Even though Xuan Jiโ€™s manpower is much worse than Xiaoโ€™s family, he can be a tiger wolf.

In particular, his sixteen gods will see the Xiao family in nothing, and there is no way to stop.

"Xuan Ji, are you declaring war on my Xiao family!"

Xiao Wei stood in the position of Xuan Ji about five meters. He listened to the bang in the courtyard of Xiaojia. The whole shoulder was constantly shaking, and his face was like a water.

Indifferent laugh appeared on the face of Xuan Ji, she shrugged and raised her eyebrows.

"Is this a declaration of war? This seat is already playing your Xiao family."

"Then don't blame the old feelings."


The dense thunderclouds appeared in the clear sky and the purple thunder and lightning thundered in the thunderclouds.


In an instant, Xiao Xiaoโ€™s half-step power is to vent from the body. Being able to serve as the Xiao family leader, not only because he is the only son of Lei Di, she can sit in the position of the patriarch, no one dares to counter, that is also his absolute strength.

If you throw away Xiao Xiaoโ€™s indecisive character, he is actually a legend in the Protoss.

His mother has three years of pregnancy, and the world is known for its astronomical geography. The nine-year-old is a fairy and a fifteen-seven god. Its strength can be said to be unprecedented.

If the Sifang Hall recently found a enchanting, his record is still unbreakable.

Nowadays, he is the closest person to the younger generation. It can be said that his life has been noticed by thousands of people.

"Half-step master, you are the most dazzling in the younger generation, but half a step is only half a step."


More than a few times more powerful than Xiao Xiao's release from Xuan Ji's body, the square is within her pressure.

The onlookers in the distance feel that these two spiritual pressures are all eyelids jumping. Is this the power of the peak forces?

When Xuan Ji Ling pressure appeared, Xiao Xiao could not help but step back.

He is indeed a half-step master, but as Xuan Ji said, half-step mastery is only half a step!

"With the present you are not worthy of being the opponent of this seat, this seat does not want to bully. Let the Thunder come over, maybe he can still have a few tricks with me. โ€

It is very contemptuous to raise a brow in Xiao Xiao, but this is a great insult to Xiao Wei.

"Now Xiao Jiaben is the master of the family, and he does not need to personally come forward!" Dominant, this emperor also wants to see how big the difference between this half-step master and the real master! โ€

When the voice falls, the thunder above the void is crashing. There are also several thunder snakes around Xiao Wei, and on his back there is a ghost of God of Thunder with a giant hammer.

"Then try it."

Xuan Ji did not even do the most basic defense. In the face of Xiao Wei, who was fully fired, she lazily stretched out and patted her mouth.


On the top of the void, a woman in a white dress with a veil floats from the air and stands in the middle of Xuan Ji and Xiao Wei.

"Hey, who is that person!"

The onlookers noticed the woman with a sharp eye, and reached out and asked the person around him.

The rest of the people followed the past, but they all shook their heads and said they had never seen it.

"I dare to persuade the Xiao family and the Xuanji Pavilion, this woman's identity is definitely not low."Someone in the crowd spoke.

"Can you be His Highness Liu Qing of the Sifang Hall."

Someone spoke, but his words directly let others negate.

"Don't pull it, Liu Qing is the man of the Sifang Temple. How could she come to the king to persuade the two shelves?" Moreover, I have never heard of His Highness Liu Qing and the two forces. You have to say that it is possible to have a hot seven-star owner recently. It is rumored that the star owner is very close to the mysterious goddess. โ€

There are different opinions.

The woman who appeared in the crowd was indifferent in the minds of the masses, but no matter how they guessed, at least her appearance really stopped the Xuanji and Xiao Wei who were about to start.

"I can't think of it so soon."

Xuan Ji holding her shoulders smiled faintly, and the veiled woman nodded slightly toward her.

"Forget it, give you a face."

Under a short hesitation, Xuan Ji was in the sea to hear the people of his Xuanji Pavilion. In a short time, everyone in Xuanji Pavilion quit from Xiao's family and returned to her back.

At the same time they withdraw, the Xiao family is also chasing after the momentum.

Itโ€™s just that a discerning person can see it. Xiaoโ€™s family has suffered a big loss.


Xiao Wei also waved at this time, stabilized the tribe, and looked at the woman in front.

"Sister, how come you are."Can not reveal the identity of the woman, Xiao Xiao had to secretly talk to the veil woman, "Xuan Ji that woman she knows you, have you seen?"

"Xiao Wei, don't talk nonsense."

A voice accompanied by screaming sounded from Xiao Weiโ€™s knowledge of the sea. "This behavior is too reckless. What is the identity of Xuanji Pavilion? What is the status of Xiaojia? You dare to fight with ordinary people." Have you ever thought about the impact on Xiao's family, and the harmony between our two forces? โ€

"It's her hands."Xiao Weidao.

"A slap in the face does not sound, and you should not speak out."The veil woman shook her head toward Xiao Xiao, said, "Fortunately, I came in time, if I am late, I really let the people of Xuanji Pavilion attack the Leichi, then the majesty of the Xiao familyโ€™s majestic years. It is in your hands."

"How could he attack it?"Xiao Wei is not good.

"Not too stubborn."The veil sighed, "Do you still see the power of the Sixteen Gods, forget it, I am too lazy to say you." You are now the owner of the Xiao family. When you do something, you must be more motivated. I know that you are eager to express yourself. You can confront this monster with Xuanji. I am afraid that you have chosen the wrong opponent. โ€

As soon as the voice fell, the veil woman succumbed to Xuan Ji.

"There is no place for the angered goddess to invite the predecessors to blame. The Xiao family and the Xuanji Pavilion sit down for the two forces of the king of the kings. It is the Emperor of the Emperor who struggles with each other. This is the matter."

"Is it, this is the attitude that should be dealt with when dealing with problems."Xuan Ji turned a blind eye to Xiao Yu, and said to the veil woman, "Look at your face, this seat will not attack the thunder pool, if you accidentally break the face of your Xiao family can not hang."

"Predecessors laughed, Xiao Jialeichi even if you find the people of Xuanji Pavilion, it is also unbreakable, this is clear in your heart, isn't it?"

The veiled woman smirked and smiled, and immediately changed the topic.

"Let's not say this anymore. What happened to your seniors here?"

"This seat asks you Xiaojia to help me wipe out the personal robbing, but if you come, then the seat will tell you bluntly, in fact, Ye Zichen is robbing me with the people I want to smother."

The woman's arm under the veil trembled in an instant, and even if she turned back, she locked her eyebrows and angered.

"Go to the mine pool!"

"Who do you want to go to my Xiaojialei pool?"The Xiao family locked their arms and angered, but Xiao Wei, who was on the side of the scene, was sullen and shouted, "Do what she said!"

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