Reincarnation in Naruto World Chapter 887


With the kunai of cold light, the quick stabbing was directed at Kakashi’s back, and Sasuke even deliberately shifted the angle and avoided the harm on Kakashi’s back.

“This is the price of our Uchiha Clan!”

Seeing kunai is about to be stabbed, and the smile at Sasuke’s mouth is completely open.

But that’s when Kakashi suddenly turned around and caught Sasuke with kunai’s hand!


Kakashi’s reaction orders Sasuke startled!


Three-Tomoe Sharingan in his eyes, in the instant of Kakashi’s turn, had actually captured Kakashi’s actions, but his body was unable to keep his eyes clear and could not respond.

Almost a moment, Kakashi caught Sasuke stabbing his arm and headed for fiercely on the ground!


instantly, Sasuke difficult situation fell on the ground and sent a loud muffled sound.

Sasuke, who fell on the ground, shaking his head, wanting to climb up immediately, was just another one and fell again.

sasuke on looks-at ground, Kakashi, at the bottom of his heart secretly consider and say, “Che, this little demon is not easy!”

From the confrontation he had just discovered that Sasuke was no worse on the basis than he was when 11 years old, and that what was missing was only the experience of fighting and a system of tactics that matched himself.

When Kakashi became Jonin at 12 years old, under Fourth-Kage’s instructions, he was informed of a set of tactical systems that fit his own, so he developed “Chidori”, touched on a tactical system dominated by Lightning-Style, which greatly strengthened his destructive power in battlefield.

And Sasuke’s current problem, whether Ninjutsu, Taijutsu, Genjutsu, would be a little bit, but he could not forge an effective partnership with each other without his own set of routes.

“But hateful!”

After a while, Sasuke climbed from the ground and stood steady.

Kakashi waved his hand, pulled a ‘Icha Icha Paradise’ from the Ninja Tool cap in the waist, turned around and said, “I didn’t think you were so weak, and today’s exam didn’t pass!”

Sasuke suddenly said, “Stop it, I haven’t lost it!”

Said Sasuke ignored Kakashi.

This time Kakashi didn’t even return his head, and he flew out to his Sasuke fiercely before he hit a big tree.

And Sasuke’s body fell in the big tree, and overflow the chimpanzee blood.

Kakashi said, “You should also know Lord-Jiraiya’s last disciple, Fourth-Hokage in village, as you are now, preferably not to claim that you are Lord-Jiraiya’s disciple, without being embarrassed to Lord-Jiraiya!”

The gaze at Kakashi left behind, and Sasuke’s face was full of unwilling and shy…


soon, Kakashi met Hyuga Kyou.

Hyuga Kyou said, “How’s your side?”

Kakashi did not humbly applaud: “Sasuke’s boy is stronger than I thought, and worthy-out of 11 years old in Awakening, Uchiha genius of Three-Tomoe Sharingan!”

Hyuga Kyou has nodded.

three tomoe is indeed a Kane, but Uchiha clansman in Three-Tomoe Sharingan is basically not too weak.

Kakashi also said, “Yes, how’s your side?”

“Naruto” shake one ‘s-head, Hyuga Kyou smiled a little bit: “That kid sometimes works a little bit, and sometimes he doesn’t teach.

Hyuga Kyou, in fact, has little experience.

He only knew that Naruto was‘ Child of the Prophecy ’, and that, as long as he grew well, he would be able to cross the’ Quality Unit ‘of Six-Paths, so he would be more patient than anyone else.

Kakashi said honestly, “Naruto, please do your best!”

Because of Fourth-Hokage’s relationship, he was very willing to guide Naruto, but only he knew that Naruto’s style was completely unmatched and that his guidance did not necessarily apply to Naruto.

By contrast, today’s Sasuke is a very famous mixture of his taste, and it looks like he was out of his head at the beginning of the year.

Hyuga Kyou said, “Don’t worry!”

muttered, Kakashi said, “Do we really have to do this level?”

“Of course!” Paused, Hyuga Kyou’s words are serious: “The sooner they grow up, the smarter the burden on us, and no one can protect them for a lifetime, they can only rely on themselves!”

Kakashi has some concerns: “But I’m so harsh about Sasuke. Will he hate me? Will Uchiha Clan have an opinion?”

Hyuga Kyou decided to say, “The harder you are, the more Sasuke will respect you! As for Uchiha Clan, you don’t have to worry anymore!”

Look at Hyuga Kyou, Kakashi has some doubts: “Why are you so sure?”

Hyuga Kyou laughed: “Anyway, you don’t have to worry about it.”

Kakashi apparently did not know that, in the old days in the sky, he took his lungs at Sasuke, and taught him that Sasuke had found nothing to learn from him, and that the resolute rebel village had left Orochimaru, and then almost killed him.

So, for Sasuke, as long as you’re stronger than him, he’ll respect you, even if it’s the original in the sky, and it’s Orochimaru, the same thing!


Uchiha Clan Land.

In the night, Sasuke walked into his house, coincidently meeting Itachi.

Itachi hit Sasuke’s eye: “Did the Senior Kakashi test pass today?”

Sasuke dares to look at Itachi’s eyes, shake a ‘head in his head.

Itachi’s disappointing sighed: “Is it too hard?”

Listen, Itachi’s sentiment, Sasuke’s heart is tight, suddenly grows red and says, “Big brother, I…”

Itachi’s hands interrupted Sasuke: “Father and Mother are waiting for you in the backyard. Come on.”


Sasuke’s cheap complied, and then moved to the backyard.

A moment later, Hyuga Kyou came out of the shadow and remained in the direction of Sasuke’s departure.

Itachi picked up his face’s disappointment, curiously asked: “Senior, is that really useful?”

Hyuga Kyou shake one’s head: “Not yet. Let’s see!”

In the backyard, Hyuga Kyou and Itachi were not in the house, but hidden in a shadow in the yard.

After a while, Sasuke came out of the house with guilt and shallow tears on the cheeks, apparently Fugaku had done what Hyuga Kyou had told me.

At this time Hyuga Kyou and Itachi were watching a man alone in courtyard Sasuke.


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