In the training hall, as Matt fell to the ground, the whole hall became dead, as if the time was frozen, especially the woman with short hair and long legs, and the look of ridicule was also frozen, and died. Looking at Matt, who couldn’t say a word for a long time.

“This is impossible!”

“What happened to Matt?”

The people of the illusion myths are directly paralyzed by the sudden occurrence of the situation.

Their strength and defense against Matte can be said to be understood, as far as Matt’s character is not to mention, but the scene is just like acting.

Shi Feng’s palm is very soft, just like a palm directly pushed forward, let alone a master of the squad, such as Matt, even if the Common can not be injured, but the front of the Matt fell to the ground The complexion of the face is distorted, and it is obviously affected by the Critical Hit.

At this time, let’s not say Fang Shihan and others, that is, Lei Bao and others in the hall are also stunned.

“What did the Stone Master Master do? How could this Matt stop?”

Everyone in the Tiandou training hall looked at the scene, and everyone was puzzled.

For Matt’s power, they saw it with their own eyes. The three punches defeated Lei Bao. The strong defense was that Lei Bao did not hurt the whole blow, but now Matt did not resist Shi Feng’s soft palm.

It feels like a truck didn’t hurt a cow, but it was incredible because the fallen leaves were badly wounded.

“Vice-Guild Master, this Shi Feng will not use the hidden weapon, or else how can it be injured by the physical quality of Matt?” Standing behind Fang Shihan, the same size is strong, not losing much to Fang Mingyu. The young man whispered.

This time, the team they came to, in addition to the old coach, the strongest is Matthew and Fang Shihan. Now that Matt is injured for a long time, he can’t speak, and Fang Shihan is most likely to see what Shi Feng has done.

Others also nodded and felt that Shi Feng was absolutely fraudulent, or else how might Matt be injured.

“No, he didn’t have a palm, but hit three palms in a flash.” Fang Shihan’s eyes looked at Shi Feng not far away, his face couldn’t say dignified, “and all three palms hit. The same position, it seems to be hitting a palm, his manipulation of the body has been superb.”

“Three palms, one is how it is possible!” Everyone stayed.

Not to mention that in the same moment, three palms hit the same position, that is, it is incredible to hit the three palms at that moment. They can’t imagine how terrible the nerve reflex speed and the body reaction speed can be.

“Yes, I did knock out the three palms.” Shi Feng did not deny this. Instead, he looked at him with amazement and looked at the ugly face. “I have three palms in one and play it out.” The power has not only been greatly improved, but the penetration has been nearly doubled. It just hurts you. Your body muscle strength is incredible. If you change it to a few days ago, I am afraid you can’t help it.”

In the Windy Canyon, he has a lot of sentiments about the control of Epic Rank’s magical body. This is the body of the Bronze Rank that he used to control. The magical body is completely different, especially the magic of manipulating the magical body. It is like a body. The amount of Physical Strength is generally transmitted.

He has the powerful magic of Epic Rank’s magical body, but the use of the magical body is in the state of very Basic Grade, which is like his real body.

After becoming the Inner Energy Master, the hormone secreted by the brain is constantly improving his physical fitness, especially the speed of response and the speed of nerve reaction. However, he has a reaction speed, but only some Basic Grade can not be used. Just like using magical skills, you can really make the power come out.

However, through the magical use of Epic Rank’s magical body, he thought of some skill in the reaction speed, and the control of the body, although unable to reach the level of power in God’s Domain, but also can play portion.

And even if only a part of the power is used, it can increase his strength and penetration, and transmit power into the most vulnerable internal organs.

At this time, even a really thin and thick three-meter grizzly bear can’t eat and take it under his attack. Although Matt’s muscles are incredible, it is only one person.

And Matt, who was so easy to slow down, stood up and stared at Shi Feng. There was a hint of jealousy in his eyes, and there was no meaning in playing.

“You… very good, this time I lost!”

His versatile master is known for his defense and strength. You can beat me dozens of punches, but as long as I hit a punch, I will die, so they dare to compete with Agility’s Inner Energy Master. If they encounter Shi Feng, the inertia that can break the defense, they can only hide far away, or else they will only have a dead end.

And Shi Feng’s power, he only felt in the old coach.

What kind of master is the old coach, but it has been a decade of horror, and with various technologies and pharmacy to strengthen the body, it has long been non-human.

He doesn’t understand how Shi Feng is so young.

“So Miss Fang, can you cash in on the promise now?” Shi Feng saw that Matt had a very simple admit defeat, and his eyes could not help but turn to Fang Shihan.

This battle with Matt gave him a lot of feelings, not only because of the skillful use of the speed of the body, but also from the level of cultivation of the myth of the fantasy myth, I did not expect to reach this level of horror.

The myth of fantasy is all the same, then the other super forces are probably not too bad.

He now has to get a lot of Life Elixir, not only to improve his physical fitness as soon as possible, but also to let Lei Bao and Fire Dance and others think of ways to break through to Inner Energy Master as soon as possible, or else he is too dangerous.

The three-handedness technique seems simple, but it is very, very difficult to do. If there is no meditation, and Matt is standing still, he can’t use it.

“Twenty bottles of Life Elixir, I don’t have it now, but I will send someone to you in one day.” Fang Shihan looked at Shi Feng, crescent moon eyebrow, and I didn’t expect Shi Feng’s strength to exceed her expectations. It’s not comparable to Common’s Inner Energy Master. “We have other things that we won’t be here.”

When Fang Shihan said that he would turn away directly with his men, Shi Feng did not stop it. Fang Shihan, as the great lady of the Qilin big consortium, could not fail to believe in the things promised under the public.

With the departure of Fang Shihan and others, the entire training hall became a jubilation. The power of Shi Feng was almost cherished. It was also more confident in the training and training of the Tiandou Training Center. Many members want to be students of the Tiandou Training Center.

However, on a high-end magnetic levitation car parked at the entrance of the Tiandou Training Center, Matt looked at the eagerly left Fang Shihan and felt very puzzled.

“Vice-Guild Master, are we leaving? Although one of our purposes is to test the level of the Tiandou training hall, the main goal is to conduct a virtual battle test and capture the Tiandou training hall in the wind. The dominant position of the city’s virtual battle platform, the Shi Feng has strong physical ability, but it can be different on the virtual battle platform. With the strength of Vis-Guild Master after you promote Tier 3, even the Black Flame of Zero Wing It’s not necessarily your opponent, let alone a Shi Feng.” Matt asked strangely.

“No, the more important thing now is to tell the old coach about this.” Fang Shihan shook his head, with a trace of chasing in his eyes. “The Shi Feng can be so young to grasp that power, it is absolutely hidden inside.” There is a big secret. If we can get this secret, our position in the myth of fantasy will definitely improve a lot. It is not impossible to directly promote to the three Vice-Guild Masters at the headquarters!”

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