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As Star Ring was kicked out of Heavenly Secret Commerce, it immediately became an explosive news in God’s Domain, sensationalizing the superpowers of the entire God’s Domain.


“What is the situation? How will the Star Ring be kicked out?”


“Heavenly Secret Commerce is not stupid!”


“It should be a hand-shake error, but it is Star Ring Guild. Now it not only absorbs a lot of top studios and adventure groups, but also invites many top-class seniors who have retired before. The strength is rising. The top super powers are also in the top positions, and the Star Ring Guild is on two continents. I don’t know how many super forces want to cooperate with Star Ring. There is no chance for the Heavenly Secret Pavilion to kick the Star Ring. Going out?”


For the internal news that Heavenly Secret Commerce suddenly released, God’s Domain’s super-powers are talking about it. It feels like the Heavenly Secret Pavilion is teasing them, and this fake message will be released. Otherwise, only the fool will take the super power like Star Ring. Give kicks out of the Chamber of Commerce.


Be aware that there are a lot of Major Commerce in God’s Domain who want to win over Star Ring and get the Star Channel’s current channels and resources to grow their influence on God’s Domain and get further development.


Kicking out the super powers like Star Ring will not only weaken Heavenly Secret Commerce itself, but also strengthen other competing chambers of commerce. It can be said that there are many things that are not harmful.


Dark Night Empire, the city of the night.


At this time, because Star Ring Guild was kicked out, the entire night of Imperial Capital’s forces were alarmed, especially the Crimson Emperor and War Spirit Uprise, two Big Guild, which competed with Star Ring in Dark Night Empire.


Star Ring’s departure from Heavenly Secret Commerce, whether it’s a big loss to Heavenly Secret Commerce or Star Ring, is unilaterally the biggest loss for Star Ring, after all, Heavenly Secret Commerce covers the entire God’s Domain Continental, with a wide range of channels and abundant resources, is counted throughout the God’s Domain, or it will not be recognized as a transcendental force in God’s Domain.


Without the channel and resource support of Heavenly Secret Commerce, Star Ring’s growth rate will definitely drop a lot, even if the revenue drops by more than 30%.


This is a very heavy blow to Star Ring!


“Indestructible, Heavenly Secret Pavilion is now going to remove the Star Ring. Do you know what’s going on in the Star Ring?” Crimson Emperor Guild’s Vice-Guild Master slang links to War Spirit Uprise’s Vice-Guild Master Indestructible War Heart, could not help but ask.


“I don’t know this. Is there any clue on your side?” Indestructible War Heart shook his head, his heart was agitated and curious.


Star Ring Guild is backed by a consortium of Stars and has worked with a number of superpowers. The most important thing is that it has the ability to develop across the two continents, leaving Star Ring in a position and influence in the Dark Night Empire.


Now Heavenly Secret Pavilion suddenly kicked Star Ring out of Heavenly Secret Commerce, which is incredible.


And Heavenly Secret Pavilion can do such a thing, it must have been a very big thing, but they have not found a clue.


“I haven’t found any clues on this side. Even the people who are stuck in the Star Ring are now ignorant. I don’t know what happened.” The illusion crescent moon eyebrow wrinkles, can not help but slowly said “Heavenly Secret Pavilion has always been neutral. I haven’t heard where Star Ring provoked the Heavenly Secret Pavilion. At this time, Heavenly Secret Pavilion suddenly kicked the Star Ring out. It must have been a big event, probably Star Ring. The behemoth, the Heavenly Secret Pavilion had to do this, and if we don’t figure it out, the next development in the Dark Night Empire can be dangerous.”


At present, the plane forces are madly invading the God’s Domain continent. The development of the two sides is only a matter of time. Because the resources of the God’s Domain continent are limited, more people are coming in and destined to get some people out.


At this moment, the super powers like Star Ring have such things. They are not as strong as the Star Ring’s Guild. If they are not careful, they will probably be removed from the God’s Domain and swallowed up by the forces.


“I also understand, so I have already made people inside the Heavenly Secret Pavilion, and I think it will not be long before I can get the news.” Indestructible War Heart also nodded and understood the seriousness of this matter.


Now there is a mysterious force that allows the Heavenly Secret Pavilion to give up the Star Ring. I can’t imagine how powerful it is. If you don’t check it out, let them accidentally provoke it. I’m afraid it’s true in Dark Night Empire. There is no place for them to settle down.


He is not surprised by the emergence of this mysterious force, because the plane world has been fully opened. For the major forces in the plane world, even their super first-Rate Guild knows a little, just some Known is enough to make them feel tremble, maybe there are some powerful forces that they don’t even know are hidden in the dark, so that they can’t detect it.


Just as the Crimson Emperor and War Spirit Uprise in the Dark Night Empire were in a frenzied investigation, the superpowers of the great kingdoms and empire were also investigating this matter.


In the Fire Dragon Empire, one of the four empires, it also caused a lot of discussion, and the giants were also careful. Especially the super forces that originally intended to launch Guild battle did not dare to act at this time. Expected things.


“Where is the sacredness, even Heavenly Secret Commerce has to kick out the Star Ring.” Pang Xianglong looked at the news he had just received, and his face was full of surprise.


Heavenly Secret Commerce doesn’t say anything, almost no one doesn’t know, absolute transcendental power, and Star Ring’s name is very famous in the Western continent, and the depth of the background is even if they have to give a little face to the Blue Chamber of Commerce.


But now it is a bit horrible to say that I was kicked out and kicked out.


“Three uncles, do we want to remind the second sister.” The burning of the side is also a look of dignity.


A force that allows Heavenly Secret Commerce to give up Star Ring, even if they are blue-blue business, I am afraid I can’t afford it.


“It’s a reminder.” Pang Xianglong thought about it. “This East China is more complicated than we think. You will stay here and go with the team to open a top-level neutral map. If there is no sound, then there is out.” What’s the matter, so you can also help, as for Zero Wing, you can’t help.”


“They Zero Wing dare to boast in front of me, I have to look at what kind of waves they can roll up in the East.”


The plane world is completely open, and the East Continent suddenly has such a mysterious force. In his opinion, the forces like Zero Wing will sooner or later die as long as they don’t help.


Burning ^ also nodded, and could not help but have some poor Zero Wing.


Zero Wing managed to win the victory without any sound. As a result, the benefits of the Blue Chamber of Commerce were not recovered. Now, instead of facing a bunch of problems on the East China, even a little carelessness will completely disappear from God’s Domain.


On the other side, Shi Feng also returned to the Candlelight Firm in White River City, preparing to create a batch of red dusks as soon as possible before the opening of the Stone Forest City, so as to enhance the ability of the core members of Guild in the Cold Spring Canyon to adapt to the early The way a neutral map lives, or else you can’t do anything with Stone Forest City.


After all, Zero Wing is not a super power. Guild’s master is like a cloud. There are many masters who are more than a micro, and a large number of top players lead the team.


Now if Zero Wing wants to develop rapidly, it will continue to be a master who can survive in the Cold Spring Canyon. Otherwise, if you have great resources, you can only watch it.


Just as Shi Feng returned to the Basic Grade meditation room and was about to make a red dusk, Soundless Brilliance suddenly came over.


“Guild Master, something big.” Soundless Brilliance said anxiously, “Star Ring Guild was kicked out of Heavenly Secret Commerce.”


“Well, I know.” Shi Feng nodded.


“Guild Master, do you know?” Soundless Brilliance couldn’t help but be surprised. The news is now known to the well-informed superpowers, and she was the first to inform after receiving the news.


“Of course, this is what I did.” Shi Feng refines the magic crystal in his hand, and his expression is very plain.


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