In the hall, with Matt’s words, the audience did not react. I didn’t expect Matt to say that he shot, it was a beast of Berserk.

“I still can’t help but want to give it a try?” Fang Shihan looked at the hands of Matt, but could not help but sympathize with Shi Feng.

Matt is innately gifted. After the latest Hell training in the myth of fantasy, the original Berserk character has become more prominent, which can be said to be a complete fighting madness.

Usually in the myth of fantasy, I can only practice with Matt. Now I have a ready-made Inner Energy Master. I naturally want to fight. After all, Matt is only promoted to half a step to the Grandmaster. So I haven’t looked for it. People tried their skills.

Now that Shi Feng hasn’t changed his mind, taking Shi Feng, the Inner Energy Master, is a good goal.

Although it is not impossible to stop the sudden shot of Matt, she feels that it is necessary to let Shi Feng know a lot.

And Matt slammed out, and Lei Bao standing beside Shi Feng was a sigh of relief.

Because this fist is swung out, it is like a mountain squatting, people have a feeling of being incomprehensible, and the speed is breaking through the sound barrier, which is completely different from the previous one.

Under the punch, he even heard the footsteps of Death God.

Seeing that Matt’s sudden punch was about to fall on Shi Feng’s, Shi Feng seemed to have known it for a long time. His feet had already retired half a step, and his shoulders leaned back slightly, as if he had built a barrier. Letting Matte Gale cross the border, they are all within a short distance of Shi Feng.

“Why, are you afraid?” Matt looked at Shi Feng who was dodging. He didn’t take another shot. He couldn’t help but sneer. “Isn’t I confident myself before?”

He is half-stepping the Grandmaster. Although his physical quality is better than those of the Inner Energy Master, the brain has not been activated, which has greatly increased the activity of the brain. Intuition and reaction are comparable to the Inner Energy Master.

If the Inner Energy Master is evading and fleeing, he doesn’t have much to do. Even the leader of Inner Energy, such as Lei Bao, is eager to escape. He wants to solve it and spends a lot of time.

So he deliberately told Shi Feng to pick him up, or else he would compete with the Inner Energy Master like Shi Feng, not only without meaning, but also a waste of time.

“Matt is still forgetting, this stone Hall Master can’t afford to pick you up. I think you are better than running, so the stone Hall Master has a chance to win.” A short hair long leg behind Fang Shihan The gorgeous woman can’t help but laugh.

The laughter of this long-legged beauty made the resentment of everyone in the audience.

Half-step traversing Grandmaster’s physical fitness is so powerful, even if it is a master of Inner Energy Master for several years, it is far from being able to compete. Not to mention Shi Feng, who was promoted soon, is directly positive and hard-working, and is simply a joke.

Xiao Yu is also prepared to whisper Shi Feng, not to go to Fang Shihan and others. Half-stepping the Grandmaster’s three punches is not a good resistance to the Grandmaster who has stepped into the power for more than a decade. Otherwise, half a step. The Grandmaster will not always be jealous of those Inner Energy Masters.

If the three punches are defeated, then the reputation of the Tiandou Training Hall will be completely over.

“I didn’t say no, I just thought it was unfair.” Shi Feng shook his head for the sarcasm of the two. “If you win, let me sell the shares. If I lose, I will turn and leave. For me, there is no. Any benefit.”

“That’s simple. If you win the Stone Master Master, I can make a direct investment of 300 million credit points to Zero Wing. I will also give the Tiandou Training Center a set of the most advanced training equipment. Those top training halls and martial arts halls confronted.” Fang Shihan looked at Shi Feng, his mouth was slightly tilted, as if he had already guessed that Shi Feng would make excuses.

“The most advanced training equipment?” Xiao Yu couldn’t help but brighten her eyes.

The 300 million credit points are indeed a huge sum for the Tiandou Training Center, but it is far worse than the most advanced training equipment.

It’s not that the price of the most advanced training equipment exceeds 300 million credits. Instead, these equipments are not available in the market. They are only available to those who cooperate. They can buy training equipment that is two or three generations behind. It is also why Common’s training halls and martial arts have always been better than the top martial arts and training halls in the training of elite trainees.

If they can get the most advanced training equipment, they can definitely improve the training level of at least two levels, and the number of talents attracted will be much higher.

However, Shi Feng listened to the conditions opened by Fang Shihan and did not make a half-point response.

“Why, are you still not satisfied with such conditions?” Fang Shihan looked at the silent Shi Feng and smiled and said, “If such conditions are not enough, then you can open the conditions.”

The situation of the Tiandou Training Center has already been investigated. Although there are masters like Lei Bao sitting in the town, it is really good in training, but there is still a big gap with the top training halls and martial arts in China, especially on training equipment. .

It can be said that the most advanced training equipment has a great effect on the training and attracting talents of the Tiandou Training Center. Shi Feng has no reason to refuse. After all, Zero Wing is too talented.

Now Shi Feng does not agree, not to mention that there is no confidence to pick up Mate three punches, then she naturally can not give Shi Feng an excuse to refuse.

At this time, not only Fang Shihan thought so, but everyone in the room thought so.

Matt’s punch has already been seen, it is definitely like a punch of Death God, let alone three punches.

“Since Miss Fang said this, then I will say that my conditions are good.” Shi Feng smiled slightly. “I have only one condition, that is, pick me up. If you win, we will have Zero Wing.” Give up the shares, but if I win, I only need twenty bottles of Life Elixir!”

As Shi Feng finished, the audience suddenly calmed down.

“This person will not be crazy!” The glamorous woman with short hair and long legs looked at Shi Feng and couldn’t help but scream.

“Hall Master!” Lei Bao is also incredulously watching Shi Feng.

The master of cross-cultivation is not famous for its power, but is famous for its horrible defense. This is why the masters who have completed the competition dare to fight with the Inner Energy Master, and do not put the master of Inner Energy at all.

Not to mention the squad that has reached the half-step Grandmaster, but it is really a copper-iron bone, only bullets can penetrate, relying solely on the fist is simply a joke.

“Twenty bottles of Life Elixir?” Fang Shihan looked at Shi Feng, crescent moon eyebrow slightly wrinkled.

Life Elixir is no more than the level of life energy contained in Level S Nutrient Fluid. The Common people drink it, the whole body cells can be younger, and they are very much needed by the Grandmasters. The general consortium wants to buy and can’t get it. How many bottles, and 20 bottles of Life Elixir, even her princess of the Qilin consortium, can’t enjoy so much in a year.

“If Miss Fang feels that the conditions are not good, then forget it.” Shi Feng smiled and said.

Whether it’s a credit or a state-of-the-art training device, it’s not what Zero Wing and Tiandou Training Center need right now.

Only by upgrading the existing strength, Zero Wing and Tiandou Training Hall can be developed.

Life Elixir is the fastest way to improve the strength of Zero Wing and Tiandou Training Center. As for the most advanced training equipment, as long as Zero Wing and Tiandou Training Center are strong, it may not be possible to spend more credits, but Life Elixir is different. That’s really super rare, even the Star Ring can’t get much, let alone him.

“Yes! I promise you.” Fang Shihan looked at Shi Feng as usual, could not help but laugh, “But you have to remember that you only have three palms!”

“This is of course.” Shi Feng nodded.

“Boy! Do you think you can win?” Matt looked at Shi Feng, who didn’t care. He smiled. “Don’t say three palms, I am standing here to let you play 18 palms. You probably can’t let me. Take a step back!”

And Matt did not finish, just watch Shi Feng walk slowly to the front of Matt, the palm of his hand was pushed forward.

Shi Feng’s palm is gentle and slow, just like flying leaves, people can not feel any power, even everyone feels this palm, not to mention hurting Matt, just want to hurt Common people are difficult.

Seeing that Shi Feng’s palm was about to fall on Matt’s body, Shi Feng’s palm suddenly changed, and suddenly left three afterimages in midair.


Along with the sound of a crack in the air, Matt’s face was suddenly stunned, and suddenly he couldn’t help but retreat three steps. His hands could not help but fall down on the ground directly. He couldn’t say a word for a long time…

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