Chapter 723


[Is it the meaning of Daesung … ]

When Jecheon Dae Sung decided to help me, Chang Sam – bong stood up and said.

[Baek Woong Woo. There is no guarantee that everything you say is true. Especially, the claim that Seo Wanmo is called “Yeowa” is marvelous. Is there proof there?

I replied in a cool way.

“There was a suspicion of a young woman from Kuncheon for thousands of years, and Jecheon Daesung was suspicious in her mind. Is not that enough? And there is no way to prove it in the normal way. And who is there in this world who can prove that he can punish her? You can not do that even with the Tampa Bay. It’s meaningless. ”

[… … ]

“If she is the one who declared the logic of power in cancer, this one will also face her. Would not Daisen’s atom help us? ”

When I suggested, Chang Sambong was silent and said.

[I… I want to be with you, but I have to find out first.

“what do you mean?”

I will not tell anyone about this. You and I will see again.]


The new model of Changsambong has disappeared. But he was not in the intestines to prevent him even though he had gone into disgrace. I wondered when I looked at Chun Woojin.

“Jang Sam-bong Jin in silence in his mouth. He is not the one to tell anyone. And stopping him will be a pain in the ass. ”
“Well, is it … ”
“He seems to have a secret. If you do not build trust, you will not hear the story. ”

It is probably a secret related to the Sword of the Sword.

In the past, I tried to find out the place where the god of the non-partisans was located, but I did not get picked up even if I tried to use it. But at that time, Jang Sam-bong Jin-na had refused.

[Because I sealed all of my absolute enlightenment and sealed it before I made it. Even if you dig up the whole mountain, you will not be able to use anybody. And even if there is one thing that gives back all the offerings you have received, there is no way to release the seal of the sword.
That black thing is not profit (. It is a proof of false history and a sword of a false king … If the sword’s double-sidedness does not open your eyes, I would recommend you to break down the sword if you become capable.]
I can not tell you because it ‘s the sky. Take the tribute to the road.]

“… … ”

Until now, I thought that Jang Sam-bong Jin-in was the absolutist of Mulim, who was the absolute leader of the martial arts. However, when I see the words and actions related to Yi Chun Sword, I do not even know that he has ever encountered [the darkness] of this world. And he was also a fighter who met with Moojin with Yeobin.

[I also encountered a dead person before the beak.]
[It was like a haze … ]
[But … Mushin is a moment, but it showed the extreme of radish. That alone creates a passion for endless years to reach the limit of radiance.
[I have an answer to my question about the Mushin question … ]

Yeong Bin also still hides the secrets of my mind. If Jang Sam-bong Jin-in had ever contacted Mushin, he would know somehow.

‘Next time, let’s dig into the ability of Euncheon sword?’

If so, maybe there will be more connections with Chang-sam-bong. I thought it over and said.

“Now I think we need to move on the rampage.”
“What are you going to do?”

I replied to the question of Jecheon Daesung.

“I think that the twelve-yuan with Moon and Woody is now fleeing into the world of politics, and my colleagues are doing their best to explore the world, but have not found it yet. So we can not find these two chillies for a while, and demand and money are in our hands. Then the remaining chiloe on the ground will become the fire and the toyo. ”
“Are you going to get the flower and the Saturday?”
“Yeah. Of course, it must be hard work. If there are four chilhoes in the hands of one force, you will not be able to easily touch the Woof when you have T3. ”

In my words, Jecheon Daesung stuck his head.

“Why? Please explain why. ”
“… … ”

I hesitated to say whether or not to say it momentarily. However, since Jecheon Daesung was once accepted as a colleague, I decided to share important information.

“Seo Wanmo, so she is afraid of Chiyo’s liberation. The act of collecting chiloe itself is her weakness. ”
“I am especially afraid when compared to other triple oxye. If you get stuck, you can use her as an intimidating material to free her at the same time. It is also possible to cooperate with the power of the young woman of the Gucheon and Jecheon Daesung, and it is possible to free it forcibly. ”
“… Really? It is the first time I hear such a story. ”

[I did not know that.]

As well as Jecheon Daesung, Kucheon and Daejeon made a surprise expression. But I said dumbly.

“It is true. The Seo Wanmo will hear the words of the Emperor of Chiloe when he sets off. This is my life. ”
“Well… What kind of adventure did you do? Do not believe it anyway. ”

Although Jecheon Daesung scratches his head under his ears, he was convinced once. Perhaps my expression is full of truth.

‘I saw it myself.’

He would, too, I had summoned the public by assaulting the celestial system with the Seo-myung mother in his last life. And I have seen publicly intimidate her with the liberation of Chiloe. It was a way to eat very well because she was able to hurt her self.

Because of that knowledge and experience, I was able to create a way to check against the Seo-myo in this life.

“So once you have two additional chillies on the ground, you have four. If you can find a twelve-year-old lord and take him away from him, you will be able to collect all six chillers on the ground. ”
“Hoho … Right.”
“Also, if you get all six chillies, the door to the battlefield will open, and the dragon will descend and let you know.”
“… Do you really want to go to the party? ”
“Yeah. As a result, I want to do that, but I will leave it to your brother’s will later. I promised to bring together Chiloe. ”
“Hmm… ”
“Whether you are a chiller or a gentleman, please do your will before the gang.”

When Jecheon Daesung was building his face, he woke up and walked out of the room.

“Baek-gung seems to be struggling with a plan that is too big, so I’ll tell you a specific plan to do now. I do not think I’ve ever heard what you heard from the death penalty. ”
“What should I do?”
“Suddenly, in a few days, the Dead Sea dragon revived in the south as a magic spell, with millions of Ha’jinite forces coming together and attacking humans. If Jecheon Daesung does not know well, it will take a long time to send troops to Cheonjae to fight against them. So this thing should stimulate Canghil. ”

Soon Chun Woo-jin briefly explained the plan of the cave. Jecheon Daesung who heard the expectation frowned strongly on the impression.

“Do you think I would agree with that?”
“There is no way out of this. Cangshil and Falubu Shingo are probably already detecting the tribulation in the south, but they will not stop it. Because it is obvious that he desperately wants to do this thing, and that the celestial system is competing with the sea and consuming power. And if both the celestial sphere and the celestial soul weaken, they will intensify their dominance. ”
“It is best to let the light fall on his feet to let him go. And they can make it go away. ”
“But if the villains join forces?”
“The executioner said, Canghil predicted it would not be. It was an opportunity to catch hundreds of years early, so I had to succeed whatever it was, so I was not the one to put someone else in my house. ”
“I do not think there is any guarantee that the four-person model will have a good brain, but the prediction is correct.”

Jecheon Daesung seemed to be dissatisfied.

“If you can not believe the plan of death in the world, the strategy of any book is irrelevant.”
“Baewoong, do you agree?”
“Ha, this is really just out.”

Jecheon Daesung took a sigh of relief. It was meant that Jecheon Daesung, which is the center of the world, told him that the maneuver of mangyong was going on. He said.

“All right. So what do we do while they’re annihilating them? Are you just watching the rice cake? ”
“no. Then … ”

When I talked about the maneuvers of Mangyang in turn, Jecheon Daesung made a half-discarded look.

“Yes. Let’s do it. Instead, if you break your promise to give it a chill later, you’ll kill it. ”
“Yes, of course.”

We tapped our strategy for a while, then threw a mirror in the lake and called out the mine. And when I talked to Mangyong about what had happened so far, Mangyang told me.

[Baewong. I do not think he’s in the world.

“… … ? What do you mean? ”

I was at a loss in the end of my life.

“He’s dead. He would have taken his flesh and soul into the world of history, and he was out of sight with Chiyo. Is there any other possibility? ”

[I continue to explore the whole field of my life in the room of Myung Kyung, but I can not feel the energy of Chilo, especially in this space or hidden place. No matter how great the twelve-year-old Lord is, I can not hide Chilho because I can not find him for years in search of Myeong-kyung, the last treasure of the former king.

“Then what … ”

[I am thinking of a case when he did not go to politics after his death.]

“Well… ”

Is that possible?
Anyway, if you die, is not it going to the world?
I was wondering, Mang said.

[Baewong. I will collect more than two chiloos, and if the situation is stable, please pay a penalty of twelve percent. The Danite of them will surely know something.]

“I know.”


We went to the moon by praying for the technique of Tian Wujin and Kun Chun Shin. Dark light leaks from the surface of the moon, and Jecheon Dae Sung slowly begins to memorize seventy-five-thousand liquor while hanging gold on his hands.

Woo Woo

It was known that Jecheon Daesung’s craftsmanship had been surpassed by Dorio Suubori, which was inspired by a legendary swordsman called Suubori. It is also the work of the law, and it was not enough to draw out the power of the Friday and to write the law. After a while, the light of the golden light became very bright and Jecheon Daesung showed up.



At that moment, the perforation was greatly distorted, and a huge chaotic door seemed to have emerged in a moment, swallowing even the darkness of the universe. Jecheon Daesung temporarily unlocked the seal that was caught in the jungle and borrowed power to make a summoning door. At the same time, Kuncheon-young woman and Chun-Woo-jin reached out to the front and played an additional trick.

Ku gung pal

The door of chaos disappeared after a while. Chun Woo Jean looked around and said hurriedly.

“Let’s run away quickly. It’s fast before Xabi’s body is seen. ”


We have returned to the ground again. Chun Woo-jin said, looking away in both directions.

“Well done.”
“Are you being summoned?”
“Yes. In the first place, the song has let them pass. A channel of darkness was created over Luoyang. ”

Jecheon Daesung, who had been using the ability of Cheonan-an of the Hwangan Geumjeong, saw it together.

“I am trying to close the doors with my arm carefully.”
“It will not close so easily. In the end, Cahill himself will have to go out and talk with his compositions. ”
“And the cantilever, Canghil, will try to turn off the fire in his feet and the fire outside the door at the same time … ”
“exactly. Landlord is a natural way of thinking. It is not a leisurely situation to watch the power of the celestial system be consumed, because the celestial body will attack from the window of Cangil. ”

He said with confidence.

“Amatsu Kami has built a gate in Luoyang that can come directly from the planet to Venus, so the power of Chengil will only be able to solve it. Then Cang – hill will try to take care of his southern side quickly by sending his conscience. In the meantime, we will recover the remaining chilyo. ”

It was.

The plan was to summon Amatsu Kami to return to Earth after a short period of time in Luoyang, which is the home of Chengil in advance. Canghil would have the power to close the door, but the return of Amatsu Kami was due to the desire of the Tamsan Oze, so it would have put pressure on his back.


As a result of the evidence, there was no sign of the car being opened over Luoyang. Even though Cahill, who has the magic that is equal to [the old ruler] would want to close. It was meant to keep the door, because I did not like the song or the triple Oze right. However, the balance of power has not been started in the full-fledged summons.

“Three Sovereigns and Five Emperors have wanted to take off the mask costs try to use an ancient evil spirit ahmacheu Kami purposes clean the ground. Of course I will not give up easily … ‘

Of course, Cang Hill will not be able to close the door easily, so he will negotiate with his song, and he will have to deal with the tribulation in the South, which he wanted to keep in mind.

Because when the situation is like this, the cyanide side will receive the direct command of the tranquilizer Oze, but from the standpoint of the Seo – king, the moment when the weakness of Canghil ‘s weakness can be seen,

Amatsu Kami, Canghil, Fobu Shunjung, Chungye, and the god of the sea are complex!

In the meantime, we get a chance to break the seal of the flower and get the flower, then hit the weakened crown of Luang to get the summoned toe.

“Let’s go, get the flower.”

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