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Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2867


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For the creation of the magic power body, Shi Feng has never tried, but after fully mastering the basic application of Magic Element, plus the completion rate of his own magic power body reaching 120%, he already has A rough framework.

In less than an hour in the secret room, Shi Feng completed the reconstruction of the new magic power body, and the System prompt sounded at the same time.

System: The strength of the body that builds magic power reaches 154% of the body of its own magic power, and it fails to reach the Tier 5 life standard.

Shi Feng glanced at the System prompt, and smiled slightly: “It really is not easy to rebuild the body of Tier 5 magic power.”

His newly constructed body of magic power can be said to be perfect. It completely integrates the basic application of Magic Element into the body of magic power, and even specially builds the condensed Magic Array of each Magic Element to allow The magic power of the magic power body has become easier to guide the surrounding magic power than the existing magic power body.

But in the final result, didn’t expect only reached 144% of the original strength…

Based on the experience passed on from the former life, to build the magic power body of Tier 5, according to the level of the magic power body, the required strength is different. The higher the magic power body, the lower the strength requirement. vice versa.

Just like the golden magic power body known to the public, it is said that the strength of the magic power body created must reach 300% or more in order to reach the Tier 5 profession standard and be promoted to the Tier 5 profession.

The magic power of Bronze Rank needs more than 500% to be promoted to Tier 5 profession.

This is why in the Tier 3 profession, the expert player must try to choose a better magic power body, because this is not only related to the strength of its own magic power, but also in the Tier 5 breakthrough. A huge threshold.

“144% did not meet the standard. It seems that Epic Level magic power wants to be promoted to Tier 5. At least 200% is required to reach the breakthrough standard.”

Shi Feng pondered for a moment, and couldn’t help taking out the Sword Saint guidance from the ancient God’s Domain from the inventory, and directly began to quietly accept the inheritance guidance in the crystal.

The body of magic power created before is already the limit of Shi Feng’s creation.

However, as far as Shi Feng is concerned, there are three reasons for not meeting the standard.

The first point is that the strength control of magic power is not enough.

The second point is the lack of understanding of Magic Element.

The third point is not enough understanding of the body of magic power.

In the trial of Sacred Dragon, Shi Feng admitted that he has reached the extreme of Tier 4 in terms of controlling magic power and understanding of Magic Element. It can be said that it can’t advance, that is, the Great Dragon phantom. They all praised his level, even some Tier 5 Great Dragon may not be able to do it.

This is enough to show that he has no problems with the first two points.

What is left is that I don’t know enough about the body of magic power, so the solution is simple.

Before, Shi Feng deliberately did not accept the inheritance guideline of the ancient Tier 5 Sword Saint. He was worried about wasting Sword Saint inheritance, because Shi Feng believed that the foundation was not strong and he needed more accumulation. The deeper the accumulation, when the time Comes to get the inheritance guidance, the better the effect, but also can leave more inheritance times for other people to use.

Now the foundation is so strong that even Tier 5 Great Dragon may not be able to match it.

It is the best time to accept Tier 5 Sword Saint’s inheritance guidance at such a high level.

In the secret room, time goes by every minute and every second, and more and more various materials and information are reflected in Shi Feng’s mind. The more you look at these materials and information, the more Shi Feng’s eyes become Bright, it seems that there are many questions I have encountered before, and I have been answered at this time. The more I look at it, the more fascinated, and I can’t help myself.

Even after the inheritance guidance was over, Shi Feng stared at the motionless stone sculpture of the alien animal in front of him, completely immersed in the inheritance guidance just now.

When Shi Feng silently accepted the inheritance guidance, the towns of Zero Wing’s Big Guild also turned upside down.

Because not long ago, Zero Wing announced that Zero Wing City will be fully open to the public. All players can be teleported to Zero Wing City through Heavenly Spring City. Not to mention, they can also enter Zero Wing City through the great valley.

For this news, not only the Zero Wing Guild member looked incredible, but other Free players and Great Influence members who received the news also looked at the golden light.

“Great! Great!”

“I heard that Zero Wing City is extremely powerful. One day of training in it is more effective than the outside world for several days. Didn’t expect is now finally open.”

“It’s more than several times the effect. You didn’t look at the Zero Wing people’s current level. It was clear that a Tier 3 Zero Wing Member who was at the same level as mine some time ago. Now the level is quite higher than mine. That level up speed is called a fast.”

For Zero Wing City, it can be said that the entire East Continent players are not unaware, but because Zero Wing has not been open to the public, and the major Super Organizations also use Zero Wing City helplessly, so everyone can only watch and envy Those members of the Zero Wing Guild and members of the forces that cooperate with the Zero Wing.

Now that Zero Wing City is directly open, how can it not make everyone excited and boiling.

I saw that Zero Wing announced the news in less than half an hour, and the entire East Continent players and Great Influence all knew about it. The speed of propagation is not slower than when the world channel was opened.

Fire Wings Empire, Heavenly Secret Pavilion headquarters.

As the most well-informed transcendent organization in the entire God’s Domain, Heavenly Secret Pavilion is almost the first Guild to receive first-hand information, even the charging standards after the opening of Zero Wing City, and Zero Wing City’s existing The number of people is clear.

“Uncle Yuan, it seems that Zero Wing Guild is finally going to exert its strength.” Purple Jade looked at the details of Zero Wing City’s in his hand, couldn’t help but smile and said towards Yuan Tiexin, “I’m afraid that the East Continent side The big Super Organization is going to be anxious.”

Purple Jade at this time has undergone a great change in temperament compared to before. It is like a bladed and peerless Divine Weapon. It not only gives people a feeling of extraordinary and refined, but also an indescribable feeling. The sharp air.

However, compared to the change in Purple Jade’s temperament, if Shi Feng is here at this time, it will definitely be taken aback.

Because Purple Jade’s current Level has reached Tier 4 Sword Emperor of 1Level 53, and the magic power naturally emitted from the body is actually faintly tinged with mist, which can obviously make its own magic power atomized.

“Zero Wing has now reached a bottleneck. If it weren’t for the World War or the invasion of players from other worlds, Zero Wing would be closed for a while. After all, low-key development is king.” Yuan sorting out various information on the table Tiexin, looking at Zero Wing’s intelligence, was also slightly surprised. “But now that a world player is involved, Zero Wing has to open up Zero Wing City if it wants to develop further, so that it can get more resources. It’s just that Zero Wing is doing this now, too. One risk move.”

“I thought Zero Wing would settle down for a while. I didn’t expect that Black Flame would just come back and open Zero Wing City directly. I was really anxious.”

The opening of Zero Wing City’s will certainly get better development of Zero Wing City due to the intervention of players from the outside world, but the tree seems beautiful in a forest, but is easily toppled by the wind, especially the current outside world player power.

The player forces of the foreign world have managed to defeat that many local Super Organization. If Zero Wing reintegrates these defeated soldiers and forms a new huge local force, this is definitely something that the foreign world player forces do not want to see. .

In the past, players from other worlds didn’t target Zero Wing much. It’s all because Zero Wing has been shrinking and developing near its own city. Guild City is also very strong. It’s not easy to gnaw it down. Compared with this, it is better to kill other Super Organization Guild cities, so that you can get more development in the local area, so the attitude towards Zero Wing’s is to turn a blind eye. After all, God’s Domain East Continent has too many Super Organizations. No need to stare at the hard bones.

But now that Zero Wing City is open, you don’t need to analyze the future development carefully. With Zero Wing City’s huge advantages, you will know that Zero Wing will definitely become the biggest Guild power on East Continent if given some time.

In this way, even if the bones of Zero Wing are difficult to gnaw, the player forces of the outside world will first destroy Zero Wing for future consideration.

For Yuan Tiexin’s surprise and incomprehension, Purple Jade has a completely indifferent attitude, but ignited a trace of fighting intent: “Uncle Yuan, you are free now, not equal to me, go to Zero Wing City Take a look, I just want to see Guild Master Black Flame. I returned from there this time, but I have improved a lot. I haven’t tried chance before, but now I can ask Guild Master Black Flame for advice and take a look. See who has made more progress during this period.”

Since the return, no one in the Heavenly Secret Pavilion younger generation is her opponent. For Shi Feng, who used to be her goal, she is also very curious about whether she can overcome and become the true God’s Domain first. Swordsman.

“Well, since you want to go, I’ll follow you.” Yuan Tiexin looked at the high fighting intent Purple Jade, but also smiled helplessly. Since Purple Jade came back, it has not stopped, but The current Black Flame is indeed a very good opponent to Purple Jade.

Then Yuan Tiexin took Purple Jade and left the headquarters of Heavenly Secret Pavilion directly, not saying anything further sent to Heavenly Spring City.

The news of the opening in Zero Wing City spread throughout the entire God’s Domain East Continent, making the entire God’s Domain East Continent boiling.

Shi Feng in the 2-Layer secret room in the basement of Zero Wing City also suddenly opened his eyes.

“Awesome! It is indeed a complete inheritance guide for the ancient sword saint!”

For this Sword Saint inheritance guide, Shi Feng is the first time to truly understand what a complete inheritance is, and some understand why Fire Dance has gone through a Sword Saint inheritance guide and why the progress will be so great.

This time Sword Saint inheritance, not only has a detailed introduction and application of various Magic Elements, but the most important point is a careful introduction to the components and basic applications of the magic power body.

Although it is only an explanation, it is very helpful to the main job of the detailed basic application of Swordsman this profession, especially in the construction of magic power body.

Of course, I want to really understand the above explanation. I don’t have a good understanding of the Magic Element’s operating rules. The improvement will be very limited, because the basic application of the above construction of the magic power body is all familiar with the Magic Element’s operating rules. Under the premise.

“My previous considerations of the magic power body were too one-sided, and they were all based on the original magic power body and carried out a series of transformations. I don’t know the Tier 5 magic power body and the previous magic power body. The body of power is completely different in nature. It is no wonder that the intensity has only risen to 144%.”

When Shi Feng thinks of the body of magic power built before, he can’t help but feel ridiculous for his ignorance.

Why is Tier 5 profession strong?

Because Tier 5 profession and Tier 4 profession are completely different in Life Level, far surpassing Tier 4 profession in Life Level, the two can simply cease to be a kind of living creature, but they stupidly return Using Tier 4’s Life Level to find a way to transform it into five Leader times is fundamentally wrong.

In addition, the power of Tier 5 is also reflected in the extremely powerful magic power. The magic power that flows by itself is no longer gas or mist, but the liquid magic power of genuine, so the body of magic power must be able to Convert magic power into 100% liquid magic power.

If this is not possible, it is simply impossible to become the magic power of Tier 5.

Thinking of this, Shi Feng couldn’t help but start trying to build the body of magic power again.

For others, it is difficult to transform magic power. For Shi Feng, the Magic Array Grandmaster, it can’t be difficult. What needs to be done is how to integrate the terrifying magic power Magic Array into the body of magic power.

Moreover, Shi Feng even thought about such a Magic Array.

That is the Ancient Magic Array of Demon Realm Twelve Array!

This Ancient Magic Array is a special Magic Array created by Saint. Although the Master Level Magician can learn to construct it, Shi Feng feels that this Magic Array is very difficult to deal with, especially in improving Magic. In terms of affinity, at least he can’t do such a thing at all.

I saw Shi Feng start to try again and again to integrate the Demon Realm twelve arrays into the body of magic power he built.

One failure…

Second failure…

Three failures…

After failing again and again, time flies quickly. After not knowing how much time has passed, even Shi Feng feels that he wants to give up, feeling that this kind of thing cannot be done.

System: Congratulations to the player for successfully constructing the magic power body. The strength of the magic power body is 336% of its own magic power body, and the Tier 5 life standard is reached. The magic power body evaluation level Epic Level, whether to replace the original magic power Body, promoted to Tier 5 profession?

“The body of Tier 5 Epic Level magic power?”

Shi Feng was stunned for a while, although he knew that as long as he succeeded, the magic power body he created was absolutely not bad, at least it was a golden level, but didn’t expect the effect of integrating into Demon Realm’s 12th formation is so amazing .

Immediately, Shi Feng stopped hesitating and chose to replace it.

The body of magic power nowadays was just created by luck. If he created it again, he wouldn’t be able to reach this level. Naturally, he had to replace it immediately.

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