Reincarnation in Naruto World Chapter 885

looks-at 出现在教室门口,半边袖管是Hokage 袍纹饰的Kakashi ,Sasuke 和Naruto 都愣了一下。

Unlike Naruto, who understood it, Sasuke knew the identity of Kakashi ‘Hokage’s agent’, and then gave a bow, complimented and then said, “What about Teacher Jiraiya?”

Kakashi with his eyes said, “Only through my training will you be eligible for Lord-Jiraiya’s guidance, let’s go, don’t delay time!”

Sasuke asked, “What kind of training is Kakashi Teacher?”

Kakashi walked outside, and lazily said, “Come with me, understand, but ugly words are ahead, my specialty is not a cat dog that can pass, even if you’re Uchiha Clan’s genius, and if you can’t eat hard, don’t want to pass!”

Sasuke was full of confidence and said, “Don’t worry, I will pass!”

He wanted revenge and took back Sasuke of Mangekyo Sharingan for father, without fear of any special training at all, or, in other words, what he needed was more severe training.


Kakashi went out and didn’t turn back, just smiled.

“Naruto, I’m sorry today. Next time I’ll join you in training!”

Say hello to Naruto, Sasuke followed Kakashi quickly.

Naruto, with his hands behind his head, didn’t care to chase Kakashi’s Sasuke, and said, “It’s okay, Sasuke, you have to keep it up!”

After Sasuke’s silhouette had completely disappeared in the corridor, Naruto’s face had risen lonely.

Neji and Sasuke were guided, and he didn’t, and it made him feel a little less distressed, but soon he restored his optimism and said to Lee in the classroom, “Lee, let’s train together today?”

Not until Lee answered, the classroom entrance came up again with Guy silhouette, yelled: “Lee, it’s not okay, Power of Youth, but it’s not dilly-dallying!”

Lee was busy tied up with a bandage with his arms: “Guy Teacher, I’m ready!”

Guy came out of Snow White’s teeth, said with a big smile: “Let’s go. We’re running around village for 20 rounds today!”

“Yes,” Lee made a sound and said to Naruto, “Naruto, I’m sorry, I’m going to go to training with Teacher!”

Naruto did whatever he wanted, waved his hand: “Oh, it’s okay, you go!”

Soon, hot Guy and Lee, which ran away from the classroom for master and disciple.

Shikamaru walked from Naruto, saw Naruto looking to himself, and he said, “Don’t look for me, I’m waiting for a special lesson at home.”

Choji and tooth behind Shikamaru also bitter expression points nodded.

Apparently, like Shikamaru, they have clan training waiting for them.

“What’s going on lately, my father Mother, like crazy, day-trained, I haven’t slept in peace for a long time!”

“Yeah, I’ve got some fear of going home now.”

“That’s enough of a day like this!”

looks-at Shikamaru, Choji, tooth3 people complained to each other, left the classroom, and Naruto’s face was more lonely.

He’s different from Shikamaru, and he wants someone to care about him, to care about him, to supervise him, but unfortunately, from the beginning of his journalism, there was no such person.

Back to your seats, Naruto looked at the classroom and found that there were only a few girls in the classroom, Sakura, Ino, Shion, eight clouds, and that other people had left on land.

It is at this point that there has been another footsteps on the corridor outside the classroom, shortly after Hyuga Suzu and Kurenai Yuhi appeared at the door of the classroom.

The bell went to the classroom and said, “Shion, Sakura, Ino, let’s go! Lady Tsunade is in the hospital today, too. Maybe you can still get her guidance.”


The three people called the name were busy with complied.

Kurenai Yuhi, on the other side, said to Kurama Yakumo said with a smile in the classroom: “Eight clouds!”

Kurama Yakumo’s quiet point is nodded.

Turn around, there’s only Naruto in the classroom, and sitting in an empty classroom, and he’s sighed down, and the spin carefree says, “I can do it alone. I don’t need the Lord’s fingers, hmph hmph!”

Speaking of, Naruto’s hands hold the back of the brains, hump the lights, shake the moving towards the classroom.


Just walked out of the classroom door, Naruto hit a man and fell on the ground.

Look at him, it’s Hokage’s robe, so he’s busy moving his eyes, finding himself hit not by anyone else, and it’s Fifth-Hokage.

“Lord-Hokage, why are you suddenly here, scaring me to jump!”

Hyuga Kyou said, “Where are you going?”

Naruto immediately restored the unsatisfactory mood and said, “Where can I go, of course, to training?” I don’t want to be caught by Sasuke and Neji! ”

Hyuga Kyou laughed: “How many recent exams are your names more backward?”

Naruto is naturally not afraid of Sage Mode and Neji, and will not allow Naruto to enter the ‘Sage Mode’ preparatory time at all, so in recent times Naruto has failed to Sasuke and Neji.

Naruto’s face is red: “That’s an accident!”

Hyuga Kyou didn’t keep teasing Naruto and said, “Let’s go, I’m going to teach you an exaggeration today!”

Naruto’s unbelievable look at Hyuga Kyou: “Really?”

Hyuga Kyou is no longer bullshit, and straight towards the outside.

Naruto went along and said, “I remember what you just said. You’re Hokage, you’re gonna say, do it, don’t lie to me!”

With Naruto in an unaccompanied practice ground, Hyuga Kyou walked to a wooden pile, and in his hands there was a crowd of mushrooms brought together by Chakra.

“Lord-Hokage, is that what you’re going to give me?”

Hyuga Kyou Pointed nodded: “Good, this move is called Rasengan, developed by Fourth-Hokage, a non-seal Ninjutsu that can be carried out anytime you need not hand seal!”

finished-speaking, Hyuga Kyou hit ‘Rasengan’ on the edge of wooden pile.


A blast, like a rough wooden pile, was struck in the instant and crumbling was scattered.

Naruto saw it in front of his eyes: “Great!”

Hyuga Kyou laughed and said, “Want to learn?”


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