Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2819


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Fire Dragon Empire, Border Small Town.

At this time, a 3,000-person Tier 3 team is resting in the bars on both sides of the street. In Small Town, whether it is a living player or an NPC, they are extremely afraid and jealous of this team.

Because the average Level of this team is at Level 125, which is one or two levels higher than the Tier 3 experts of Fire Dragon Empire Imperial Capital. This team is headed by a long-haired white clothed woman with valiant and formidable looking. .

When the passing players saw this white clothed woman, they were all in awe and awe.

Because this woman is not someone else, she is the first person to be promoted to Tier 4 profession in the fantasy myth. Now the first Vice-Guild Master cold glint poetry in the fantasy myth, the level now has reached 1Level 33, compared to The frontline Tier 3 expert averages 1Level 22, which is even higher than Level 11. The sharp and ice cold aura can make Tier 3 experts feel cold even if they are 100 yards away.

“cold glint Vice-Guild Master, news just came from Twin Towers Kingdom.” Level Level 130 Tier 4 female Knight Yubai suddenly walked over and said, “Star Ring was defeated, and it was a terrible defeat. Because of the sudden appearance of Black Flame’s, apart from Guild Master Lu Xingluo who escaped, none of the experts of the other major Super Organizations escaped. Nearly 20,000 Tier 3 experts are now locked up in the prisons of Heavenly Spring. I’m afraid I’ll have to wait ten days to come out.”

“He is finally willing to show up.” Cold glint, who was sitting and resting, listened to the poem and said in disapproval. “Although Black Flame did a beautiful job this time, it did hit the Star Ring and the major Super Organizations. , But always let the key Lu Xingluo escape, and Zero Wing will probably be very troublesome afterwards. After all, the person standing behind Lu Xingluo is not simple, and he is sure to win the secret covenant tower.”

“According to our insider report, this time Black Flame also killed Qiyuan, who was walking alone.” Yu Bai couldn’t help but whispered, “The entire team of dozens of people walking alone is the Vice-Group Leader. Ye escaped…”

closed eyes The cold glint, the beautiful eyes of poetry and shadow, suddenly opened, and some couldn’t believe it: “Is that Black Flame crazy? He actually executed the Kaiyuan? Doesn’t he know that Kaiyuan’s identity is not simple Is it? Even our top five Super-Guild have to avoid one or two now, how dare he?”

Qiyuan is a genius that Hyakki Lonely focuses on training, but it is offered as a treasure by Hyakki Lone, and even if Tier 4 expert Feiye, who is also a genius, walks together, you can see Qiyuan’s status. And identity.

And the power of the Hundred Ghosts alone, even their five Super-Guilds are afraid to provoke them now, because their group is too special to be measured by common sense. At present, they can only cooperate and absolutely cannot be enemies. Odin reminded them, so until now, their fantasy myths are avoiding those people who walk alone.

And Shi Feng simply was too ruthless. Not only did he fight against him, he also directly killed Qi Yuan, who was a lone ghost, if he knew it, he would definitely go crazy.

“Then we are going to shoot together this time?” Yu Bai couldn’t help but ask.

For the Guild of Zero Wing, their fantasy myths also want to kill quickly. Now Shi Feng has severely damaged Star Ring and major Super Organizations. Lu Xingluo and major Super-Guilds will never give up, and even fight to the death. .

After all, so many Tier 3 experts are lost. If you can’t win the Secret Pact Tower, so many Tier 3 experts are difficult to replenish in a short time.

Besides, walking alone by a hundred ghosts might make Zero Wing look good.

When the time comes, the Battle of the Secret Covenant Tower will definitely be exciting. This is also the best time for them to take action. After all, Zero Wing is a big piece of fat, which is also very attractive to their five Super-Guild. people.

“No, it’s not the time yet.” Cold glint shook the head, “We have only completed the Lesser Legendary Level Quest and got the inheritance of the magic power body. First absorb this inheritance and let the magic power body be It’s not too late to go further. After all, in terms of magic power, Black Flame has already gone quite far, and we are probably not opponents yet.”

“I understand, then I will inform the following now, let them go to the Demon God cave to prepare.” Yu Bai nodded.

“We don’t need to go to Gods and Demons cave yet, just learn inheritance that’s all, you can learn anywhere.” Cold glint Shiying looked at the news that just came from his subordinates, and couldn’t help but smiled faintly, “It’s now , We set off immediately to the Secret Covenant Tower, maybe we can take this chance to learn about the strength of that hundred ghosts alone.”

“Hundred ghosts are going to do it so soon?” Yu Bai was surprised when he heard it.

Currently, the strength shown by Zero Wing is terrifying. Let alone the five Tier 4 professions, only the two Tier 4 Personal Guards are terrifying. The combination of these battle strengths makes it hard to imagine any player power. It can be confronted, even if they are the top five Super-Guild can do, currently it is all kinds of consumption of Zero Wing.

There is no chance of winning a direct battle.

It’s hard to imagine that Hundred Ghosts will kill dozens of people on the front foot, and then take revenge on the terrifying Zero Wing on the back foot.

“Not exactly.” Cold glint laughed, with a glimmer of expectation in his eyes, “You will know when you go, this time if Zero Wing doesn’t just give up the Secret Covenant Tower, I am afraid it will be consigned to eternal damnation !”

After cold glint Shiying gave orders, Yu Bai also immediately gathered a group of Peak experts and rushed directly to the secret covenant tower with cold glint Shiying.

Twin Towers Kingdom, Heavenly Spring City.

“Guild Master, all drop items have been counted.” Fire Dance walked to Shi Feng who was sitting down and rested, and his eyes were very excited and said, “In this battle, we have captured nearly There are more than 20,000 weapon equipment, among which there are more than 6,000 pieces of Adamantite Rank weapon equipment above Level 110, and more than 2,000 pieces of Dark Gold Weapon equipment above Level 110. The worst remaining are the Mithril Rank above Level 110. Weapon equipment is enough to supplement part of our previous Guild consumption.”

At present, the entire Zero Wing is presided over by her, Nether Orchid, and Melancholic Smile, and mainly supports the affairs of Twin Towers Kingdom. For Guild’s weapon warehouse, that is a headache.

Previously, I didn’t know how important the storage of weapon equipment was to Guild’s. In her constant confrontation with the major Super Organizations, she fully understood what Guild’s background is.

These things are judged by the number of experts in daily life, but when a real battle begins, you will understand that the real background of Guild is the quantity and quality of weapon equipment.

If it weren’t for the support of the many Lifestyle Players from the Candlelight Trading Company, they wouldn’t be able to survive today, and the members in Guild would leave one after another, and would never stay in a Guild that didn’t even have weapon equipment to fight.

“You hand over half of the weapon equipment to the Crimson Emperor and War Spirit Uprise.” Shi Feng said with a smile, “I think they will not have a good time at this time. These captured weapon equipment should be enough for them. Deal with it now.”

For things like the Guild War, he can say that he understands but, when he fights hard, only Bronze Rank weapon equipment is left in the Guild Warehouse, and he has not experienced it.

But at that time Guild was just a small Guild. If only Bronze Rank weapon equipment was left in the Super Organization warehouse, I’m afraid the people in Guild would have run out long ago.

After all, the level is down. As long as the weapon equipment is good enough, it can rise quickly. If there is no good weapon equipment, it is better to be a free player, at least not to be killed by hostile forces.

However, before Shi Feng gave a few words, Illusionary Speech suddenly came over, the expression on his face was extremely solemn.

“Guild Master Black Flame, a major event in the wild Lin City not far from the Tower of the Secret Covenant!” Illusionary Speech has completely lost the calmness of the past, and said repeatedly, “According to the news we received from the Crimson Emperor At present, there are a large number of Sacred Plastic Monsters suddenly appearing, the number is roughly estimated to be 1 million, most of which are High Lords of Level 135, and the number of Legendary Sacred Plastic Monsters above Team Leader Level 140 is about 1,000. Coming to the tower of the secret covenant…”

“A thousand Legendary monsters?”

As the Illusionary Speech finished speaking, the Fire Dance present was also taken aback, wondering if he had heard it wrong.

It is very difficult to encounter a Legendary monster every day. Even if it is encountered, the Common Tier 4 expert can only be defeated, but cannot be killed. It requires team cooperation to kill.

After the system level up, monsters are thoughtful. Not only are they not low in combat skills, they will also work closely with each other, not to mention Legendary monsters.

Under normal circumstances, if an expert of the Tier 4 profession encounters two or three Legendary of the same level, they will have to take a detour. More than a dozen Legendary monsters can completely conquer the city.

A thousand what the hell is that?

“A thousand?” Shi Feng was surprised when he heard it.

He has seen the most powerful in the wild beast tide, and only a hundred Legendary monsters have appeared. In that way, a Guild city with a digital Tier 4 profession oversee can be easily destroyed.

There are now a thousand Sacred Plastic Monsters with a high level of combat. This is definitely a strength that destroys the heaven and extinguish the earth.

“Yes, it’s rare for a thousand.” Illusionary Speech nodded, his face is very ugly, “According to their Movement Speed, it is estimated that they will reach the Secret Covenant Tower in more than ten hours. If we leave the Secret Covenant now It should be too late for the tower of about.”

A thousand Legendary monsters above Level 140, even if there is a city to defend, they don’t have any hope to fight, let alone if there is no city to defend, the only thing they can do is to give up. Sacred Plastic Monster was killed. The death penalty for the player is extremely heavy.

“It’s no wonder that Lu Xingluo is so emboldened when he leaves. The most hidden back-up section is here.” Shi Feng suddenly felt a little surprised and couldn’t help saying with a smile, “It seems that this time they still have to fight. Fate.”

Such a large-scale Legendary Level Sacred Plastic Monster is dispatched. If it is in the Neutral Map, it does not matter, but in Kingdom territory, Kingdom Army when the time comes will definitely be dispatched, and a Kingdom Army is not as simple as a player sees. .

Especially in the case of a NPC outbreak, once dispatched, even thousands of Legendary monsters may not be able to eat them.

And so many Legendary Sacred Plastic Monsters, I’m afraid it’s also a background to the Hand of the Sacred Heart. They are willing to take the risk of confronting the Kingdom Army to snatch the Tower of the Secret Covenant. This shows the determination of Lu Xingluo and the others. And anger.

Fire Dance also asked anxiously: “Guild Master, shall we let people withdraw from the Secret Covenant Tower now?”

“no! Let them gather outside the secret covenant tower!” Shi Feng shook the head, with a trace of madness in his eyes, “Since they are going to work hard, then we naturally have to have fun with them Have fun!”

After listening to Illusionary Speech and Fire Dance, Shi Feng felt that Shi Feng was really crazy. At this time, he even planned to engage in a struggle of spirit.

Faced with a thousand Legendary Level Sacred Plastic Monsters, apart from NPCs, there is no existence that players can handle at all.

“Guild Master Black Flame.” Illusionary Speech suddenly thought of something, his eyes flashed with shock, “That thing, don’t you have…completed it?”

“Well, it’s all completed.” Shi Feng nodded, “but still need to make some final adjustments, then I will trouble you two to gather people to gather at the secret covenant tower as soon as possible, I will wait for you there!”

Speaking of Shi Feng, summon also left Thunder Eagle and rushed directly to the tower of the secret agreement.

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