Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2818


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As Shi Feng’s words in midair fell, the audience was silent.

Each and everyone never thought that Shi Feng would not give the Hundred Ghosts so much face, and it could even be said that Guild, the Hundred Ghosts, was completely ignored.

At this time, Qi Yuan, a handsome young man, is also a complexion ashen, his eyes are getting colder.

“Guild Master Black Flame, my proposal is good for both of us. If we intervene, let’s not talk about anything else. In terms of the number of Tier 4 professions, Zero Wing may not be much cheaper.” Qiyuan coldly said, “If you want to go your own way, then I have to think that Zero Wing is very hostile to us going alone.”

Speaking of Qi Yuan no longer concealing his own Life Aura, the terrifying aura can be said to be completely absent from those Tier 4 NPCs, and the Huaguang of the weapon equipment on his body made everyone on the scene take a breath.

Because the weapon equipment that Qiyuan is now revealing is completely different from what he had observed before.

At this time, Qi Yuan turned out to be an Epic Equipment!

In addition to the Epic Equipment, the long sword is studded with six brilliant gemstones. Although the shape is simple, it naturally exudes power. Compared with those Epic Weapon equipment, it is obviously a great length.

As for the short-haired beauties with giant axe on their backs, they are also Epic Equipment. They are definitely not under Qiyuan.

“The weapon equipment of these two people is also very good!”

“It’s no wonder that even the top five Super-Guilds are afraid of the Guild, which is a Hundred Ghosts alone. The Top Grade equipment that is so armed to the teeth, even the Star Ring Guild and other major Super Organizations will definitely not come out.”

The Great Influence members present watched the dazzling halo effects on the two of them, and they were amazed.

Epic Level weapon equipment, everyone on the scene has seen a lot of them, but if you want to get an Epic equipment, it is absolutely difficult as heavenly ascension, and a hundred ghosts can make two people get together, which is a hundred Ghost walking alone in the background.

At this time, if Zero Wing is hostile to the two people walking alone, it is indeed not a wise move.

“Hostile?” Shi Feng looked at Qi Yuan and couldn’t help laughing, “You too value yourself! Since you want to stand with Star Ring, then die with them!”

Speaking of Shi Feng, he drew out the light of the two worlds and waved directly at Qi Yuan in the air.

magic power warfare light and shadow!

For a moment in midair, a giant sword Phantom of a height of 100 meters emerged, and it fell directly towards Qiyuan and the two of them. The void exploded wherever they passed, and Qiyuan both felt that they wanted to It’s hard to move.

“How dare he!”

Not far away, Lu Xingluo and many other executives of Super Organization saw this scene, but they were also dumbfounded.

Didn’t expect Shi Feng to really not give Baigui a little bit of face, and the hands-on are so simple.


Qi Yuan looked at the giant sword Phantom that fell, and his face was shocked. He didn’t expect Shi Feng not saying anything further. He did it, and this might of a single sword, simply makes people unable to breathe. The power is stronger than From the Tier 4 NPC he used to face, I don’t know how much stronger.

Qi Yuan almost instinctively took out a mana crystal, not saying anything further had to be crushed directly.

Suddenly, a double Magic Barrier stood in front of Qi Yuan, completely protecting them.


I saw that the giant sword Phantom touched the Magic Barrier. There was only a crack in the Magic Barrier. It was not until the 1st floor barrier was completely shattered that the giant sword Phantom gradually dissipated…

And Qiyuan and the short-haired beauty looked at the Magic Barrier with only one layer left, their eyes full of disbelief.

This Tier 4 Defense Forbidden Spell, but what they took just in case, even Tier 4 NPCs don’t even want to destroy the slightest, but now a sword has broken a barrier.

Also in other words, as long as there is another sword, this Tier 4 Defense Forbidden Spell is gone…

“Let’s go!” Qi Yuan looked at the broken Magic Barrier, not saying anything further ordered to the whole group, “His magic power is too strong! I am afraid that only the Elders can take care of him! We simply can’t resist Stay for the third time!”

As Qi Yuan finished speaking, the lone member of the hundred ghosts who were present also dispersed directly, while Qi Yuan and the short-haired beauty both leaped into the air and rushed directly towards Heavenly Spring, daring not to make any more stops.

“It seems that you still have some means.” Shi Feng glanced at the Tier 4 Defense Forbidden Spell barrier, then looked towards the escaped Qi Yuan and the two said very differently, “But you dare to intervene in my Zero Wing’s matter, you One person must be left today to teach you a long lesson!”

Said that Shi Feng vanish was in place, and when he reappeared, he had already arrived in front of Qi Yuan.


Qi Yuan looked at the sudden appearance of Shi Feng, feeling unbelievable.

Because Shi Feng’s speed is too fast, the Movement Speed ​​in the air is simply comparable to a flying mount.

However, before Qi Yuan can react, Shi Feng’s light of the two worlds is also swept down again, obviously to leave Qi Yuan.

Zhan Kong!

“Black Flame!” Qi Yuan didn’t dare to be careless, and directly activated the Berserk Skill. The attribute suddenly skyrocketed. Even facing the legendary monster of the same level, he dared to fight, “Don’t push people too much! “

For Shi Feng’s sword, Qi Yuan also used all his strength. The Stone Sword blade in his hand bloomed with colorful brilliance, and directly greeted him. The power of power can be said to be not defeated by Shi Feng’s sword just now.


For a moment, the sky was divided directly, leaving two interlaced spaces, not to mention, Qi Yuan’s whole body crashed on the ground like a cannonball, and his HP was a huge drop, reaching more than 20 million HP. It turned to zero directly, and you can’t die…


The giant axe short-haired beauty not far away looked at the dead Qi Yuan, and was stunned for a while.

Qi Yuan is one of the top three experts in the younger generation in their “Hundred Ghosts”. At this time, they can’t stop Shi Feng’s sword…

As for Lu Xingluo and the others standing in the Star Ring station, each and everyone was dumbfounded.

didn’t expect Shi Feng actually not saying anything further to kill Qi Yuan, completely not afraid of the deterrence of a hundred ghosts alone.


I don’t know who said it, but this moment has become the tacit understanding of everyone in the Star Ring resident, and tens of thousands of people are scattered in a flash, but all the life-saving methods that can be used, each and everyone Used it.

Even Kabara Mette, who has been motionless in the distance, watched the complexion is gloomy.

“Let’s go!” Kabara Mette also understands that the situation is over, and simply relies on the three of them to get Shi Feng helpless.

Speaking of Kabara Mette, the three also rushed out of Heavenly Spring without making any stops or entanglements at all.

“Want to escape? How could it be so easy!” Shi Feng couldn’t help but look towards Kite and Anna instructed, “Kill all these people, and leave none!”


Kite and Anna, who have not acted, also responded respectfully and acted separately.

I saw Anna chasing after Kabara Met three people, while Kite turned into a Gale and swept across the four Sword Demon, obviously intending to cooperate with the two Dormant Thorn, intending to all Tier 4 professions. Kill.

“Just one person wants to keep us, simply courting death!” Kabara Mette looked at Anna who was blocking her, and was also furious.

Although Anna is a Tier 4 profession, it is only 1Level 49 after all. She is reluctant to face any of them. At this time, she wants to block their three people, and simply doesn’t take them seriously.

However, before Kabara Mette finished speaking, Anna launched Magic Domain directly.

For a moment, the entire Heavenly Spring city is covered by Anna’s Magic Domain, and the entire Heaven and Earth is only left in black and white. Under the Magic Domain’s coverage, Star Ring and Tier 3 professions of the major Super Organizations couldn’t do it in a row, and the three of Kabara Mette felt depressed. The magic power of the whole body was greatly suppressed. Even the three-person Magic Domain can barely be maintained within a twenty-thirty yard of the whole body. The strength of Magic Domain is simply incredible.

Before Kabara Mette could react, countless black chains struck from all directions, and at the same time, in the sky, countless Holy Swords of light appeared, and it rained down on the three of them.

Even if the three of Kabara Mette join forces to fight, they are completely at a disadvantage for a while. Anna’s Epic Level potential is undoubtedly full. It can be said that the three are killed, it is only a matter of time.

“Lu Xingluo, you go with the others too!” Shi Feng instantly appeared in front of Lu Xingluo, and the solely of the two worlds in his hand was swung down suddenly, not giving Lu Xingluo any breathing space.

“Damn it! Too bad! Black Flame I won’t let you go! A hundred ghosts walk alone and they won’t let you go!” Lu Xingluo looked at Shi Feng who appeared, and he wanted to crush his teeth and pinch it directly He broke a crystal ring in his hand.

I saw Lu Xingluo transform into a weird dark space. The attacks of the light of the two worlds were completely internally resisted. However, Lu Xingluo in this dark space could not help but scream, obviously in this dark space In the space, Lu Xingluo himself is not very well.

In less than a second, the weird dark space was completely vanish missing, and Lu Xingluo himself was also vanish missing.

“It escaped very quickly.”

Shi Feng looked at vanish’s Lu Xingluo, and didn’t feel too surprised. After all, Lu Xingluo is the Star Ring Guild’s Guild Master. If there is no powerful life-saving thing in his hands, there will be ghosts.

And his goal this time has been achieved, because with this chance, Star Ring and many Tier 3 experts of Super Organization have been hit by tens of thousands, especially Tier 4 experts. Even if they die, they will be forced to Detained in a prison in Heavenly Spring City for several days.

I saw the entire Heavenly Spring City in less than ten minutes. With the collaboration of Anna and Kite, including Tier 3 and Tier 4 experts from Super Organization such as the Tier 4 NPC and Star Ring of the three secret hands, All are destroyed.

The Great Influence in the Star Ring site looked at the dying Star Ring and other major Super Organization experts, and they were deeply moved for a while.

No one thought that the original Punitive Secret Covenant Tower conference would turn out to be such a result, and the hidden power of Zero Wing is beyond everyone’s imagination. It is not at all that the major Super Organizations can confront casually. of.

And this astonishing news spread like flying in Twin Towers Kingdom, even spreading to the surrounding Kingdom and Empire, which shocked the players of major kingdoms and Empire for a while.

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