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Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2868


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As Shi Feng chooses to replace the original magic power body in the secret room, the intensity of magic power in the entire secret room drops to a point where it is almost non-existent, not only the magic power in the secret room, but even the deep inside The magic power of the sky also poured into the body of magic power in one breath.

The body of the new magic power is like a hungry giant beast. Crazy Devour is constantly enriching himself with magic power all around.

After a full minute, this phenomenon stopped and the magic power in the secret room gradually restored.

“Tier 5!”

“Is this the Strength of the Tier 5 profession?”

Shi Feng felt the terrifying Strength brought by his own gestures and his indescribable sense of omniscience, and he fully understood why even a Tier 4 expert who has become a world can not beat the real Tier 5 profession. .

I also fully understand the power and terrifying of the Tier 5 profession!

Compared to Tier 4 profession, the magic power of the body within the body is too rich, and the total amount of magic power is more than ten times more than that of the entire world. Kind of magic power.

Even the entire God’s Domain world cannot withstand this powerful magic power, not to mention that the Tier 4 profession shows a sense of boundlessness.

Moreover, Tier 5 profession is not so powerful, only this.

System: Congratulations to the player for becoming Tier 5 Sword Blade Saint (Sword Saint), All Attributes +5000, all Magic Resistance +500, magic power restore speed increased by 300%, all Magic physical Vitality attacks below Tier 5 reduced by 40%, All Attributes increased by 150%, physique increased by 200%, thinking reaction speed increased by 100%, and 200 Inheritance Skill Points were awarded.

In the Tier 4 profession, All Attributes only increased by 2000 points, but after the Tier 5 profession, All Attributes increased by 5000 points. You must know that this is only Basic Attribute, and there is no attribute bonus of any weapon equipment, let alone There is also an absolute gap in physique.

It can be said that even a Tier 5 profession wearing bronze equipment can sling an Epic Level Tier 4 expert. Even if a Tier 4 expert has several Lesser Legendary Items on his body, I am afraid that it is difficult to achieve one in terms of Basic Attribute alone. Tier 5 profession level of bronze equipment.

The weapon of Legendary Level can make up for this. Legendary Level equipment may be even worse, but it is not much different from the Tier 5 profession of the same level. If the combat level is high enough, it can indeed be different. High Tier 5 expert battle.

“With this Strength, I will be able to fight true even if I face the NPCs of the Tier 5 profession.” Shi Feng looked at his various attributes, and he really had a lot of ideas for the future development of Zero Wing. Convincing.

Because of him, Strength and Agility attribute alone have already broken through the 60,000 mark. You must know that Tier 4’s Berserker is even an Epic Weapon equipment, with full Strength attribute, and Strength attribute at Level 150 is only more than 15,000. The Top Grade Lesser Legendary Item weapon is only twenty-two thousand and three at most.

As for the Level 180 NPC of the Tier 5 profession, according to the research of the former life player, the estimated Basic Attribute is only 70 to 80 thousand.

There is indeed a gap between 60,000 and 70,000 or 80,000, but this gap has not yet reached the point where it cannot be resisted, and after he rises to Tier 5 profession, every time he raises Level 1, the Basic Attribute will increase greatly. His current equipment, rise to Level 180, Strength attribute reached 80,000, absolutely no problem.

In addition, he has a higher level of combat than those Tier 5 profession NPCs. With the current situation, he can definitely fight Level 180 Tier 5 NPCs.

Of course, the current Shi Feng is not arrogant enough to take the initiative to fight Tier 5 NPC.

Because he is currently fighting against the Level 180 Tier 5 NPC, which is only the most common Tier 5 NPC. As long as the Tier 5 NPC holds a Legendary Level equipment, he will have to take a detour.

“Legendary Level weapon equipment! It seems that we have to let Fire Dance and the others get some divine crystals.”

Tier 5 profession is God’s Domain Peak in the era when Spiritual God is not available, but there is also a big gap between Tier 5 and Tier 5, and whether there is Legendary Level weapon equipment is the key.

Because only a Tier 5 profession with a Legendary Level weapon equipment can be regarded as a Tier 5 expert of the first echelon. It can run wild in the God’s Domain continent, and Tier 6 God Level is not available, just like an Invincible existence.

If there is no Legendary Level weapon equipment, even if the combat level is in heaven defying, it can only be in the quasi-first echelon. You can only fight with Tier 5 experts of the first echelon. It is not really a first echelon expert .

Yes, there is such a big gap with or without Legendary Level weapon equipment.

On the former life, all Tier 5 experts who can fight beyond the ranks are all with Legendary Level weapon equipment, even more than one.

Nowadays, if you want to run rampant on the God’s Domain continent, it is very important to get a Legendary Level weapon equipment.

After Shi Feng got acquainted with the body of Tier 5 profession, he also walked out of the secret room directly.

However, after Shi Feng walked to the lobby on the first floor of the City Lord Mansion, Shi Feng was stunned by the scene in the lobby, because at this time, the City Lord Mansion lobby was already filled with vast crowds, and the City Lord Mansion was about to be replaced. It was squeezed.

Except for the Zero Wing Member who maintains order, all of these players are members of Great Influence and Adventure Group. Each and everyone is rushing to rent the Zero Wing City’s Store in front of the office counter, or else they are rushing Renting a private house in Zero Wing City, each and everyone two eyes are blood red, as if crazy.

If it were not for the presence of more than two hundred Tier 3 NPCs and three Tier 4 NPCs, and a large number of Zero Wing Tier 3 experts who came to maintain order, I am afraid that the whole hall would have been fighting.

“I remember telling Liang Jing that the price of renting the Store was higher. Did Liang Jing make a mistake?” Shi Feng looked at the scene very strange.

For Zero Wing City’s hotness, as long as you are not a fool, you can tell. Because Zero Wing City’s limited land, even the main city is impossible to satisfy the entire East Continent players, so raising the price is a sure thing, after all, Zero Wing It is always good to earn more resources.

Immediately, Shi Feng walked over and checked the rental price of Zero Wing City Store.

Looking at the rental price, Shi Feng is also sucked in a breath of cold air.

“Liang Jing this girl is too cruel!”

At this time, the rental price of a small store in the outskirts of Zero Wing City costs 3,000 Mana Crystals and 600 gold a week. This price is simply more than twice the price Shi Feng intends to rent.

Especially for Mana Crystal, 3,000 Mana Crystals is not a small number. After the invasion of the world player, the output of Mana Crystal has dropped a lot. Especially for Great Influence, simply is a disaster. .

In Shi Feng’s opinion, a small store in the outer area can sell 1,000 Mana Crystals.

Three thousand Mana Crystals, simply grab the money.

As for the Store plot of land on the main street of Zero Wing City, 20,000 Mana Crystals are used as the base. There is no need for gold coins at all. In this way, you have to bid against each other to buy.

But at such a high price, the lobby of City Lord Mansion is still full of players, which is simply incredible.

It even gives Shi Feng the illusion that Mana Crystal is worthless.

Just when Shi Feng planned to contact Liang Jing to ask what the situation is in Zero Wing City, the communication prompt sounded directly.

The person who directly requested the communication was not someone else, but Liang Jing.

“Guild Master, can I interrupt you now?” Liang Jing asked anxiously.

“What happened to Zero Wing City?” Shi Feng asked strangely.

“No, it’s just that there are people coming from Heavenly Secret Pavilion, and my side is not just Heavenly Secret Pavilion, but also three Guilds from the top five Super-Guild. They have a large number of them, and some of them are not good. “It’s been a long time since Liang Jing couldn’t say in a tranquil voice. “They are waiting in Guild’s reception room right now, saying that they have to see Guild Master.”

Heavenly Secret Pavilion was originally a very transcendent power, and the five Super-Guilds are like gods in the entire Virtual Game world. Now three of the five Guilds are coming. This kind of thing can be caused if it goes out exclusively There was a sensation.

“Okay, I see, I will go over now, you let them wait a bit.”

Shi Feng laughed as soon as he heard it. He was surprised that he was not at all. After all, the current Zero Wing City is no small thing. If there is no response, it would be strange.

Immediately, Shi Feng left the City Lord Mansion and rushed directly to Zero Wing Residence.

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