Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2820


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Wild Lin City, Ice Rain Ridge.

Ice Rain Ridge, as a Level 70 leveling map, is covered by wind and snow all year round, but it is famous for producing cryolite.

Cryolite is the ore that God’s Domain rare can make Alchemy tool device. It is in great demand in God’s Domain, but the output is not much, the distribution is very random, and the price has been high. One can be as high as 20 silver. Coins, many newcomers to God’s Domain choose to come here to level up. Incidentally, they can mine Rare ore such as cryolite and sell it at a good price in the city Auction House.

However, there is no more than half of the God’s Domain in the huge Ice Rain Ridge at this time, and even leveling NPCs do not exist. The entire Ice Rain Ridge has been transformed into a Land of Death, which is completely Sacred Plastic of Humanoid Type. Monster Devour is exhausted.

In the sky above the Ice Rain Ridge, a dark Fire Crow with a body size of more than two hundred meters flew directly from a distance, until it was suspended in the air, with a body size of more than two hundred meters. Before the demon bone snake.

The existence of the demon snake is like a king-like in the sky. Looking down on all living beings, the dark Fire Crow beyond Ordinary Level is exactly like a baby in front of this monster snake, even the dark fire of Tier 3 Peak Crow is full of fear for this old monster snake. If it weren’t forcibly controlled by the person sitting on its back, Dark Fire Crow would not even dare to approach half a step.

And there are three 100-Mans standing on this huge monster ancient snake, each of these people is above 1Level 26, not to mention, a dark armor, each and everyone has eyes open. Blood Light, the cold aura radiating from the body is like an ancient seed, and its power is no less powerful than that of the Tier 4 Legendary monster.

The five leading members are Tier 4 profession of genuine.

If Shi Feng is here, one of the five people will be found, Fei Ye, a short-haired beauty with a giant axe on her back, is also among them, but she is full of awe and fear for the headed black armor Elderly.

“Wind Shadow Elder, I have kept you waiting for a long time.” Sitting on the dark Fire Crow, wearing a gray cloak, a bloody Rune on his neck looming, his pupils have become Dark Gold reverse cross Lu Xingluo, looking black A Elderly smiled and greeted, “Didn’t expect this time, Fengying Elder even brought the Black Knight group. It seems that this is going to make Zero Wing vanish from now on.”

As for the Guild, the Super Organization only knows a little bit about the Guild, and only he knows the terrifying of the entire God’s Domain.

The Black Knight group is the ace Legion of a hundred ghosts, which is stronger than the ace Legion of the top five Super-Guild, because these people are no longer called Human. Each and everyone has a special bloodline. The genuine monsters have the Realm of Flowing Water level for the last time. The sharpness of the five senses, the fast reaction speed of nerves, and the strength of strength are unmatched by the Tier 4 profession.

As for the equipment on the body, the backing is bigger, completely ancient Tier 3 Mana armor set, Common Tier 3 expert can match the Tier 4 Legendary monster of the same level.

Of course, these Tier 3 Mana armor sets cannot be worn by anyone, because the Mana armor set has extremely high requirements for Strength. Even if all Tier 3 Berserker attributes add Strength, they cannot meet the standard because the baseline of Strength attribute is Tier. 4. It has nothing to do with player Level.

Only these monsters made by Hyakki alone can wear this Tier 3 Mana armor set.

In addition, the Mana armor set also has a huge shortcoming, that is, the Mana armor set is a consumable that cannot be repaired, and Durability is a little less, so even if you are alone, you don’t dare to use it casually.

And such a Mana monster, there is a thousand-man group, and now three 100-Mans are sent to God’s Domain mainland, but it is rampant.

“It’s nothing, Zero Wing deceived me to walk alone with a hundred ghosts, and the old man naturally wants everyone to know that we are not bullied.” Zhu Fengying squinted at Lu, who was almost inhuman. Xingluo, there is no joy or sadness in his eyes, but a little attention to the man behind Lu Xingluo, “Xingluo Guild Master, you won’t introduce it, is the expert behind you?”

If Lu Xingluo is now like Demon Race, then the mysterious man with bandages behind Lu Xingluo is the genuine devil. Although it is not breathable, it feels full of threat.

“Oh, by the way, I almost forgot.” Lu Xingluo laughed and said, “Let me introduce, this is the real Guild Master Beast Emperor of the Hand of the Sacred Heart!”

As Lu Xingluo finished speaking, Zhu Fengying was also slightly surprised.

“Really didn’t expect, the hands of the Sacred Heart turned out to be the minions of the Evil God Temple.” Zhu Fengying looked at the sacred plastic army below, “So these so-called Sacred Plastic Monsters should be specially disguised. The Evil Beast is out.”

“Fengying Elder is wrong. This is not a disguise, but an evolution!” Beast Emperor looked at Zhufengying Qian said with a smile, “Now you have seen the Strength of the Holy Plastic Army, if the wind Ying Elder has any needs in the future, although you can come to me through Xing Luo.”

“At this point, we don’t need a hundred ghosts to walk alone, but the Lord Beast Emperor seems to have a lot of grudges with Zero Wing, and even such a large army was taken out.” Zhu Fengying glanced at the thousands of people walking in the distance. Legendary Sacred Plastic Monster, “With such a big army action, the NPC army of Twin Towers Kingdom is impossible to move. If you do it, your plastic army will suffer heavy losses if you want to come.”

“Fengying Elder misunderstood. I may have an grudge against Zero Wing, but I am very grateful to that Black Flame. If it weren’t for his help, I wouldn’t have the present. Now I’m just here to help Xingluo. I just met Black Flame, the old friend.” The Beast Emperor didn’t care at all, as if he didn’t see the Kingdom Army at all.

“so that’s how it is, so when the time comes Black Flame, can we deal with all those Tier 4 experts?” Zhu Fengying asked rhetorically.

“No problem.” Beast Emperor nodded, “I only need their bodies.”

After a while, the two reached a cooperation agreement, and each led a team to fly to the tower of the secret agreement.

When Two Great Influences acted one after another, two people on the back of a blazing wyvern far away were observing all this through Magic Mirror.

“Awesome! Really didn’t expect, the Beast Emperor, who has been reclusive, turned out to be the real Guild Master of the Hand of the Sacred Heart.” Cold glint Shiying looked at the candle wind shadow and Beast Emperor leaving in Magic Mirror, I also laughed, “Plus the three hundred monsters that a hundred ghosts walk alone, this time Zero Wing is really bode ill rather than well.”

“Then shall we go to the secret covenant tower?” Yu Bai asked.

“Don’t go, if such a large army goes to the secret covenant tower, if one fails, we will also be affected.” cold glint shook the head, “If Zero Wing does not give up the secret covenant tower this time It is definitely hard to avoid calamity. On the contrary, it is even more dangerous on the side of Hundred Ghosts and Beast Emperor. We must go back and prepare for it. The future battle of the world will soon come!”

Speaking of cold glint, Shiying took out the City Return Scroll and returned directly to the Fire Dragon Empire without intending to watch it anymore.

Because the result of the Secret Covenant Tower is already very clear, it would be a waste of time to look further, so it is better to go back and improve your strength.

In front of the Secret Covenant Tower, the three members of the Zero Wing and Big Guild who leveled up in the Secret Covenant Tower also came out.

Flying Shadow of farm Tier 3 inheritance in the tower walked up to Shi Feng and whispered a report: “Guild Master, all the level-trainers have come out, ready to be dispatched.”

“Okay, let them all prepare, especially those with Magic Array level above High Grade, let them all gather into one group.” Shi Feng nodded.


When I heard Flying Shadow, I also began to organize all the members present at the Magic Array level above High Grade.

In the Flying Shadow organization, the three Guild Members of Zero Wing secretly wondered why Shi Feng gathered them. Shi Feng also flew thousands of yards away, and chanting started a spell.

After chanting the spell for more than 30 seconds, the sky suddenly darkened. A Magic Array that covered the clouds and the sun suddenly appeared, covering thousands of yards. It was definitely seen by everyone present. The largest Magic Array ever.

However, before everyone came back to his senses, just look at the huge Magic Array in midair, slowly descending a steel Fortress as tall as a mountain, shrouded in everyone’s head…

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