I really can't think of it.

The most trusted Su brother has always been playing with him.

Really hate!

As long as I think of the scene of Su Yiyun's brother-in-law, the hatred of his heart will be revealed involuntarily.

He gave him the position of one person below 10,000 people. Even if he saw Su Yiyun himself, he did not dare to neglect, but he got a betrayal.

Just now, he almost died in the spirit of Su Yiyun.

"It's a good brother."

The black dragon that plunged toward the disk on the void was filled with hatred, but his brother should have been buried in the array.

Then use

His old friends came to vent their anger!

"The dragon is swaying."

On the left side of the Black Dragon, the dragon's giant tail whizzed. The bones are creeping at the arm, and a strong shield appears in his arm, which will harden the appendix.

"Little Canglong, this seat can now have no mood to play with you, you are best"

The voice did not fall, and the black dragon that plunged toward the disc stopped, and the corner of the mouth looked at the front with a smile.

"It’s all coming."

The broken chain made the Ye Zichen on the disc also breathe. He gasped heavily, but the spiritual power that was parasitic in him was constantly trying to break through his body.

Only those spiritual forces that want to escape can suppress the signs on the surface of their skin.


A turbid gas spit out of the mouth, and Ye Zichen sat on the ground with his knees, using all his mind to suppress these spiritual powers in the body.

Tens of thousands of mottled spiritual powers are like tens of thousands of spiritual bodies.

They all repel the other spiritual powers around them, but they are waiting for the opportunity to engulf those spiritual powers that are weaker than them.

Escape and looting, let Ye Zichen's meridians on the verge of collapse.

"All points are given to Laozi."

The heart secretly blew, and Ye Zichen mobilized his own spiritual power to constantly suppress the alien spiritual power.

Weak meat is strong.

Even in the face of these spiritual powers still work.

Those weaker spiritual groups are cautious and attached to the spiritual powers of Ye Zichen. The slightly more powerful spiritual power of the crab is the gaze of the tiger, and he dares not to rush.


A cold sputum came from the tip of the nose, and Ye Zichen’s gold coins were double-eyed.


The main spiritual power is to use the thunder to devour all the spiritual powers attached to them.


Spiritual impurities make it refining from it. When those spiritual forces leave only the most pure aura, and they are accommodated in the spiritual power of Ye Zichen's subject, he can clearly feel his strength.

After that, he launched an offensive against the spiritual powers that had not been attached to them.



After numerous repetitions, the power of Ye Zichen is also beginning to rise if there is no end.


Xian Wang Yufeng.

The pressure in the body is getting stronger, whether it is to protect the Ye Zichen and the beasts who are outside the disc, or the black dragon that they stop, they feel the speed of his spiritual power.

"Can't let him go through refining."

Feel the power of Ye Zichen, the black dragon's eyes flashed over the haze, and the back of the wing lifted it high.

Stunned shots.

The side of the animal domain also greeted him at the moment he started.

In an instant, the streamer flickered and the roar continued.

When the violent spiritual fluctuations touched the disc, they let the discs be completely discarded.

Sitting on the disc, Ye Zichen also closed his eyes and used the quickest means to refine the spirit that swallowed the body.


The golden light flashed.

A long golden sword was drilled from Ye Zichen's eyebrows, and the gold was pure enough to find any impurities.

It was drilled from the eyebrows, like a proud child, coiled around Ye Zichen, constantly twitching its blade.


At the same time, the black dragon who played against several masters of the animal domain also gave off a fierce anger.

Even if he saw the hole in his palm, he wore the chest of an iron bear, and he still grabbed the heart in his hand and let it crush.

The blood was splashed, and the arms raised by the iron-backed bears of several dozen feet were also unable to fall.


One foot smashed the iron bear, and the black dragon looked at him in front of his bloody hand.

The blood of Xia Hua, which was turned into a dragon, dripped down its scales, and its abdomen was full of flesh and blood, and the dragon scales were broken.

Look at the White Terrier of the Tengu, his right arm is completely abolished, and the white clothes on the bright white are stained with blood.

"How can you block this seat with you?"

Although there are many injuries in the Black Dragon, he still looks at the front with his arrogant eyes.

"I am going to die in this seat!"


At this moment, a faint sigh is like a thunder blow from his ear.

The trepidation in the depths of the heart made him want to move his feet, and he couldn’t move.

Looking over the disc, this squeaky pressure that made him almost face up, came from the disc.

"Ye Di."

The people in the animal domain also felt the pressure of this spirit, and their faces were full of relief, but only


The dull thunder came out from the void, and the vast clouds of thunder and clouds were covered with heavy rain. The purple thunder snakes, as thick as the ancient ones, spit in the thunderclouds.

"Exit, he wants to rob!"

Seeing this scene, Bai Di rushed to the surrounding beast masters. The thundercloud above his head was not an ordinary thundercloud. It was the thundercloud that was robbed by God.

Shenlei will grow according to the number of people in the thundercloud range, if they stay here

It only hurts Ye Zichen.


The people in the animal field under the disc heard all of them from the thundercloud, and looked at the purple ancient scorpion in the thunder cloud above their heads. They couldn't help but sigh.

"This thunder"

"No, Ye Di did not take a long time to rob, how can he rob?"

At that time, Ye Zichen was robbed in the animal domain. Although he was not present, he was also aware of it. At that time, he had already spent one time, and now he has been robbed.

If he failed in the robbery, then why did he fight better than the ordinary king?

More important is the golden sword on his head. Isn't that the godhead?

This question is raised, even if the White Emperor is silent, his knowledge can not explain the picture in front of him.

But he can be sure that this is God!

The black dragon in the distance was laughing at this moment, and the hazy face was full of laughter and playful laughter.

"Dog, robbery, hahaha"

At this time, the Orc masters will lock the breath to the Black Dragon. The people who are robbed are most afraid of other people's interruptions. Even if they die, they can't let the Black Dragon destroy the Thunder.


The Black Dragon never thought of destroying Ye Zichen.

Immediately, he saw that his body was as tall as an ancient giant, overlooking the ant-like genius masters.

What he wants to do is to solve this group of unsightly reptiles!

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