Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2821


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As the Steel Fortress in midair slowly fell, it was completely in front of everyone.

The whole audience is also silent.

I saw a steel mountain range covering several thousand yards and hundreds of meters high. It fell more than ten meters above the ground, like a sleeping island monster. The breath of steel is assaults. The senses, and even the magic power that was triggered, brought together tens of thousands of yards of magic power around.

Even at a distance of hundreds of yards at this time, you can clearly feel the strong flow of magic power.

And everyone present, each and everyone’s eyes are about to stare out, even if they have seen a lot of flying shadows in the world, they stupidly froze on the spot, and it took a long time to come back from the shock to his senses.

“City In The Sky?”

“No! This is a fortress! And it’s still a mobile Sky Fortress!”

“Sky Fortress? I must be dreaming!”


After a brief silence, everyone in the audience also exploded. Looking at the steel island in front of them, there was excitement, unbelievable, and crazy, especially the members of Crimson Emperor and War Spirit Uprise, watching Zero Wing’s member , Each and everyone’s eyes are terribly envious.

The entire God’s Domain is like a real world, and it has even become an important part of everyone’s lives. There are many unseen scenery in the real world, and many fantasy, which can be seen one after another in God’s Domain. And now God’s Domain still has many maps and unknown landscapes waiting for them to open up, explore, and discover.

In such a beautiful world, people have their own dreams.

The biggest dream among them is probably nothing more than flying in the sky, but flying mount is too Rare in the entire God’s Domain, it is not something that Common Experts can get, even in major Super Organizations, flying mount Not many.

But now that there are not many flying mounts, Zero Wing has Sky Fortress. How can this not make everyone crazy and envy?

Shi Feng looked at the shocked people, and laughed to everyone: “Okay, I have activated the permissions, you all go in, the High Grade Magic team will be with me.”

To be honest, he has been longing for Mobile Fortress for a long time.

On the former life, he can only look at the mobile fortresses that Super-Guild stationed on dangerous maps above Level 150. These mobile fortresses are not open to the outside world. Even if they are open mobile fortresses, they are only for the alliance. Others Don’t even want to enter.

Now he, the Zero Wing he created, finally has his own mobile fortress.

I saw that as Shi Feng’s words fell, I could not restrain everyone. Each and everyone jumped into the open steel gate of the mobile fortress. After stepping into the mobile fortress, everyone was shocked again.

Because inside and outside the mobile fortress, simply are two worlds.

Let’s not talk about the richness of the internal terrifying magic power. Even people who are not sensitive to Magic Element feel that Magic Element has a lot of affinity with them. It is not comparable to any Guild city.

The most important point is the speed of dissolving the body’s abnormal energy. Simply too terrifying. The effect of one hour is comparable to the speed that the outside world slowly dissipates in a day. The fortress simply greatly improves their leveling speed, and Vitality restore is significantly better Each Big Guild city has to come much faster, almost two or three times the effect.

“Damn! I feel that the effect of resting and training Magic Skill here is more than twice that of Stone Forest City Battle Room!”

“More than that, I think the effect of training Combat Technique here may be even more amazing. After all, Combat Technique tests the player’s strength control of magic power. Here Magic Element is so friendly, and the strength control of the magic is probably also mentioned .”

After entering the mobile fortress, everyone quickly understood the various potential benefits of the mobile fortress. Each and everyone’s eyes flashed with golden light, and they wished to rest here for the rest of their lives.

Know that in God’s Domain, rest is also an important part of the player’s life in God’s Domain, and even takes up one third or more time. Even for battle maniac, the rest time will take up at least about one-fifth, especially In the Neutral Map above Level 120, the strange energy that is always absent erodes the body. Even if you no longer want to rest, you must rest, or you will die.

So the place where the player rests is very important. With a good place to rest, whether it’s leveling speed or self-improvement speed, it will be much faster, especially for their Common experts, such as those Peak experts, which will cost a lot. The price goes directly to Imperial Capital of Empire, or Royal City for rest.

Because there, there is absolutely no gourmet chef in the outside world, which can greatly speed up the restore speed. Not to mention, it can also increase the effect of various unnoticeable influences, but the money spent is not affordable by the Common expert.

After entering the mobile fortress, Shi Feng immediately led the High Grade Magic division team to the city Lord Mansion, the core of the mobile fortress.

Shi Feng looked at the more than 1,000 High Grade Magic divisions present, and slowly said: “The magic power drive has been fully operational. What you have to do is every three 100-Man shifts, take turns staying here to maintain the Magic Array Normal operation, no problem, right?”

The mobile fortress is mainly composed of Mana Crystal, and all aspects of operation also rely on magic power.

So the daily operation also requires a lot of manpower. Three 100-Man can almost support the full operation of the Magic Array. Compared with the Magic Array in Guild City, it is too much trouble.

Even the cost of Mana Crystal is much more than that of Guild City. Under normal operation, it will cost 50,000 Mana Crystals a day. If various attacks on the Defensive Magic Array are turned on, this cost will be doubled. .

It can be said that if Shi Feng is not rich and imposing now, and after all the costs of building a mobile fortress, Mana Crystal, which condenses the Magic Crystal Stone, will still have 5.8 million Mana Crystals left on him. God’s Domain earns a lot of Chance from Mana Crystal.

Now even if he builds a mobile fortress, he dare not use a mobile fortress, because this consumption is too terrifying, even the Super Organization can only barely maintain, after all, there are too many places to use Mana Crystal in God’s Domain Up.

“Guild Master Black Flame don’t worry, we will definitely Quest Completed, and we promise that we won’t let these Magic Arrays go wrong.” Thousands of High Grade Magic teachers on the field were nodded and said.

Although the work of maintaining Magic Array is allocated, the benefits here are also visible to naked eye.

Because the richness of magic power here is higher than that in the fortress, and the affinity of magic power is obviously higher. For them, it is an excellent place to rest and improve, especially for For them, Magic teachers, with such an improved environment, the outside world may not be able to grab it.

In the mobile fortress appeared in less than half an hour, the news of the mobile fortress seemed to have grown wings, and it soon spread to the ears of the Great Influence, even on the official forum of Twin Towers Kingdom. Appeared.

Sky Fortress appeared in the secret tower!

All the players in Twin Towers Kingdom burst for a while!

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