The gods robbery still vented from the thunderclouds, and Xia Keke, who turned into a golden dragon, blocked his body from the head of Ye Zichen and used her dragon body to resist the thunder of the gods.

The dragon scales fell off the body, and the blood of the dragon ran down her dragon body.


After hardly resisting a few thunder, Xia Keke, who was coiled around the void, suddenly fell from the air.

She didn't know how powerful the thunder was alone, but she couldn't deny that she really couldn't resist it. Even if she is a dragon Golden Dragon, under the baptism of several Thunder. The Thunder was instilled in her body, numb her perception and nerves, she could not resist.

Her consciousness gradually blurred, and some of her body was paralyzed and did not listen to her call.

Even so, when she was about to fall to Ye Zichen, she was able to hold down with perseverance.

She knew that she couldn't fall, and under her was Ye Zichen.

She is still treated like a baby in her shack, using her body to cover the thunder of Ye Zichen.

In the process of her fall, Ye Zichen also completely saw the injury of Xia Keke. The scales on the body fell two or three. In the absence of dragon scale protection, it is a chilling wound.

The blood ran down the flesh of the open, and there was still blackness around the open flesh.

"Cocoa, don't continue."

Ye Zichen, who is powerless, makes her down. He really doesn’t know how he is and how he can make so many people.

There is no reason to go to him like this.

Su Yiyun is like this, and Xia Keke is still the same.

"I do not!"

Xia Keke, who turned into a golden dragon, roared, and at this moment, there was another thunder in the void. The thunder was like a wound that fell on her body deliberately.


Xia Keke, who has been coiled around the head of Ye Zichen, crashed into the disc of the genius. Only when she fell, she also deliberately twisted her body and avoided it with Ye Zichen below.


The Jinlong collision disc made a loud noise, and Xia Keke lying on the disc also recovered.

Her back has already let the blood soak, and the whole face is pale to the point where she can't see a little blood. Her godless cockroaches did not move on the disc, and Ye Zichen climbed her teeth.

"Cocoa, cocoa"

Ye Zichen eagerly shouted the name of Xia Keke, and when she saw the flesh of her back, the fist kept hammering on the disc.

"Protoss! Protoss! ”

Ye Zichen, who is red and red, is squatting in the void, don't let him have a chance to go to the gods, if he arrives

Xiao Jia, he will destroy!

"Oh, it’s a bitter drama."

A faint smile came out of the void, and it was not long before I saw the black dragons in their hands grasping the blue disc, revealing a huge head.

Ye Zichen on the disc trembled, if the black dragon shot them at this time

Forget it.

Turning to a ring, no matter what is not a death.

But the Black Dragon did not shoot them. He just used a scorpion that was as big as an ordinary dwelling, and faintly watched them show a chuckle.

"A lot of infatuated girls, watching this on her face will not kill you." Moreover, this seat also wants to thank her, if it weren't for her, then the four elephants still don't know how to break. ”


At this time, another thunder fell, and the black dragon glanced faintly, reaching out to the palm and directly blocking the thunder.

"Oh, the power is not weak. This seat will not kill you here, but whether you can resist the robbery depends on your creation. That's right, remind you that the current god robbery is a god robbing of three people. ”

The mocking smile turned and left, and Ye Zichen's pupil inexplicably revealed a light called despair.

Do not kill him.

Not a black dragon, he is arrogant.

But he has long been counted, and they can't survive in this god robbery.

The robbery of the previous two people has already let them do this, not to mention the fact that there is a black dragon who has not experienced the ravages of God.

"Are you here?"

The powerless low cymbal came out of Ye Zichen's mouth, and the golden long sword converges around him.

"I don't want to give up, but now I can't do it?"

The golden sword was fiercely vibrating, but Ye Zichen just smiled at him and looked at the horror of the sky.

That's it!

The main hall of the Xuanji Pavilion, Xuan Ji’s face was inconspicuous and sat in the high position of the main hall.

Just then, a middle-aged man with a splayed character came in from outside the hall.


"Call people, as long as they are in the territory of the gods, let them come back immediately."

Xuan Ji’s face was filled with chills and suffocating suffocating sorrows.

"Mother, this is what you want"

"Go to Xiaojia!"

As soon as the voice fell, Xuan Ji, who was sitting in the chair, disappeared from the seat.

The eight-character Hu man who stayed in the temple, reminisced about the words left by Xuan Ji and the tone at the time. In an instant, there was an unspeakable dignity on his face.

"Mother, this is to declare war!"

I thought that the man with the character of the eight characters did not dare to delay, and took out a piece of jade from the arms and crushed it.

The jade was simplified into a myriad of spiritual birds around it, and I heard the man of the eight-character Hu.

"All are back, the goddess and the Xiao family!"

As soon as the voice fell, all the spirit birds around him disappeared into the gap of space, and he was also a group of brows and fingers disappeared from the hall.

"This silly girl, how dare she"

Xuan Ji’s face on the empty foot is full of worry. Although she has returned to the Protoss, the concern for Xia Keke has not been reduced.

Just now

She actually saw Xia Keke for ye zichen against god Rob.

Is that what she can resist, forced to enhance the spiritual power to reach the point of robbery, the bracelet is not for her to use it!

"Who would dare to be in the Wangdu, not fast?"

When the Wangcheng Guards saw the face of the lover, they had already swallowed their words, and they even swallowed the anger of Xuan Ji’s anger.


The Wangcheng Guard swallowed his spit and retreated to the side until Xuan Ji walked away. The few Wangcheng defensive pats the chest and said that he had a lingering heart.

"It’s almost a little life."

The rest of the Wangcheng nodded in defense and said.

"It’s just a little bit worse. I’m so angry, I don’t know who is blaming it.”

"Whoever provokes someone will recognize the mold."Someone in the ban was open, but there was a Guard who stopped the other guards and pointed at the direction of Xuan Ji’s departure, squinting and squinting. "The direction is not the Emperor Xiaojia!"

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