Looking at Su Yiyun disappearing from the front, Su Yan ran away with red eyes and only saw a light spot dissipated from the world.


A drop of rain smashed through the void, and it didn't take long for the heavy rain to fall from the sky.

"It's raining."

"How is the end of the day suddenly raining?"

The old men and children behind the Dragon City returned to the room when the rain fell. Su Yan was in the position where Su Yiyun dissipated, allowing the rain to completely soak her clothes.


Lee Min Ho, who is far away from the Dragon City, is also sitting on the ground and looking down at the rain. The rain is mixed with tears and her drops are on the ground.

Su Yiyun, who didn’t know how to make a soul, saw it all. He looked at the whole world with a smile and spread his hand.

In his hand is a pale powder card.


The card was dropped from the sky and happened to fall in front of Su Yan. She reached out and picked up the card.

This card was given to her by Su Yiyun during her adult ceremony, and it was also the card that he was thrown away when he broke in the world.

The body trembles fiercely, and the card is stuck in the palm of your hand.


Su Liuer, who came out of the demons, woke up at this time. When she saw Su Yan, who was crying and crying, she subconsciously looked at Su Zhu.

Su Zhu just shook his head gently toward her, this time

Su Yan needs to be quiet.

"Ol'Three !"

Ye Zichen, who was standing on the big disk, was also red and smashed. He broke free from the chain and wanted to go back to the old tree that Su Yiyun leaned on. The chain on his foot locked him firmly. On the disc.

"Ye-zi, don't."

The whisper of the abruptness of the ear, Ye Zichen instantly caught, and kept looking around.

"Ol'Three !"


The emptiness of the head overhead came out, and Ye Zichen, who was still calling Su Yiyun, suddenly looked screaming and shouted in pain.


At the moment when the thunder fell, the spiritual power was continuously infused into his body through the chain. The spiritual power is mottled, countless spiritual powers are in his meridians, the meridians are constantly torn, and the pain of the heart makes Ye Zichen unable to bear the painful cry.

"Look, Ye Di!"

The heavy rain did not affect their sight. On the top of the dragon city, Ye Zichen, who had bound the chain to the disc, was immediately discovered.

"How can Ye Di get there?"

Some people in the crowd couldn’t help but speak, and some people suggested it.

"Would we like to separate some people to save Ye De."

"do not."At this time, Baidi waved at them, staring at the black dragon and Ye Zichen on the disc. "The situation of Ye Di and Mozu should be different."

"Please also ask the White Emperor to speak."The people of the animal domain opened their way.

"If I didn't read it wrong, the Devils should be the Eight-Pole Locks. The eight-pole lock soul array is one of the eight murderers of the ancient times. Its role is to be able to lock the souls of the middle squad, but the people of the array must also use the soul as a guide, because this spirit array The players themselves are too much damage, so they are listed in the eight murderers, but he is counted as the Eight Wonders. ”

Everyone on the Dragon City listened to the White Emperor. He said that these are the roots of the Four Sacreds, and they have not been recorded.

"It's amazing because it has a twin spirit, and it is the Eight Poles." The eight-pole lock soul is the bondage soul, but as long as it meets with the eight poles, the soul of the lock will be the spiritual power of the soul that is absorbed, and instilled into the body of the Shengling array, now the leaves Emperor should be the beneficiary of the Eight Poles. ”


The people around him were shocked and couldn't speak. In their opinion, this spirit array was too far-fetched, and it was able to instill the absorbed spiritual power into others.

That would not say that if Ye Di absorbed all the spiritual power of the Mozu, he would be invincible!

"It's not as simple as you think."Seeing the shocking look of the people around him, the White Emperor knew that there was a deviation in their thoughts. "If these two spirits are really as good as you think, they will not be listed on the murder." The eight poles of Shengling are indeed the spiritual power to devour the soul of the lock. After all, the spirit array is a dead object. It does not know how to remove impurities, that is, how it is absorbed into the body of the beneficiary. More importantly, it Will not stop. ”

"That's not to say that Ye Di may be" Hearing that Xia Hua is also locked in the eyebrows, "can not withstand so much spiritual infusion and explode and die?"

"possible!"Baidi nodded.

"Then we have to save Ye Di from the so-called Shengling array."

"It is the rescue, but with our means it is impossible to break this line."Bai Di squinted and said, "The Eight Poles has been seen twice since ancient times. Only once in these two times, the beneficiary exploded and the other one was broken by the master of the master level! ”


The boring thunder continued, and Ye Zichen, who could not withstand the spiritual infusion, was on the ground.

On his face, the symbol that appeared on Su Yiyun gradually appeared on his arm.


The painful sorrows continually emerged from the mouth of Ye Zichen, the group of demons who provided spiritual power, and the spiritual powers were completely exhausted, and the pale sables fell to the ground.

The blue glow on the top of the head is also dissipated, and the light disappears.

As the essence of the Heavenly Supreme Black Dragon Spirituality, it is natural that those ordinary warriors are much stronger. He can clearly feel the passing of spiritual power in the body, and the more struggling he struggles.

"Take this seat broken."

The chain tied to him was actually a crack at this moment, even if he saw the spur on his back, he stabbed along the broken part of the chain.



With his arms forced to earn, the chains that bound him were actually falling to the ground. His chain was broken, like a butterfly effect, and the chains on the rest of the people fell to the ground.

All the people who were liberated from the chain all sat in the ground for the first time.

But the Black Dragon did not. He just blinked and blinked at the disc on the void. He immediately locked his eyes on Ye Zichen on the disc, and the arm swayed toward the disc and flew over.

"He wants to break the disc."

Almost all the people in the Dragon City were immersed in the shock of the Black Dragon breaking the chain, but when he saw that he had to shoot the disc, several figures swept toward the disc almost simultaneously.

Ye Zichen, you can't die here!

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