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Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2911

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Schi Feng, SHI Feng, is also hesitant to three pieces of STAR-Moon Kingdom.

Because three pieces of Secret Treasure, no matter which one, it is enough to rise, let a Guild are in the top of GOD’s Domain, and three SECRET Treasure have advantages, and no one is completely dominated.

“Really only one?” Shi Feng couldn’t help but ask the old man.

“can only be redeemed.” The old man is very affirmative said with a smile, “Of course, there is no other mathods, if you can make Star-Moon Kingdom to Empire, three SECRET TREASURE can be exchanged with you.”

“promotes Empire?” shi feng also shook his head.

A KingDom wants to promote Empire, there is a few ways, but these methods, there is no one to be easily implemented, it takes a long time.

Thinking here, Shi Feng suddenly Divine Light Flashed, directly Looked Towards old man asked: “I don’t know if I have eligible SECRET TREasure?”

Secret Treasure this Thing, which is divided into KingDom Secret Treasure and Imperial Heirloy.

Player Life is very good Player, but you get KingDom Secret Treasure or Imperial Heirloy, think of yourself, because these Kingdom Secret Treasure or Imperial Heirloom is already falling in god’s domain. Kingdom and Empire, stayed with Treasure, as long as you get a Kingdom or even an EMPIRE.

But looking for Kingdom and Empire that you have already Vanish in history, it is not an easy task, which is difficult than Legendary Level Quest.

It is like the Imperial Heirloom you get early, but also makes Guild a lot of people to investigate, but now he doesn’t have any clues. I don’t know where I have already seen the ancient Empire, who has already been Vanish, God’s Domain. Where is it? Not to mention the map of the entire GOD’s Domain explored, there are less than 20%.

Yes, until now, the map of the whole god’s domain player does not have 15% of God’s Domain World.

In the GOD’s Domain continent, Human Race’s Kingdom and Empire only occupy a small part, more places are Neutral Map above Level 150, GOD’s Domain continent more than 40% of the map is Level 180 or more The Tier 3 Player can be barely explore.

Although there is a more vast SEA Territory, there are many islands in Sea Territory. Some islands Solely has an Empire that is so big, so I want to have already fallen Empire in God’s Domain history. It is too difficult. too difficult.

there is a god’s domain’s top ten star show Guild, which spends a lot of imperial heirloy, and exchanged it to an off-the-shelf Kingdom Secret Treasure, let Guild Background increase, becoming GUILD background. The Gurd’s Domain twelve after the time of GUILD is.

Although the shi feng is unclear, how the guild is exchanged, but if you don’t try it now, it is a pity.

“Exchange?” The old man is also strange, I want to say it for a while, “I want to exchange is not there, but is you willing to pay that big price?”

“What price?” shi feng asked.

“The first price is looking for a lost Imperial Heirloy, the second price is twice the price of Kingdom Secret Treasure.” The old man asked and asked.

“twice?” shi feng is also a bitter.

A Kingdom Secret Treasure price is incapable, let me talk about millions of Gold Coins, simply want to get this million Mana Crystal, but also those super Organization do, if the price doubles, even if it is Those super Organization can’t eat.

“is right, but the most important thing is to look for a Imperial Heirloy, or all this is not talking about it.” Nodded.

“, I exchange MySTERIOSTERIOUS-IRON RANK speed boat Design Creation with Imperial Heiroom, while redeemed Mithril Rank War Puppet!” Shi Feng bites his teeth, and took the Inventory’s imperial heirloy.

Before he came, he had already brought Zero Wing’s home, remove the Gold Coins and Mana Crystal, which returned Ancient Rock City, and 5.5 Million Gold Coins and 5300 Mana Crystal. This is the limit that Zero Wing can take it. After all, it rebuilds the Defense of Ancient Rock City. It is also quite spending for the NPC guards. It is too much money, even the current Zero Wing City and Ancient Rock City have extremely high income, still Expenditure.

The old man looked at the Imperial Heirloy in the hands of Shi Feng was also slightly surprised: “You are really!”

“Of course, please redeem it!” shi fengnded.

“line, a total of five million Gold Coins and 3 million Mana Crystal.” The old man also laughed out of his hand.

“You count.”

shi feng also transferring the Gold Coins and Mana Crystal of the Inventory space to the old people in Inventory Space, the old man determined that the number is not wrong, it is also a hand, two ancient old chen old Design Creation appears in SHI FENG’S.

shi feng looks at two Design Creation, and it is also excited in the heart.

Although the two Design Creations have been bought, let him become a poor-eyed egg, but the value brought by these two Design Creation is unmeasureable.

Next, he only needs to make a way to make a material, starting a large number of manufacturing.

“These materials are really Not Simple, SOLELY Making COMMON materials are now the scarce materials in GOD’s Domain, and there are two things that require a lot of Titan Adamantite Mine and Magic ELF Stone.” shi feng After reading two Design Creation, it is also Slightly FROWNED.

Titan Adamantite Mine can be a second sequence of super Rare Ore Vein in GOD’s Domain to minimize, and other second sequences of Ore Vein can accidentally exploit some, belonging to the ore of super Rare in god’s domain, one is worth ten Multiple Gold Coins.

as for the Magic ELF Stone, did not take less hurt when he made a red dragon.

now makes a mysterious-iron Rank’s Cangley aircraft boat, not other materials, Solely Titan Adamantite ore is 5,000, the magic is 600 ELF stone.

Mithril Rank’s inflammatory beasts, need 1,000 Titan Adamantite ore, 200 Magic ELF Stones.

can be said to the Magic ELF stone requirement!

Fortunately, before, Yanya and the Others returned from the ancient god’s domain, purchased a lot from the ancient god’s domain, there are still more than 4,000 in the Zero WING warehouse, and it is barely enough. use.

The only trouble is Titan Adamantite Mine, and they Zero Wing’s inventory is only more than 30,000 blocks, which is because they make weapon equipments, so it is difficult to get so much.

Just after the SHI Feng study, the Fang Shi letter suddenly contacted.

“Guild Master, Star-Moon Kingdom and Twin Towers Kingdom’s Great Influence” Great INFLUENCE’s Guild Master is already here, just a few Kingdom of Kingdom, “Fang Shi” also has some helplessly said “Two super Organization is one, eight first-rate guild, only three, second-rate guild is just less than twenty …”

This result is not necessarily not low, it can be said that the number of GUILDs from Kingdom, there is no star-moon kingdom, let alone a super Organization is not coming.

“All are waiting for price?” Shi Feng also laughed.

super Organization does not come, he can understand because the big Super Organization is wide, mainly embassy, ​​but these unspeakable first-rate guild and second-rate guild, but I think this is a Good opportunity to earn.

I want them to force them, they need to give enough cost.

Of course, this is not an understandable, so Zero Wing also has a price, that is, killing the NPC of Tier 3 will have rewards, you can get Points reward, these Points can offset the city fee and a part of Zero Wing Guild City Subscription, plus the rewards from Twin Towers Kingdom, is definitely very rich.

and other super Organization are similar, all such prices, but only slightly different for NPC’s Bounty Points.

fang shi letter is also said with a bitter smile: “The big first-rate guild’s is really this, wanting them to make help, you also need to purchase Zero Wing City or Ancient Rock City Guild Encampment And private homes, saying that other super Organization have given them a promise, if we are willing, they will choose to help us. ”

Before Shi Feng, a sword out of the world’s Player army, indeed caused GOD’s Domain’s great sensation, so that you would like to make it for them to Zero Wing’s Super Organization, let two Kingdom’s free expert regression. The most important thing is to join Zero Wing Guild’s number of people skyrocket.

But these don’t make those who don’t have a war, choose to help them zero wing, because NPC is NPC, these forces eat SHI Feng can’t affect NPC army, because NPC army has a large Tier 5 NPC existence And the battlefield covers the entire KingDom border, all kinds of migratory warfare and in the Wild station wars, need a massive PLAYER’s pre-servant to consume the WORLD NPC.

and Star-Moon Kingdom and Twin Towers Kingdom have a great gap between the NPC big army, because the prior to illusion myths and Yanyang Temple can engage in the ghost, there is no war in the war, there is no army to come to help the battle, but they will help Other Empire and Kingdom have.

can say Twin Towers KingDom, only two Kingdom of the army fight against the foreign NPC army in the world, even if there is no Player army on World, you can still let Twin Towers Kingdom and Star-Moon Kingdom. I can’t eat it.

Plus Zero Wing Now Various resources make the big super Organization are extremely eye-catching, before these guild doesn’t have Chance, but now there is, it will not let go.

“line, very good!” shi feng listened, also Faintly Smile, “You will tell those first-rate guild, they don’t come, it is best to come!”

“This …” Fang Shi Letter Didn’t Know What To Say.

can of course be said, but after this, there is no way to flush with these first-rate guild, and the World dispute is destined to solve the thing, because both sides will constantly become strong, and will continue The troops can be said to be two WORLD consumption.

Reject these Big Guild, it is extremely difficult to find the helper, because the whole god’s domain east note is on the game, it is very lacking.

is precisely because of this, in this critical moment, those Super Organization is tolerate these first-rate guild or second-rate guild’s festival, otherwise I have already cleaned up these BIG GUILD.

shi feng is of course clear, and then shakes two Design Creation, Said With a smile: “What is you?”

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