The Protoss controlled the Xiaojialei pool of the thunder.

It can be said that this is the most lively place in Xiao's family. Here, you can see the people who are being robbed at the Leichi.

Step on the step.

The rushing footsteps came out from the thunder pool, and even though I saw Xiao Jia’s owner Xiao Xiao’s look hurriedly walked in from outside.

"How can this be?"

On the way he came, he kept humming the same sentence. Just the person who had just told him that the young man who had been paying attention to him had actually robbed him.

What shocked him even more was that the youthful cohesiveness of the youth was unbroken.

The thunder was his father's fall, and the broken godhead was also witnessed by him. The young man was killed on the spot after the broken godhead.

Could it be said that Xuan Ji actually had such a means to reshape his mind and change his life!

Looking at the history of countless epochs of the Protoss, this has never happened, so he will be so out of place.

"Jun, you see"

The young man holding the classics around Xiao Yu extended his finger to Lei Chi. Among the mirrors of Thousand Pools, one of them was a mirror that was sitting on the disc and ready to rob the Ye Zichen.

"Eight poles and doubles!"

When he saw the picture in the mirror, Xiao Xiaomei was lightly picked. When he saw Ye Zichen, he had already determined that this was the youth of the day.

Excessive horror is too much of the majesty of his patriarch, but what he cares about is the spirit of his sitting.

β€œDo you have someone from the Supreme Church to intervene?”

The eight-pole double-squad refers to the eight-pole lock soul array and the eight-pole lift spirit array. When they appear at the same time, the protoss like to call them eight-pole double array.

The reason why the Supreme Court is mentioned is that the power of the Protoss genius is superb.

This eight-pole double-line thought of coming, and only the people of the Supreme Hall can be laid.

Behind this young man is not only the Xuanji Pavilion to support him, but even the people of the Supreme Court secretly help him, then they are considered to be one of the eight major families of the Protoss, they must also consider

Shouldn't you touch this hard bone?

The white-haired young finger holding the classics flipped through the books, and after a few minutes, the book was put down.

"In the past six months, there have never been people in the Supreme Court, and the eight-pole double array should not be the supreme."

"There was such an anecdote."Xiao Yumei Yu cluster, fingers tapping the thunder bar at the thunder pool, "I don't think there is a person who is so advanced in the formation of the law, did not enter the Supreme Hall."

It is also a reason for Xiao Wei to be so strange. In fact, the power of the Protoss is indeed complicated. If you want to live in the Protoss, you will always seek to rely on the back.

Just like if you see the power of a famous saint talent, then the possibility that he is over 90% is a saint family.

The same is true of the Spiritualists, who are generally the Supreme Hall.

It is also the only way that similar people gather together and communicate with each other so that their strength can be improved more quickly.

I want to be alone in the Protoss, very few.

Can't say no, can only say that such people are really rare.

Now that the Protoss or the three tribes have been formatted, the solitary is no longer the popular mainstream here, but the collision between the forces and the forces.

"Jun, you see how this young man should handle it. The old patriarch deliberately passed the day and could not let this young man come to us. ”

The white-haired youth holding the classics frowned, Xiao Xiao heard a faint look at the glasses like Ye Zichen.

"What did the old patriarch say when he said it?"

"That is?"

"falling to his death!"

Indifferently turned back from the Leichi, for a long time, the young man holding the classics was only known as the middle-aged man in white robe.

"How do you say to Jun?"

"It fell until he died."

The young man holding the classics repeated Xiao Xiao’s words and left the pool.


The purple-red god Ray took the emptiness and fell from the void. To be honest, Ye Zichen really felt desperate.

He couldn't remember how many thunders had fallen. Now he is just immersed in blood on his head, and he wants to adjust his power to resist the thunder, but he has discovered that his spiritual power has been exhausted.

I don’t give him a chance to breathe.

He desperately wants to resist the past from God, but he can't do it.

The golden long sword kept coiling around him, and this time it was not even eaten. The thundering person seemed to be iron-hearted and Ye Zichen died. Even if this godhead took the initiative to resist the thunder, the thunder was evasive that day, and it was turned over to the head of Ye Zichen.


Another thunder fell, and Ye Zichen was purely using ** to resist when he was against this thunder.

"You just don't want me to go there?"

Ye Zichen, who made Tian Lei's skin open, looked up at his head. He laughed as if he wanted to reach out to the sky. He didn't even have the strength to lift his arm.

"You are so afraid of me!"

The answer to him was a thunder without any maneuver, and the power of Thunder kept venting in his body.

"Even if you are afraid of me, don't use it to me. I now have a tyrannical phobia, as long as the robbery is to gamble with life, Lao Tzu can not afford to gamble with you. OK, Laozi is in service, Laozi does not cross."

The voice did not fall, Ye Zichen actually pointed his finger at the eyebrow.

The pure spiritual power came out along his eyebrows, and he grinned.

"I am a young man, let's go."

It is still a thunder to meet him.

"What do you want to do!"After defending against this lei, Ye Zichen didn't know where to find the strength. He got up and pointed at the empty thundercloud. "I have already been out of the air. I said that this god robbed Laozi and did not cross the old man." What do you want to do!"

God robbery.

For anyone, there is an opportunity that can't be met, but Ye Zichen has experienced this opportunity twice.

But for him, this is not an opportunity.

It is letting him go to death!

Ye Zichen chose to disperse not to be jealous, but he has not yet dealt with the problems at hand. If he is now alone, he will definitely be with this god.

Big deal is a death!

But he can't die now!


However, the one who greeted him was still a thunder.

I have accepted my life.

They have already done this, but they still don’t let him go. What if he is hard to resist?

What they want is not his life!

Don't talk about the spirits, even if he now gives up his own, this day, the lei will still fall.

Only when Tianlei fell to him, he found that the thunder was actually a change of footsteps, and fell to the position next to him.

Looking down at the point of the thunder, Ye Zichen saw it.

Xia Keke, who was supposed to sacrifice for the four elephants, was holding a string of bracelets, raising his hands high and standing in his position of about 100 meters.

Thunder for him!

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