At the moment when Xuanjiโ€™s voice fell, the people of Xuanji Pavilion mobilized their power, and the majestic momentum gathered together to oppress the Xiao family.

"Xuan Ji Niangniang can think clearly, here is Xiao Jia!"

Xiao Wei is also a condensed look. The meaning of his words is already very clear. Here is the Xiao family. If you want to talk about the people, they will not be afraid of them.

Xiao family who have long felt that the situation is not right is also behind Xiao Wei, Xiao Jia glory can not be invaded.

Want to attack Xiao Jialei pool, even if the Emperor came, no!

Swords are arrogant.

The majestic atmosphere fought fiercely above the void. Soon, the situation on the Xiao family was noticed by the people inside Wangdu.

"Look, someone is looking for Xiao's trouble."

Xiao Jiake is the top presence of the Protoss pyramid, although Xiao Jiapingโ€™s work is not bad, that is, their familyโ€™s nursing home is rather embarrassing.

You can find Xiaoโ€™s troubles and you canโ€™t see them at will. These kings are also happy to have a look at the excitement.

"Who is so open-minded, I dare to find the trouble of Xiao family!"

Some people in the crowd said similar words. The Xiao family passed on countless eras and the power was deeply rooted. In the family, it is in control of the Thousand Retreats. Even if the Emperor visits, he must give a few thin faces.

Looking for Xiao's trouble, it is purely looking for death.

"Hey, look, is that the mysterious goddess of Xuanji Pavilion, standing behind him is Xuan Ji Sixteen."

The person with the sharp eye pointed out, and even the gaze looked at it.

"It really is."

When he said this, he himself did not believe it.

"You see that there is a splayed character, isn't that the singer who has been with the mysterious girl?" And the red-haired brawny, isn't that a power god? โ€

"real or fake?"

Some people in the crowd do not believe, to know that Xuanji Pavilion and Xiao Jia are counted as the two major forces within the kingdom. The forces of the two sides have always been the waters of the wells, so how can they say that they are hit?

Many people can't help but move to the front, just to determine whether the person who is looking for Xiao's trouble is a mysterious machine.

When the confirmation was really Xuanji Pavilion, their heads were full of bangs.

Is this going to change?

The news that Xuanji Pavilion took the initiative to provoke the Xiao family was passed out in an instant, but in the middle of the quarter of an hour, a large number of onlookers gathered around the Xiao family.

The direct collision between the two peak forces, this life may even come across this time!

"How have you not played yet?"

Later, the onlookers opened their mouths, and the words were still gone. They heard the people next to them abandoning.

"You will fight when a child fights and fights. This is the power of the two parties. It represents the two peak powers of Wang Du. Do you think it is so easy to fight? โ€

The people around are nodding their heads, and the people who reprimanded are also swearing.

It wasn't just him, many people in the room were holding fists and sipping them to let them hurry.

"Is the girl, is it clear?"

Seeing the more people gathered behind the scenes, Xiao Xiao is also a smile that finds the temperament is very light.

He gambled that Xuan Ji did not dare to actually shoot on them. In any case, their Xiao family is a tribe, and the emperor has to give a few thin faces.

What's more, he now has more people than Xuanji Pavilion, and they are definitely superior.

He waited for Xuan Ji to soften him now. At that time, he gave it to him by boat, and he could drop the first person in the ages.

There is a face, and prestige is also there.

But he thought wrong, if other people might really wear soft, but standing in front of him is the mysterious machine.

"Ol'Five, can break it!"

Xuan Ji, who walked a few steps backwards, came to her with red hair and a black man wearing a black half shorts.

Power god.

One of the sixteen gods of Xuan Jiโ€™s hands, the strength of the road is even greater than the wild bulls of the demon family.

"Big sister, do you really want to work with Xiao?"

"Do you want me to be soft with him?"Xuan Ji faintly glanced at her.

"That certainly is impossible."There is a two-meter-high power and a disdainful smile. "Xiao Xiao Xiao's family is not worthy of letting the big sister take it soft."

"That's still so far, giving the aging mother a broken door for his house!"

Xuan Ji directly extended his finger to Xiaojia's house door, and Lishen also took a step toward the front. The majestic power vented from his body, and he saw that there was an ordinary human thigh thickness arm, which was instantly turned into a thick waist. .

"Xuan Ji, you dare!"

Xiao Wei is also a loss, how can he not think that Xuan Ji really dared to be within the kingdom, openly to his Xiao family.

"Don't dare, what does the old lady dare?" Ol'Five, don't listen to him fart, take this house door to the old lady! โ€

Xuan Ji holding her shoulders is like a big social sister, and there is no hesitation in the power of standing in front.



The gate of the government collapsed, and the gate of Xiaojiatun made the force of the gods smash, and the surrounding walls were also letting them collapse. The plaques that the gods gave were also heavily slammed on the ground.

"Xuan Ji!"

Xiao Yu, who was able to avoid the fist of the gods, looked at the shattered gate in front of the house and had a wall, and his face was gloomy.

She is really dare!

"Give the aging mother to Xiao Jialei pool!"

After breaking the door, Xuan Ji did not hesitate any more. She shouted at her people, and all of her men were beaten with Xiaojialeichi.

"Block them!"

There is no need to tell Xiao Xiao, the people of Xiao family have already played against the people of Xuanji Pavilion.

"Hold the grass, it really hit."


"Itโ€™s too irrational, how can these two peak forces really do it."

At the time of the Xiaojia and Xuanji Pavilion, the onlookers finally issued a deep cry. In this case, it is not too big to see the excitement. Of course, it is also rational. I feel that they are ignoring some considerations.

But no matter what they think, Xuanjige and Xiaojia are hit.

"The niece, oh, is this really a little too?" Among the people of Xuanjige, the only character Hu did not go up. He not only did not start to go to Xuanji and wanted to speak out and comfort. "The god is in the king, he is here." Be an active provocation

"Who is the old lady who wants to fight, who are you doing here with me, don't go up and fight for me!"


Mr. Ba Zi is a more rational person. He is loyal to Xuan Ji. It does not mean that he supports all the orders of Xuan Ji.

Moreover, their Xuanji Pavilion does indeed need his rational person to exist.

However, Xuan Ji does not give him a chance to be rational.

"Ok? Then I see you are owing! โ€

Just a faint sight of him, in an instant, the splayed word is to swallow the words to the mouth, screaming at the arm sleeves and pointing at the Xiao family.

"Hold the grass, itโ€™s the opposite of the sky, dare to make our goddess so angry, Xiao Jiaxiaozi, your eight-character grandfather is coming."

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