a few minutes ago.

Ye Zichen, who was in the robbery, sat on the disc, and the pressure of the thunderstorm spilled over the Dragon City. The Sanctuary who was arranging the four elephants was affected.

Xia Keke, who was in the four elephants, raised her head at this moment, and when she saw the situation of Ye Zichen, her face immediately became ugly.

"Zi Chen brother."

Xia Keke in the array yelled anxiously, and the rest of the tribes looked at the spirit disk, but the focus of their attention was not on Ye Zichen.

"All give Laozi death."

Not far from the Ye Zichen disc, facing the beastmasters who have become a black dragon, even the unfathomable Baidi has to avoid its edge.

From the current situation, their situation is not optimistic.

"We must seize the process."

Xia Yingda locks the eyebrows, and the White Emperor’s defeat should be only a matter of time. When the Black Dragon comes with the elite of the Mozu, their results will only be destroyed.

"Zi Chen brother."

Xia Keke's gaze directly passes through the beast master who is fighting the blood of the black dragon. Her eyes are only used by one person.

That is Ye Zichen.

"Cocoa, don't blaspheme."

The layout of the four elephants must be the same, and Xia Keke is one of the four people who chose to stand in the center of the spirits.

Just now, their spiritual powers have all been rejected.

"I am sorry."

What the Sanctuary could not have imagined was that Xia Keke, who was standing in the center of the Spirit, was deeply embarrassed towards them. Immediately, she cut off the connection with the four elephants and rushed past Ye Zichen's position.

"Zi Chen, you are waiting for me to save you."

Xia Keke, who bit his lip hard, rushed toward Ye Zichen, Xia Hua, who was entangled with Black Dragon, saw her shadow and glanced at the Four Elephants.


"sorry Sorry."

Xia Keke evaded Xia Hua's anger with her hand on her ear. She knew that doing so might cause irreparable situations, but she couldn't help but see Ye Zichen die in front of her.

"My lovely mount, is there still time to distract with this seat?"


The black dragon's arm swayed in Xiahua's dragon body, and he worried about him in the four elephants. In the next second, he fell heavily on the ground in the distance.

The dragon scales on the body fell off, and the blood ran through his wounds.


Xia Hualong, who was on the ground, kept looking at Xia Keke's position, and he couldn't think of it.

Things will become like this.

"Cocoa, your waywardness, but it hurts everyone!"

Xia Keke's shoulders kept shaking, and despite the loud noise behind her, she didn't dare to look back.

She just kept apologizing for her ears and continually plunging toward Ye Zichen.


Just then, there was another thunder in the void.

Seeing this scene, Xia Keke bit his lip and took a string of bracelets from his arms and caught them in his hands.

In an instant, the surging spiritual power is instilling in her body. However, she is at the level of Tianxian, and in a few breaths she has reached the strength of the robbery.


Xia Keke, clutching her wrist, bit her lip and shouted at the sky, and what surprised her was that the thunder actually fell on her.


She is the force that forcibly elevates itself, and there is no refining at all. In addition, she did not know how strong the robbery was, and did not impose any defense on herself. She was bent on bringing the thunder.

A bloody spurt out of her mouth, but she was swallowing hard.

Resist the blood of the heart, and turned into a golden dragon to fly to the top of Ye Zichen.


Before Zi Zichen saw Xia Keke as a mine, her mind was already a bit confused. Unexpectedly, she was now directly on her head.

"You don't want to mess around. I am now robbing. God robbing is not something you can afford. Hurry and withdraw."

"Zi Chen, I am also robbing?"

Xia Keke, who turned his head into a golden dragon, spit the truth, and Ye Zichen noticed that Xia Keke’s current strength is not much better than that of him.


How could she rob?

Moreover, she should be right now in the four elephants. She is here now, what about the four elephants!

But the current situation does not allow him to think more, worried that Xia Keke is safe and he shouted.

"Even if you are robbing, don't be here with me. If we both rob each other, the attack power of the thunderstorm is not as simple as one plus one."

Crossing the robbery is against the sky, and the two people will be tempted by the heavens.

What's more, Ye Zichen's god robbery is maliciously manipulated. If Ye Zichen was alone, it would be no excuse for them to fall into the 99s.

But now that Xia Keke is coming in, they have an excuse.

Maybe they will use this excuse to drop a hundred, two hundred

It’s not just him, but even Xia Keke has to die here together.

"It doesn't matter, Ann, I am the Dragon Golden Dragon, the defense is quite strong. Don't be nervous about children, see your sister take you with you. ”

Xia Keke in the air replied in a very scornful tone, the voice did not fall, and a thunder fell on her.

As Ye Zichen said, they both robbed at the same time, not as simple as one plus one.

This thunder was several times thicker than the thunderbolt that had fallen before, and the thunder was quick and fierce, and it slammed on the back of Xia Keke.


Thunderbolt vented on the Xia Keke dragon for a long time before I heard that Xia Keke was still a relaxed tone.

"Seeing no, my sister said that resistance is against, and you are waiting to wait."

However, she is also as simple as that.

Ye Zichen, sitting under her, clearly saw her golden dragon scale falling from her body, and a pool of dragon blood fell from her wound.

"Cocoa, don't make trouble, our two thunders are not something you can resist. Moreover, why are you suddenly robbing now, what should the four elephants do? ”

Xia Keke, who was parked at the top of Ye Zichen, was silent. For a long time, she replied with some trembling tone.

"I don't care, I know that my decision is very self-willed. It may be said that it is hard to hear." But I don't care, even if the world is destroyed, even if I let these three circles be slaves because of me, even if I carry the nickname of the whole world, even if I can't resist this thunder, even if I don't resist the thunder at that time. I am dead, I will never look at you to die, watching you die in front of me, I can't do it! My life star, you are my emperor star, even if it is dead, I am still in front of you. ”

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