The veil's occlusion does not see the woman's look in this white dress, but her heart can see her inner anxiety.

The Xiao family who brought them to Leichi was very surprised. Xiao Jialei’s pool was the secret of Xiao’s family.

Non-Xiaojia clan people do not know the specific location of Leichi, but this veiled woman is a light-skilled road, apparently has been to Leichi many times.

Although the heart is very different, it can only lead the way in front of them.

"Hey, Xiao Jialei's pool is still hidden enough."

Not only Xiao Xiao, they came, Xuan Ji followed them in. In the king's so long, to tell the truth, this is her first time into the Xiao family compound.

"Please also ask the seniors not to talk to outsiders and bring you to the Leichi. It is also our sincerity to you."

The veiled woman's faint opening, Xuan Ji heard the words and laughed.

"This seat naturally won't say it, but since I know the place of the Thunder Pool, there will be a route to attack the Thunder Pool next time."

"Xuan Ji!"Xiao Yan brows a cluster.

"Xiao Yan stopped."Pressing Xiao Xiao, the veil woman still smiled and replied, "Predecessor You Love is joking, but if the seniors really have the idea of ​​storming Xiao Jialei, the younger advised you to give up the idea."

"Just talk about it."

Xuan Ji is not a dull person. Xiao Jia’s protoss does not fall for thousands of years. The back of it is absolutely for anyone to do it.

Maybe there will be Xiaojia’s old antiques near this Leichi, and the thunder pool will be stormed.

That is to say.

The veiled woman also smirked at her and smirked at her. At this time, the middle-aged man with a twisted neck was out of the secret pool of Leichi.

"Jun Shang!"

Seeing his look is obviously just the end of the robbery, has been with Xiao Wei, the young people holding the classics are even more eyebrows after seeing him.

"How did you come out?"

The questioning of the youth made this tribe a glimpse. Immediately, he saw that the mysterious goddess of Xuanji Pavilion had also come to Leichi.

"The robbery is over. What happened?"


The person holding the classics grabbed the middle-aged man's mouth and apologized to Xiao Xuan, and took the robbery to the side.


The middle-aged man was also a bit embarrassed. He just got a thunder and found him.

"Hey, what's the situation. How did the people of Xuanji Pavilion come over, isn’t this a secret? And who is the veil woman, what is the situation? ”

"You don't care, I will ask you if your thunderbolt is gone?"The youth of the classics frown.

"Yeah, it has all fallen, a total of ninety-nine days of thunder, one is not less. However, when the kid was robbed, there was a dragon who was also blended in, and then there was a blend of the Mozu."

"Mozu?"When the young people of the classics were stagnation, even if they turned back to God, "I asked you, what is the situation of the dragons now, is it dead?"


The middle-aged man raised his eyebrows. "Not what you said, it falls until the kid is dead." The dragon has been fighting the thunder for the kid. If I die for the kid, the premise is that I have to kill the dragon. ”

When the voice fell, the middle-aged man suddenly became confused and said.

"Hey, that veil woman will not be a dragon, she."

It was learned that the dragons gave this middle-aged man a sudden death. The young people of the classics clung to the fists and kept suffocating, and immediately pointed to the middle-aged people.

"You have a big event!"

"No, it really made me say it. Is it really a dragon person to come to someone?"The middle-aged man is also staring at the big eyes. "The dragon's blood is quite pure. At the time, Jinlong still wondered if she should die for her. How did the dragons run? No, I am doing things for your Xiao family. You must protect my safety. ”

This middle-aged is a bit flustered. He is here to make a profit and how to give it to the dragon.

This person was actually a young man from the outside. At that time, Ye Zichen was behind him. As a think tank of Xiao Wei, it was natural to consider it in many ways.

In order to be able to set aside the road, the middle-aged person he specially sought from outside hosted the thunder.

Even when the Xuanji Pavilion really found their Xiao family, they only had to push the middle-aged people. At that time, even if it is a mysterious machine, the status of Xiaojia can only swallow this fire.

It’s just that the Xuanji Pavilion has just attacked Xiao’s family.

This is the temperament of the Lord.

Even if he really gives it to the middle-aged, it is absolutely useless.

"Hey, kid, Lao Tzu is going to make money for you, but don't hang on."

"I have done it."The youth of the classics took out a bag of god coins from their arms and threw them into the hands of middle-aged people. "Hold this money and run quickly. Also, I can't talk to anyone about what I am looking for."

The middle-aged man who caught the money measured it in his hand, revealing eight teeth of standard smile.

"no problem."


At this moment, there was a cry from Xiao Wei. The young man of the classics turned back and said that the shoulder of the middle-aged man was a smile and ran over.

"Jun Shang."

Xiao Xiaomei noticed a few eyes behind this young man and the middle-aged man who left in a hurry.

"Who I have never seen that person, is he a Xiao family?"

"Ha ha ha"

The young people of the classics were very cramped, and the fingers knocked on the books he was holding, and his eyes flashed slightly.

"On the king, that person is not the person of our Xiao family, I was hired from other places."

Some words can't be said in other ways. Young people can only hear Xiao Xiao, and Xiao Xiaojian's eyebrows that hear this are erected.

"Whoever gives you the courage."

where is this place!

Xiao Jialei pool forbidden!

Xiaozhi even dared to find someone from outside, and also dressed in their clothes.

"Jun, I have a clear investigation of the background of this person. As for the other details, I will elaborate with you, but now there is a problem that the Xuan Ji wants to protect the people from the robbery is over, the man is with the old emperor to order the young people who can not go to the Protoss to rob. ”

"Isn't that?"

"Yes, the middle-aged man told me that the dragon is dead!"

Holding the youthful tone of the classics, Xiao Xiao’s brows had not been spoken for a long time, and the young man could not help but shake his head when he saw this.

When this monarch's servant is not a good choice.

The heart sighed, and the young man did not wait for Xiao Xiao to give him a reply, that is, according to the words after his consideration.

"They are actually the ones that God has come from, so we are afraid that it will be a white run, and the god robbery is over."

"You are saying it again!"

Xuan Ji’s face sank instantly, and the majestic momentum permeated his body from the youth of the classics.

Feeling the spiritual pressure of Xuan Ji, the youth's face also showed a sad color, but he still kept a smile, regardless of the sweat falling from his face.

"Yes, the god robbery is over."

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