Reincarnation of The Strongest Sword God Chapter 2912

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With the two old design creations, Fang Shi, who took it out, Fang Shi letter, I didn’t think of it, I feel that Shi Feng is so impulsive, after all, those first-rate gasd peak expert. Maybe it is not as good as Super Organization, but Tier 3 Expert is more than two or thirteen, more than forty thousand, Kingdom attack and defense such as Twin Towers Kingdom, is absolutely not small.

To know the current number of Zero Wing’s Tier 3 Professional, but just in Breakthrough 1.2 Million people, it has reached average than the current major super Organization.

But in the Fang Shi, the text on the Design Creation, the whole person stunned.

“Guild Master, you won’t you play me?” Fang Shi couldn’t help but ask.

Although she has seen a variety of Winds and Waves in the mantra myth, Treasure didn’t know how much, but the mysterious-iron Rank speedboat and Mithril Rank’s War Puppet, regardless of it. Is dreaming like …

Currently, I already have Guild, but it is only a favorite of Common Grade, but it is far away, as for the War Puppet, as for the War Puppet, In the mood of the mantasy, the strongest thing is the three mysterious-iron rank of War Puppet, which has been stationed in the magical guild headquarters in the illusion myth, and is also taken along Tier 4 NPC.

“Do you think I have this necessary?” Shi Feng looked at the Fang Shi letter is a non-faithful gaze, and it is a laughter of Becomes Silent.

Doubt of Fang Shi, not understanding, Mysterious-Iron Rank speedboat and mithril Rank War Puppet do should not be Items that can be owned at this stage, let alone Design Creation, as long as there is material, Unlimited manufacturing, this Stregth is now definitely the existence of Destroy The Heaven and Extinguish The Earth.

“line! Then I will return to the guild!” Fang Shi letter is also smiling, and the eyes are excited.

Although it is accustomed to the strong identity and status as a magical myth, it is accustomed to the strong identity and status.

This strongth is to show it, win this TWIN TOWERS KINGDOM guard, absolutely ten nine stable.

After a while, the five first-rate guild and many second-rate guilds of the surrounding Several Major KingDoms were taken in the SECOND-RATE GUILD, and the SECOND-RATE GUILD was received by the Fang SHI letter.

There is no modification and extra words, just a word.


Let these five first-rate guild and many second-rate guilds are silly.

“arrogant! Simply is too arrogant!”

“This zero wing simply did not look in our five first-rate guild!”

I gathered in the five major first-rate guild’s guild master, and I can’t help but jump in the conference hall for the unified reply to the Fang Shi letter.

The previous god’s domain, the big super Organization strongly, they can only endure in the first-rate guild that can only survive in the sash, but now the World NPC invading, the entire East Continent is more war, In order to keep the land and roots of their hard-working sites and foundations, they have to ask them on the first-rate guild header without Kingdom war.

is now the zero wing, which is now, dares to call them, simply doesn’t know how to write the word!

“arrogant! Let Zero Wing are now arrogant!” The guild master of the First-Rate Guild Sacred Seal Dynasty looked at the reply of the Fang Shi letter. Zero Wing doesn’t have enough people to deal with it, how come it! “

“Yes, since Zero Wing can’t see us, then we will help those super organization, when the time comes look at Zero Wing how to regret today’s decision!” another first-rate gasd’s female Guild Master is also nodded, “When the time comes They Zero Wing wants to help us, then it is not so easy!”

Today, the major super Organization will send people to invite them, and even Star Ring Guild also has many sincerity and excellent conditions, they can’t find the next home.

The five first-rate guild teamed up, the Tier 3 Professional who can send it is 1.6 million Tier 3 Expert, even more than 60 Tier 4 Professional, except for Peak Expert and peak excert, not on those Super Organization is definitely poor than the general super Organization, which is also their bottom gas.

WHEN THE TIMES The five major first-rate guilds help Star Ring, successfully resist the NPC army of those outside World, and they don’t believe in Zero Wing does not regret today’s decisions.

when the time comes zero wing is coming back to them, see how they take Zero Wing.

The other three guilds have also nodded, and it is necessary to let Zero Wing know, there is no help, Zero Wing wants to hold Twin Towers Kingdom, it is difficult.

The five major first-rate guild will join hands to join other Second-Rate Guild, directly agglomerate Star Ring Guild’s condition, joined the defense line of Guard Dark Night Empire, let Lu Celestial Emperor are also surprised.

“Young master, you said that this Black Flame is thinking about?” Steward prunuki looked at the Contract book on five first-rate guild, which is also curious, “these five big first-rate guild but SUPER-GUILD, which is weak, is also actively striving, but this five big first-rate guild has always been zeor Zero Wing City and Ancient Rock City, as long as Zero Wing makes a small part of the interests. These five big first-rate guild may I am happy to agree, but now it is directly to hand … “

“The Black Flame is too proud, self-recognition god’s domain number one person, is Tier 5 Sword Saint, so I feel that I am not afraid of World’s NPC army.” Lu Tianwei did not think about it, “and he didn’t know this at all.” Terrifying of the NPC army, what Tier 5 Professional, on the NPC battlefield in both parties, just a joke! “

If he is not open before the Empire war in both parties, he will feel that the shi feng is so incomplete, but the but also not can’t understand. After all, Tier 5 Professional is too much to be more than tier 4 professional. One person destroyed a city simply is a little thing.

But I have seen the Empire Defense war’s land, and I have deeply understood Tier 5 on the battlefield of NPC, but it is indeed Total AnniHiLATION, but not Invincible, especially on this NPC battlefield. All kinds of war Weapon have, Battle Array, which is composed of a large number of Tier 4 Professional, can fight with Tier 5 Professional.

and casually a big city’s city defense war, the number of Battle Array composed of Tier 4 NPC, Tier 4 NPC is nearly five or six 100-man, a super Organization all Tier 4 Expert Pulling up, splashing how much water, let alone a Zero Wing wants to hold a Kingdom?

Don’t say this Time’s NPC Wars, I used to be almost all Tier 5 NPC, now I have appeared on the battlefield, a Tier 5 Professional Player, I can’t do how much things, you must use a mass Tier 3 Expert and Tier 4 Expert are desperate, go crazy consumption, in order to win the advantages on the battlefield, or wait for the NPC army of the outside world to take the city and fortress.

“But this time, if it is not that Black Flame is too proud, the five first-rate guild will not join us, guarding our Star Ring’s NPC city and fortress.” Lu Tianwei Lightly Said with a smile.

Whole Dark Night Empire is not only their Star Ring a Guard, and Crimson Emperor and War Spirit Uprise two Big Guild, but their three Big Guild are all owned sites.

CRIMSON Emperor and War Spirit Uprise If you can’t keep your own NPC city and fortress, When Time comes is definitely a big blow, after all, Crimson Emperor and War Spirit Uprise now However, mainly in Dark Night Empire.

and in each Great Influnce to join ZERO WING ‘s DISCUSS SPIRITEDLY, Zero Wing is still the same as usual, crazy to absorb god’s domain newcomer, the way to develop Zero Wing City and Ancient Rock City, through the Secret Tower Tier 3 Inheritance, let Zero Wing’s Tier 3 Expert are increasing.

does not join the Star Ring on the STAR RING because of the five major first-rate guilds, there is any one-stop impact, and even instead come guarding Twin Towers Kingdom’s Free Expert in Survival.

Because Zero Wing After STAR-MOON KINGDOM, all NPC cities in Star-Moon Kingdom can directly transfer to the Big Guild City of Zero Wing Guild, which is very convenient for Player to Zero Wing’s Guild City.

, especially the transfer of Ancient Rock City, let the surroundings of Kingdom, want to explore and Raiders Beastman Royal City’s Tier 3 and Tier 4 Expert, which has been greatly convenient.

For this purpose, the Fang Shi letter has also made a Points Level system, divided into Bronze, Silver, Golden three levels, and reaching 100,000 points, you can get the identity of Bronze Rank, in the city of Zero Wing Guild, All 95% discount on the accommodation fees, Silver levels need to reach millions of points, permanently enjoying nine folds, Golden level is 10 Million Points, permanently enjoying 20%.

Kill a Tier 3 NPC, you can get five points Points, Tier 4 NPC can get 500 points Points, Tier 5 NPC directly 100,000 Points.

Only one day, there are more than one million, Tier 3 Free Expert from other Kingdom came to Twin Towers Kingdom’s border cities and fortress, where free Tier 4 Expert is more than two hundred, Think of the Guard Twin Towers Kingdom to earn Zero Wing’s Points, thereby reducing the high-income of Ancient Rock City and Zero Wing City.

Etroke a lot of Kingdom and Empire’s Guild look, some have also quoted, just the effect is not very good …

and at the time of time, Shi Feng is also a collection of CandleLight Trading Company, desperately studying Cangley average boat and a fire beast.

These two war Weapon not only is very precious, but also has high requirements for Forging Skill, Alchemy Skill, Enchanting Skill, Magic Array, etc., and it needs to achieve GrandMaster Level level to be eligible manufacturing. Among them, it is a three-footed three to join hands with the creation of the Cang Rally, Solely Grandmaster Blacksmith.

The entire god’s domain also comes with CandleLight Trading Company.

spent a day, Shi Feng and the Others also touched some manufactured fans, I want to really make a Cangley aircraft boat, not a few days of hard work is fundamental impossible.

But the shi feng is worthy of the Gentle Snow and Aqua Rose finally restore normal, except for a part of the battle memory Vanish, the combat level is slightly less than before, and there is no other impact.

and the two also created the Magic Power of Tier 5, successfully promoted to Tier 5 Professional, let Zero Wing’s overall Battle Streg rose a Great Length, envy cola and the in Others.

, in Shi Feng, led CandleLight Trading Company, the fifth day of Cang Raise Air boat, Gang SHI, who has been responsible for Twin Towers Kingdom, the big Empire, the major Empire, who made Cang Raise Air Boat, Fang Shi The letter is also suddenly contacted.

“Guild Master! Outside the World NPC army!”

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