Reincarnation in Naruto World Chapter 886

Naruto took the stars in his eyes: “I want to learn, of course I want to learn!”

‘Rasengan’ isn’t that good.

Hyuga Kyou corner of the mouth raise, laughed.

Speaking of ‘Rasengan’, he himself had just learnt soon, and had specifically taught Jiraiya before.

While he knew that ‘Rasengan’ had been developed by Fourth-Kage, inspired by Tailed Beast Ball, he also concealed the skills of some training ‘Rasengan’, the detailed training programme he had long forgotten.

And he asked Jiraiya to teach ‘Rasengan’ in order to give it to Naruto himself.

If Ninjutsu is best suited to Naruto, then ‘Rasengan’ and ‘Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu’ will be listed first.

This is without a doubt, because in the sky, there have been numerous validations.

Naruto, the Uzumaki Clan’s strong body, and Nine-Tails Jinchuriki’s identity, have applied these two types of Ninjutsu, which are highly demanding for Caster Chakra Reserves.

It’s like the two tricks are his tailor-made.

Hyuga Kyou was not so worried about Naruto’s development, but he didn’t think that he had not only succeeded in sending Neji, Hinata, ‘Mount Myōboku’, but had accidentfrom many causes made Sasuke a contractor of ‘Mount Myōboku’ this generation and had been taken for disciple by Jiraiya, who wanted to relax with Uchiha Clan at that time.

So firstly, Naruto’s gone.

Hyuga Kyou had to do it with his own hands, to teach Naruto.

Well, it’s Hokage now in Hyuga Kyou, no matter how close he is to Naruto, village will not suspect his motivation, let alone monitor him with Naruto.

And he can take this opportunity to guide Naruto, the ‘Child of the Prophecy’, and the fiercely brush.

After looking closely at wooden pile destroyed by Rasengan, Naruto’s face is desperate: “Lord-Hokage, teach me this move now!”

“Good!” laughed, Hyuga Kyou, and said, “Lord-Hokage and so on, too alienate, you call me Teacher!”

Naruto cautious and solemn said, “But you’re not Teacher in Neji?”

there are also a few minor things that the looks-at Naruto faces, and Hyuga Kyou rubbed Naruto’s head: “I’m not just taking one disciple.”

Naruto said, “Will you accept me as disciple?”

Hyuga Kyou set up his face and said, “That’s not good for you, Hokage’s disciple, and if you can’t eat, I won’t take you as an apprentice.”

Naruto company nodded: “As long as you’re willing to teach me Ninjutsu, I’m not afraid of suffering!”

Hyuga Kyou said with a smile: “Well, if you’re doing well, I’m not only gonna consider taking you as an apprentice, but I can invite you to ramen at night!”

“Really?” Naruto startled, emotionally said, “Teacher, you’re a good man!”

Hyuga Kyou’s face is black.

Naruto went on to say, “Except for Academy, you’re the second person willing to teach me Ninjutsu alone.”

Hyuga Kyou was curious: “Yeah, who’s the first?”

Naruto replied, “Orochimaru Teacher!”


Another training stadium.


After flying Sasuke, Kakashi lazily asked, “Is Uchiha’s genius the only level?”

hmph! “

Sasuke snond, falling on the ground, climbing up immediately, with a glimmer in his face, and Three-Tomoe Sharingan in his eyes shined out the miracles of demons.

Kakashi, secretly thought, “Hey, you really told the mirror exactly the same thing!”

Let Kakashi train Sasuke, not Jiraiya’s arrangement, but Hyuga Kyou’s special assignment.

Like ‘Rasengan’ and ‘Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu’, Kakashi’s ‘Chidori Flow’ is very sympathetic to Sasuke character.

Kakashi also belongs to Jiraiya, who is responsible for special training as Sasuke of Jiraiya disciple and is also rational and clearly structured.

Just at first, Kakashi had some confusion with Hyuga Kyou’s request.

He did not understand why Hyuga Kyou was willing to train Sasuke with Jonin Level, and now Sasuke, while Awakening Three-Tomoe Sharingan, was only 11 years old, from ninja Academy Graduation next year, far from Jonin Level.

He was not even aware of Hyuga Kyou’s intention to induce Sasuke in a way that devalued Uchiha Clan.

Today, Sasuke Fightintent is full, and Sharingan in his eyes is even more a mystery, and he conceals some idea why Hyuga Kyou was doing so.

“Kakashi Teacher, although you’re strong, look at our Uchiha Clan, but it’ll pay for it!”

Sasuke, on the one hand, said that Sharingan’s capture of Kakashi on the other.

Three ink tomoe, slowly revolving in his chimpanzee’s eyes, a slight body, a slight leap of hands into Ninja Tool’s pocket in the waist, a Chakra.

Yi! “

Kakashi screwed up his eyeballs.

Sasuke’s watch has something to do with him, making him feel like he’s not a rookie who’s still in Academy, but a real ninja.

At this point, Sasuke yelled: “Clan’s honor will be guarded by me, and I will defeat you myself, like my father!”

finished-speaking, his hands drained Ninja Tool bag, and moved towards Kakashi fired several shuriken.




Shouriken from the tsunami triggered a path of broken wind.

Kakashi immediately took off the lazy face and took a kunai seriously.

Oh, no, no.

after parry dropped the shuriken from Sasuke, Kakashi discovered that Sasuke had struck himself, and that he had a quick print on his hand.

“Great Fireball Jutsu?”

Following the identification of Ninjutsu of Sasuke hand seal, Kakashi also started making hand seals.

“Fire-Style: Great Fireball Jutsu!”

“Earth-Style: Mud Wall!”

Almost at the same time, two people started Ninjutsu together.


In the shock, as Kakashi anticipated, the ‘Great Fireball Jutsu’ released by Sasuke was blocked by his‘ Mud Wall ‘.

Just the “ka-cha” voices of Mud Wall, which undoubtedly showed that his‘ Mud Wall ’blocked this journal‘ Great Fireball Jutsu ‘, was not easy.


At this point, a silhouette suddenly appeared behind Kakashi and waged the kunai stabbed at Kakashi.

This silhouette naturally is Sasuke, and when he sees his back, Kakashi seems to be unaware of his own Kakashi, his mouth rises up, and he shows a funny smile on his face: “Is that the Hokage agent in village, or is that the same?”


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