Chapter 724


Kuuuu …

We arrived in front of the villain of the southern continent. Chun Woo-jin glanced at the violence and said.

“As soon as you try to open it with the power of fire, you are immediately aware of the trend in the heavenly world. Do you know that fact? ”

How can I forget what my life has fled.

In the 21st life, I tried to break the circle of fire by using the courtesy of the courtesy. At that time, it was possible to wake up that ambition by force, but on the way Jecheon Dae Sung Mihwang showed up without showing up in the midst of an unexpected situation. Yes, he was persuaded by Jecheon Daesung’s words and killed me as a descendant. Jecheon Daesung was hastily dispatched to the will of Seo Wanmo who worried that the flower of the flower would be broken.

I recalled the painful memories of that time, and I watched Jecheon Dae Sung, but he had no idea at all. There was no ally. Jecheon Daesung took over the words of Chun Woojin.

“There is absolutely no way to break the fire of the flower without knowing it. What are you going to do? ”

I responded calmly.

“According to my colleague’s strategy, Cahill and his creations must have conversations or talks. And when the Tampa Oz class people had talks, the causal rate would fluctuate greatly and the celestial gaze would be concentrated. He said that he would not notice if he woke up because of natural disasters. Even if you notice it, you will not know who took it. Anyway, it’s out of the thousands. ”
“Is not it too tight? What is the basis of the maneuver? ”
“that’s… It is a mangyongshi. It’s the information he gave me. ”

Mang said that he had sought advice from a teacher, Mangyang, through Myeong Kyung. And it was a strange maneuver according to the information provided by Mangyang.


Jecheon Daesung made a surprise expression. I slowly told the story of Jecheon Daesung because he knew that he had to hide his information and only live his doubts.

“Mangyangjang knows what happens when the god of the trifle Oze meets.”
“Is your co-worker a place where you can get some advice from a manger?”
“That’s right.”
“Hmm … It’s a … Then I can believe it. ”

Said Jecheon Daesung, who shed his voice.

“Good! Let’s go to the end. So when is the natural disaster happening? ”
“It was said that it would be within a time limit.”

We waited on the spot while hanging the technique of Chollian. And how much time has passed since about half a century ago, I was suddenly seen a huge arm with thousands of wings descending over Luoyang.

Oh, oh.

‘The song … !! ‘

Is not the form of the arm itself the incarnation of the Tampa Oze song?

And, as if to greet the arm, the power turned into the main body carefully floating in the air. I knew for sure that it was not an atmosphere to fight between them because they did not live or move. Then, after a while, dark clouds spread at a tremendous speed, and the entire Luoyang was covered with darkness.



It was raining. Although the rainfall was not so great, the rain was filled with eerie energy, so the passersby who roamed the streets of Luoyang felt the ominousness and went into the house one by one. No, maybe that raindrop itself has a magic power to shake and silence itself?

Kuo Oo

And while the rain was killing the sound, the arm of the song gradually changed shape and transformed into the image of the ancient king. Behind his back, the winged feathers began to burn like petrol.

Chun Woo Jin, who was connecting Chollian ‘s technique, said.

“I think they will notice no more. The Chollians will now stop. ”
“What? I’m going to talk to you and Cangill … ”
“Do not you know how high they are? Unless you write your own throne, it is clear that they are cursing the peepers. I can not hear the conversation. ”
“… … ”
“It’s different from the past. Unlike that, from now on they become sensitive to eavesdropping. ”

Is it the difference between all-out war and secret war.


Chun Woo-jin picked up Chollian’s trick and said,

“Now that natural disasters have happened, let’s clear the seal of the flower.”
“All right.”

After a while, Kuncheon-hyeon, Chunwoojin and Jecheon Daesung started collecting power at the same time. And first of all, Kusuncheon women started to break the elements of the villain with their hands on the vignette, and then the Vanguard and Jecheon Dae Sung added strength to speed up the speed.

It was the fastest and the easiest way to break, and it was possible because each one of them was a big one.

Fasse …

Bondi It was a bond of fire that could be broken by tremendous power, effort, and time, but this time it was easily broken down easily. It was a dream that could not be dreamed of in ordinary past life because the form of friend is filled with luxurious strong.

‘And because the triple opponent was confused with Chengil in Luoyang and the confusion of the causality … ‘

If you break it like this in the usual way, you will get a bigger rebound, but thanks to your plan, you would have gotten a lot of help. From then on it was a hard way to write.

We quickly headed inward as soon as the veil disappeared. In the first place, we had to find the position of the hidden door which is hidden, but the poetry of the poet of Kusunon easily found its position and led us inward. I entered the aisle and was able to see the familiar spiral staircase coming out. And I walked for a long time on the spiral staircase descending to the abyss, and there was a red altar shining in red.

As soon as we shed the blood on the altar, a giant, a public, came up to the top of the altar. I knew him very well, so I was not surprised and stared at him in front. The public looked at us with a sword in one hand.

[Those who came to the seal of chilo by winding the fate of chaos … I should try to see if you are entitled to the fire and soy sauce.]

“Are you a public (co-worker), a descendant of a fungus and an elder?”

[Yes… ]

I looked at the public and put on my arms.

“Public. Let’s not fight. We are not in a fight. ”

[What … ?]

“I know that the flame of chaos around your body is fused. And the flame is weak now. Now you are not the time to fight us as the guardian of Chiyo, but when you worry about the future. ”

[… … ]

“Do not you have to untie the seal?”

Kuwoong …

The public dropped the end of the sword to the ground. He looked at me with a truly surprised expression and said.

[You… Who are you … ? You are one of the strongest … And how do you know all the secrets … ]



At that moment, the young woman of Kucheon was incarnated and showed up in front of the public. The public who recognized Kwon Chun’s daughter said.

[Kuncheon women! You came here directly … Do you mean to release my seal now in the celestial world? If the spark of fusion has weakened … !!]

The public shouted with great anticipation, but Gwacheon-hyeon responded to Najik.

[It’s not like that. Public. I do not care about the heavenly doctors here.]
[What … So what are you doing?
[In the near future, the cause of earthly world will be ruined by the triple Ozega, I want you to give us strength, because we are working with those who are willing to prevent it.]
[… I do not know what’s going on. However, even if I want to help, I have lost the power of my ego because of the wreckage of fusing, can not help any.]

I heard that and said.

“Public. Why do you think the curse of the fossil engraved on your body has weakened? ”

[Well… I guess the firming has weakened.]

“In the last five years, the firestorm has once fallen into the body on the ground. And it is guessed that you have suffered great damage because you were defeated without knowing English while fighting with carefulness of arm part. He was weakened by the wounds he had in the physical world. ”


The public was more surprised when they heard it.

[no… what… The folks lost their arms? I can not … Who in the physical world can damage the body of the fossil? That’s impossible.]

The public seemed to have guessed the strength of the faction, which came from the same massive family. He also already knew that the faltering could capture the weakness of the arm. I was speechless after confirming the fact.

“I do not know who lost it. But it is true that the weakening of the economy has been weakened, and now it is easy to release his curse. Our strength is enough. ”

[Uh … What do you want?]

“We can not face the end of the trifle Oze. So I want to create a force that can control them and stop or end human end. I also want to get help from the emperor. ”

[… … !!]

“If you promise to give us the treasures and all the treasures inside, we will unblock the curse and help you unlock the seal. Instead, betrayal can never be tolerated. ”

Now, let me think for a second.


The public stood still in silence.

He did not say anything during the seminar, but nodded his head.

[good. I will accept the proposal.]

“Can you name and exist?”

[sure. I was determined.]

“then… Stand still in your place. ”

I wrote the original exhibition, but I can not use it as it is now that I have lost the national flag. Instead, I was able to see the essence of the curse by receiving the power of Hwangan Geumjeong. So, with the Hwangan Geumjeong actuated, the curse of the public was cut off by using the thunderstorm monument as before.

촤 aac

It is true that the curse has been weakened a lot, but this time I had to cut it a few times, but the public power was recovering to a noticeable extent. At the same time, I started to raise the power of Hwangryongjin by eating the flame of chaos with the power of Hwaryongjin Jinin.


[Kha ha ha ha … This damn curse finally came loose … !!]

The public appearance has grown rapidly, and it has turned into a Yin-Yang giants with the body of the real body. When his power was ten times stronger at a stroke, he felt a different level of power from his guardian. But the public that was so strong did not seem to be stronger than the current Gukcheon women, so I could roughly compare the strengths of the great powers. Of course we have to consider that public power has not yet recovered.

The public said.

I will keep my promise. Follow me.]

Before long, the inner door opened and the inside water and fire were visible. I absorbed the fire of fire by using the fire dragon sword, and soon the fire dragon sword was not fully recovered the power of the prime period and began to show more glow.

Oh oh oh

Was there a time when the Hwangryong Shin Sword was strengthened to this extent? I wondered why it is more than seven years old now. In addition, Hwaryong Jinin seemed to feel a great sense of uplifting with silence.


As I draw out the flower, I feel that the power of the fire and soy sauce is rising in me. I took a sigh of relief.


By this, I got three of them into the hands of the faction, the demand, the Friday.

It is impossible to retrieve the moon and wood that was lost by the twelve – thirties now, so it was only toilets left, and at the moment of collecting the toys, the collecting of the chill was halved.

Moreover, unlike now, collecting three chilo was very meaningful.

Lilium resonance (七曜 resonance)!

The tremendous power of the resonance of the Chilyoes was that the power increased exponentially as the number of Chiloos increased. So far, up to two chilo have been resonated, but what happens if three chilo are resonated?

I put the seeds of Yong Hwa into my armor and then said.

“Public. Is it really impossible to knock down the firestorm with the power of the arms and prudence? ”


“Why? Is there a reason to have such conviction? One of the prudent arm of the army is a prince. ”

In my question, the public sneered.

[Fuhu … Even though I tried to be careful with the arm, it was originally mortals. And their weakness is [the first letter]. In front of the faction that knows how to write the letter, it is a worm to be careful.

The public is also ancient, so you knew about [the first character].

I reconfirmed and then asked the public again.

“Public. Can you use the power of that [first letter]? Do you know? ”

[Unfortunately, I only know the existence but do not know how to use it. My lord’s name was a member of the Tampa, but he was not interested in such trivial things. However, the fossil gnome was crawled under the tranquilizer Ozegun Wook, and it was received from Jeon Wook. I’ve seen it used in the end of WWII.]

“You did. Then do not you know anyone else you might know? ”

[… It’s a giant.]


I had an unexpected name, so I opened my eyes.

What a surprise. He was the closest emperor of the emperor.

“Well… that’s… ”

It was a suspect I could not think of. Until now, [the first character] thought that Tampa Ozena and his aide would know, but Gwangseong who is a member of the Gwangnyeon 12 presidential election would belong there. When I looked at her, she said.

[You doubt me.]

“No, it is not. But you told me that the ghost is suspicious … ”

[The residence of the Gwangju is before the ghost.]

“Do not you?”

[And he came down to the celestial sphere only when he needed it, and since ancient times has barely talked to him. There are many secrets.]

“… … ”

Something happens.
I felt like I was missing something very important.
But I poked my head and arranged the situation.

“Anyway thank you for being a colleague from now on, public.”

[When are you going to release my lord’s seal?]

“Now we have three days, but you know that this is not enough to unlock the seal of the salt. Is not it possible that she should be weakened by hitting her?

[… … ]

“Why do you look like that?”

The public, staring at me with an astounding eye, said with only a sigh.

[Extremely … Are you really human? How do you know all those mythical secrets? I do not know the depth of knowledge.]

“… … ”

I moaned with a wry smile.

You can do it 24 times before.

[The idea of ​​betraying you is gradually disappearing … ]

“Stop jokes, and now I can not let you loose the dye. It will be possible only after collecting the power and weakening the triple Oze and the celestial system and collecting the chilyo. ”

[okay. So what are you going to do now?]

I looked at the heavenly woojin. Then Chun Woo Jin said.

“Yet the darkness of Luoyang has not been solved. The talks are continuing. ”
“I am sick … It was up to here. ”

Yes, the measure of the mangyun had just counted here.

After I got the flower, I could not think about it because the variables were too much depending on the result of conversation between Cangill and the song. In fact, the worst case can only be prepared, but it was not a readable procedure, so the best way to do it now is to do murder. Naturally, I had no choice but to go broke.

Then Jecheon Daesung said.

“Why do not you go find a damn ship?”

When the eyes of the crowd shifted to Jecheon Daesung, he said,

“The plate has already opened. And he is almost the only substitute for human beings, is not it only he who can help? ”
“… i See.”
“We can not get into the talks and we can not get into the southern part of the country first, and we can not get through the trio of Ozai. Then it would be reasonable to get his advice in between. ”

There is work.
I nodded and said.

“I will go to the shipwreck.”

I did not want to meet me last time, but the cat might be able to help me.

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