenly screamed, and immediately he saw the golden armor in the picture.

That should be him!

He ignored the roar of the people behind the yellow robe, and the sword in his hand madly slashed toward the overwhelming beast.


A drop of tears flowed involuntarily along his eyes, and why these pictures made his heart faint.


Isn't this the most common costume drama?

Tears are uncontrolled and flowing down.

"Big brother runs!"

Under the streetlight, he suddenly shouted out, but he could stop in an instant. He didn’t know why, he would shout out this sentence.

The white robes of the man's palms were withdrawn, and Su Yiyun was still standing still and remembering the pictures in his mind, and some were at a loss.

"It seems that you remember it?"

A faint smile appeared from the corner of the white robe, and he could feel it from his gaze. He should know what Su Yiyun saw.

"Who are you, why should you instill these for my memory? Are you the person in that place?"

Su Yiyun knows the existence of the self-cultivator. In front of him, this person can quietly instill these pictures in his mind, and is definitely the person in that place.

"This is not what I instill for you. These are the memories of your reincarnation. I just mean it for you."

"Then why don't you let me see it!"

"The picture behind is too bloody, I am afraid that you can't stand it now!"

The white robe smirked and said, "Well, don't entangle these topics. Let's talk about something more important."

"Say!"Su Yiyun condensed.

"Your little girlfriend is a demon!"

Su Yiyun standing under the streetlight suddenly shook, and he is now irritated for this matter.

"Ye Zichen is your best friend, the reincarnation of the Yellow Emperor, you know it!"

"what do you want to say in the end!"Su Yiyun looks extremely gloomy, and there is already a faint spiritual power around his body. "If you have anything to say, don't blame me for doing it to you!"


Feeling the fluctuation of Su Yiyun's spiritual power, the white robe is just a disdain.

Immediately, he was pointing at Su Yiyun's head. Standing under the streetlight, he flew straight out to the back and slammed into the pole of the street lamp.


Su Yiyun squatted on the ground and coughed, and the white robes fell to his side.

"With your level, it's too far from me."

"What do you want to do, are you Lee Min Ho looking for me to deal with my Mozu? I tell you that it is impossible for Laozi to betray his brother. I can't get it on the chessboard that I implanted in my body. I can't beat you, then you kill me! ”

Awkward face, arrogant roar.

The pain of the body made him unable to move, but his gaze expressed his determination.

Trust the Mozu!


"Not bad, he used to answer this question."

Seeing the appearance of Su Yiyun, the white robes had a faint smirk in their eyes. Even if he saw him reach out and lift Su Yiyun from the ground, a milky white glow hit his body.

"I am not a Mozu, you don't have to worry about this."

"Then who are you, why should you mention Lee Min Ho and my brother."Su Yiyun has not put down his vigilance until now.

"Don't care who I am, I just ask you if you want to help him, help Ye Zichen?"

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