Emperor Xiaojia.

When the guard said it, the rest of the guards were shackled.

"Could it be that"

Just as a peasant was ready to speak out, the person next to him was holding his mouth, and he said with a low voice.

"Do you want to die!"

The squad swallowed his mouth and heard other bans open.

"Go and inform the Emperor, the things of the mysterious goddess and the Xiaodijun are not what we can manage."


From the family that existed at the beginning of the gods, the family of the Emperor Xiao, who controlled the punishment of the people, was located in the west of Wangcheng. Its house covers an area of ​​one million mu, and the courtyard door is extravagant. Two statues of Lei Shi stand in front of the court door.

The word "Xiao Jia" above the gold medal is more gifted by the Emperor, and it is glory and scenery.


A shadow appeared in front of the house door, and when it fell, the bricks in front of the house were broken.

"Who dares to let go in front of Xiaojiamen!"

The front of the house in front of the house is more than the top of the house, but they are just Xiaojia small nursing homes, but even some of them are eager to meet them.

It is like the ancient prime minister, Jia Zhongfu, who counts as a nine-class official. They are the status of the Emperor Xiaojia Nursing Home.

In the past, if you met this kind of unopened, it means they are coming for money.

As long as you swear a few words, when you are in a difficult position, tens of thousands of coins can still be easily obtained.

However, they encountered a hard master this time.


The previously opened nursing home only noticed that a sigh of relief came to him. The nursing home was the face of Xiao’s house. Although they said that the eyes were higher than the top, they were somewhat powerful.

The body is staggered to the side, but the strength is that it falls to the Xiaojiafu Gate, and the entire government gate is smashed.

"Bold, you"

Dare to hurt people in Xiao's family, but also dare to break the house of Xiao family, this person seems to be tired of life.

Just then he felt someone yelling at him, and immediately he saw that his brothers were already on the ground.

Until then, he also saw the face of the housekeeper.


The legs of the nursing home, which had been very embarrassing, were soft on the ground.

"Seeing mystery and seeing mystery."

He really wants to smoke a few big mouths now. Who gave him the daring of the dog just now, dare to talk to the mysterious girl of Xuanji Pavilion.

"Let Xiao Xiao come out to see me."

The mystery of the body is too lazy to care about some people. When the nursing home just wanted to find it, I saw Xiao Yan’s young man who was holding the classics and came to the front of the house.

When he saw that the nursing home was all smashing, and there was a broken palace door, he was very unhappy.

He’s the guardian of Xiao’s family, and he can give it to the people of Xuanji Pavilion. Even if the Emperor came, they had to stand up straight, not to mention Xiao Xuan Ji.

As for the Fumen, it is the facade of his Xiao family. Xuan Ji said that it would be broken. It is inconvenient to hit the face of his Xiao family.

"Xuan Ji Niangniang is really a big fire, but the goddess has a fire why I want to run my Xiao family to spread. Why, is it true that the goddess thinks that my Xiao family is bullied? ”

Xiao Xiao, the owner of the Xiao family, has not asked the world. Now Xiao Xiao is the owner of his Xiao family and must be hard-pressed.

"Xiao Wei, you are here, I am here to find you, there is something for you to do."

I want you to do it!

Undoubtedly, her mysterious behavior has always been the case, she wants people to do, that person must do. Even if it is the Emperor Xiaojia, it is still the case.

Negotiation is impossible to appear on her.

"Anniling, this is not your mysterious cabinet. Here is the Emperor Xiaojia, pay attention to the point when speaking. ”

Xiao squatted with a slap in the face, "but the mysterious goddess also rarely asks for help, and looks at the face of the emperor. I have to give you a few thin faces, so please ask the girl." Ask me what Xiaojia does!"


Xuanji showed a faint sneer, but she did not explain.

"Now you should be robbing in your family. Then you should have a girl named Xia Keke who is robbing. I ask you to immediately wipe out her gods."

"Yiang Niang, when I am in the family, I have to take care of you. Your hand is too much."

Xiao Wei responded with a smile, don't look at this is just a normal conversation, but this is a contest between the two sides.

If he is weaker, what he lost is the face of their Xiao family.

"Will or not?"Xuan Ji blinked.

call out.

Just before this time, the eight-character Hu that appeared in the hall of Xuanji Pavilion also appeared. At the moment of his fall, I felt that the situation was wrong, and my heart was also jumping wildly.

I really let him guess, the maiden is really troublesome to find the emperor.

After all, in the momentum, Xuan Ji is slightly better, Xiao Xiaocai did not take long as the Xiao family leader, compared with Xuan Ji, a long-established power leader, still slightly young.

But at the time, the face of so many people, how can he make himself defeated.

"Xuan Ji, ask people to have a look for people. If you speak well, the Emperor can wipe out the God of the person you said. It’s not just a god robbing, it’s not a matter of us to decide whether to wipe or fall. However, what the Emperor wants is your attitude. ”

Xiao Wei thinks that he is very hard to say this, but he does not know that his answer has fallen.

"begging? I was too lazy to tell you before, I didn’t expect you to be so unruly. I am afraid that you think more, where did you hear from me that you are asking for it? ”

A faint smile emerged from Xuan Ji’s face, with an unquestionable tone.

"I asked you to erase it, understand? It’s just that this god robs you and wipes it, you don’t wipe it! ”

"presumptuous!"Xiao Wei, who has been ignorant of fire, finally showed his anger, said, "You shouldn’t be too much for Xuan Ji. The Emperor will give you face, but you should not be too insatiable! The Emperor will now tell you that this god can't wipe it! ”

"Is it?"

Looking at Xiao Yan’s beard and his eyes, Xuan Ji shook his head with disdain.

"It is a pity that this Lord's place is passed on to you. If your sister is there, it will be ten thousand times better than what you did. This seat knows that you want to establish majesty in front of your people, but the momentum is not the voice of anyone who is strong. ”

"Oh, this is not necessary for you to tell the Emperor."Xiao Weidao.

"Of course, this seat will not take care of you, even if it is discipline, Lei Di will take care of you."

Xuan Ji smiled and smiled, and immediately stepped back toward the back. At this moment, some people who kept on top of this kingdom came to her behind the air.

In the blink of an eye, behind her there were hundreds of inquiries from the mysterious cabinet.

"It was a very good solution, but your ignorance made the problem serious. Then there is no way, this seat can only personally bring people into your Xiao Jialei pool! ”

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