Fenglin City, Tiandou Training Center.

As Shi Feng came to the top training hall, the whole hall was full of people, but at this time, the trainees of the Tiandou training hall were very bad-faced, and all of them were staring at the three men and two women standing opposite each other. The eyes are full of taboo colors, just like seeing monsters.

The three men and two women seem to be young, the biggest one is probably no more than 30 years old, and the youngest is probably only in their early twenties, but these people feel like the sun shines on the earth.

The young man who is the oldest is the same as the rolling magma, which makes people dare not approach, and the body is stronger than the youngest Fang Mingyu of the younger generation. The tall Cola is here. In front of people, they are like children, it is incredible.

With the arrival of Shi Feng’s in the hall, everyone’s eyes quickly moved to Shi Feng’s.

“Hall Master.” The injured Lei Bao looked at Shi Feng coming, and his face looked a little shy.

Shi Feng asked him to be the agent of the Tiandou training hall. The various resources were constantly supplied. Even Level S Life Elixir didn’t give much, but now only a few young people have come. He was defeated with three punches. I have to let Shi Feng come over in person…

“How is your injury?” Shi Feng looked at the weak Lei Bao and couldn’t help asking.

“It’s not a big problem, it’s just hurting the ribs. It’s good to take a rest for a while,” Lei Bao said. “But Hall Master, you have to be careful, those people are not simple, especially the young man who is headed, the strength is already non-human. Not to mention that my full blow did not hurt him.”

For the young man who is like a giant, then Lei Bao has only taboos and panic.

To know that his strength is no different, even if the head cow can kill him with a full blow, the Inner Energy Master will probably make the Inner Energy Master unable to eat, but it is like playing on the young man. On the steel, it is completely incomplete, just like a monster.

Just as Lei Bao said, standing in the distance beside the giant youth, a pretty, elegant young woman in a red dress suddenly came over.

“Stone Hall Master, we met again.” The young woman looked at Shi Feng and smiled. “The last time I had not had time to introduce it, my name is Fang Shihan, the Voice-Guild Master of the fantasy myth, and also the representative of the Qilin Foundation. Come over and want to talk to the Stone Hall Master about the cooperation between us.”

“Fantasy myth?” Liang Jing looked at the square poetry in front of him.

She is not a person who knows nothing about the Virtual Game world. After joining Zero Wing, she has studied a lot. In the Virtual Game world, there are five Super-Guild. Other Super-Guild can’t compare it. Among the top five Super-Guild, the illusion myth is one of them.

That is the real giant in the God’s Domain. I didn’t expect the Fang family to have such a relationship with the fantasy myth.

Shi Feng looked at the square poetry in front of him is also slightly strange.

It is not because of the myth of fantasy, but because he has never heard of the Vice-Guild Master in the illusion of illusion in the last life.

“Cooperation, don’t know how to cooperate?” Shi Feng asked.

“We don’t need to say the influence of our fantasy mythology in God’s Domain. As for the training level, I think you have seen it now.” Fang Shihan pointed to the giant young man behind him and smiled and said, “Our fantasy mythology wants to In the East China, in many Guild, our fantasy myth is most optimistic about your Zero Wing, you only need 51% of your shares of Zero Wing, not only our Qilin consortium will invest heavily in your Zero Wing, our fantasy myth can help you The trainees of the Tiandou Training Center will train the Tiandou Training Center to become a household name in China and help you to recruit a large number of talents.”

“If we don’t agree with Zero Wing?” Shi Feng asked again.

“I am afraid this is not a stone Master Master.” Fang Shihan did not think that, “I know that you have just been promoted to Inner Energy Master, and soon it is able to block my father’s full blow, very confident in his ability and strength. I feel that no one can clean you up in the wind.”

“Unfortunately you don’t know, your power is nothing in front of our fantasy myth!”

Just after Fang Shihan finished, the giant python next to him came forward, and the horrible power suddenly broke out. The clothes on his body exploded directly, and his body shape stretched out to reveal the dark copper skin. More than double the previous power, the cold murderous even makes Lei Bao behind Shi Feng a trembling, incredulously looking at the giant youth in front of him.

“Landing Grandmaster!” Lei Bao almost exclaimed.

It is very difficult to refine the original, and it is rare to be a master of the refining, and the masters who complete the refinement can compete with the Inner Energy Master.

As for the big man like the Grandmaster, he just listened to it. He didn’t think that the young man who was less than 30 years old turned out to be a Grandmaster.

“No, his breath is not perfect. It should be half a step away from the Grandmaster.” Shi Feng carefully observed the giant youth and said slowly.

“It’s the Inner Energy Master. It’s true.” Fang Shihan said with a smile. “Matt is not a squadron. It’s a step away from the development of brain activity, but there is no problem with Common’s Inner Energy Master.”

“Now Stone Master, are you still planning to cooperate?”

She did a lot of research on Zero Wing, especially the Stone Forest City of Zero Wing. As a city with a hundred-level neutral map, it was a treasure house. After she learned about this, she was determined to thoroughly Take Zero Wing.

With the help of Stone Forest City, her position in the myth of fantasy will definitely increase.

Fang Shihan’s words directly made Xiao Yu feel a little desperate. I didn’t expect Fang’s family to be so powerful, so I could please go halfway through the Grandmaster.

Crossing the Grandmaster even if it is only half a step, it is not comparable to the Common Inner Energy Master, especially in the arena, which is an absolute advantage.

When Shi Feng is defeated, then the Tiandou training hall will be completely finished. After all, the Tiandou training hall has the current scale and fame, completely because of Shi Feng. If Shi Feng is defeated, the Tiandou training hall naturally It’s over.

Liang Jing on the side is also low in face.

The Tiandou Training Center is where Zero Wing absorbs talent. Without the Tiandou Training Center, the development of Zero Wing will be seriously hindered.

“Kid, I don’t bully you, as long as you can pick me up, even if I lose, if you can’t get three punches, I will give up the Zero Wing shares.”

The giant 猿 young Mai Te looked at Shi Feng and slammed it out, no longer saying anything else.

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