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Shi Feng’s discourse is like a spell, whether it is Yuan Tiexin or Purple Jade, the action of the two is abruptly stopped, and they have not reacted for a while, in the midst of a crash.


After Yuan Tiexin reacted, watching Shi Feng’s gaze was a difficult excitement, and even the breathing was a little rushed, as if to see a peerless beauty, completely without the calm and calmness of the Heavenly Secret Pavilion.


Now all the super powers in God’s Domain are in the top-level map of the top-level land-opening. After all, this matter is related to Tier 3 transfer, it is impossible not to desperately, but the environment of the hundred-level neutral map is too bad, it is not solely relying on drugs. The most important point is that the 100-level neutral map is too dangerous.


This makes the major super forces always have a headache for the 100-level neutral map, and it is impossible to explore much.


The major superpowers also consider moving the town to a hundred-level neutral map, but it is impossible to transfer the tokens in the towns that want to get a hundred-level neutral map. Because you want to get the transfer token according to the intelligence, you must have a hundred-level neutrality. The huge team Dungeon of the map is only possible.


Nowadays, all the super powers are difficult to survive on the 100-level neutral map. It is simply an idiot to try to challenge the 100-level super large team Dungeon.


But now Shi Feng suddenly said that Stone Forest City had moved to a hundred-level neutral map, which seemed incredible to him.


If it is true, then they will be able to act on the map in the middle of the hundred levels.


Even if Stone Forest City can bring more benefits to the 100-level neutral map, but after all, it is only a Guild city. How can it compare with a super power?


Their Heavenly Secret Pavilion is naturally not able to give up a super-powerful resource and channel in order to be able to act on a neutral map in a short time.


“In this case, it is a pity.” Shi Feng was not surprised by this. He asked, “I just want to go to Stone Forest City now, Elder Yuan can want to take a look?”


“Of course it’s better.” Yuan Tiexin nodded, and the interest was very high.


For Shi Feng’s invitation, she saw it very clearly. It was nothing more than letting them look at Stone Forest City before making a decision, but it seemed to her in vain.


Part of the interests of a Guild city and a super power, which one of them does not have to be considered at all, let alone this super power is still the Star Ring that is now receiving much attention.


“Go! Why not go!” Yuan Tiexin said with a smile. “Although the method used by Black Flame is very naive, Stone Forest City has moved to a hundred-level neutral map. It’s always good to see the situation. Nothing says, Black Flame naturally understands that this is impossible.”


“The two have already been fixed, let’s go now.” Shi Feng said, he took a transfer reel from the backpack and took it to the Stone Forest City Guild station.


I saw the three white mans in the hall flickering and disappeared completely in the hall.


“How is this possible!” Yuan Tiexin almost exclaimed.


Although Stone Forest City was the same as before the transfer, even the magical power dropped a bit, but at the moment of entering Stone Forest City, he felt that his body suddenly felt a lot easier, and even the five senses were sharp.


To know that he and Purple Jade had been exploring the 100-level neutral map for a while, because the chaotic energy erosion of the hundred-level neutral map, even if they have sufficient physical strength and mental strength, they have to return to the city to rest to eliminate erosion energy. The fatigue that brings to the body.


Before he and Purple Jade had a rest in the NPC city for a long time, even though the body and spirit had completely recovered, the chaotic energy in the body was eliminated very slowly.


But now he is just standing in Stone Forest City. This kind of fatigue is disappearing quickly. I don’t think it will take a few hours, and the chaotic energy in his body can be completely eliminated.


“Uncle Yuan, this body recovery speed is at least twice as fast as before. If it can be restored here, we can definitely spend more than 30% of the exploration time on the 100-level neutral map.” Purple Jade probably estimated it, eyes It is a shock that is difficult to hide.


Nowadays, the super powers are exploring hundreds of neutral maps. The most difficult thing is the ubiquitous energy erosion in the map, which makes them have to spend a lot of time to rest and eliminate these erosive energy, otherwise they can’t go to explore the 100-level neutral map. .


But if they are restored in Stone Forest City, they can spend at least 30% more time exploring the 100-level neutral map throughout the day, plus Stone Forest City itself has a hundred-level neutral map, saving a lot of running time.


This means that as long as you are in Stone Forest City, players can spend at least twice as much time exploring a hundred-level neutral map as they are outside the world…


With so much time, it is not a star and a half to lead the major superpowers in the 100-level neutral map. It is simply two dimensions.


Yuan Tiexin just walked over and glanced a little, and suddenly the whole person was a little bad.


Because these neutral-speaking NPCs are selling a hundred-level weapon equipment, and the quality is very good, even the Secret Silver Rank weapon, but the price is not cheap, but also need some special materials to trade, but really want to get these things, It is not difficult for a Tier 2 player.


There is no feeling for the forces that have not yet opened a hundred-level neutral maps, but they are different for those who have made a fortune.


“Reassure, since Black Flame let us come over, we will definitely ask for it and we will not cooperate again. We will talk about it when we get there.” Yuan Tiexin did not think that Stone Forest City had so many benefits, it was calmly said. “We still have to buy some of the weapon equipment here now.”


“Two, my work in Stone Forest City is over, and then I have other things to do, I can’t accompany it.” Shi Feng looked at Yuan Tiexin, who was crazy about buying items.


Now that Stone Forest City has got everything done, it’s all right to let Zero Wing Guild’s masters move to Stone Forest City, and Zero Wing will reach a new level of development.


“This is no problem.” Shi Feng nodded.


Soon after, there was an amazing news in Heavenly Secret Commerce.