Fenglin City, Hongshi Restaurant.

Among the quaint top VIP boxes, Fang Shihan and Matt and others are respectfully standing in front of a man sitting in a pair of legs and raising their eyes.

The man’s hair is already half-white, but he’s only in his early forties. He’s not like an old man who is actually over 70 years old. The old man is not as tall as Matt and others, but he is Feeling like a mountain in the general stalwart, people can not help but give a sense of reverence from the heart, simply do not dare to give birth to any disrespectful emotions.

This person is the coach of the poetry of Fang Shihan and Matt and other people.

“Matt, that Shi Feng is really like the poetry letter, the effect of the strength of oneness?” Situ Qingtian blinked to ask Matt.

“There is absolutely nothing wrong. The power and penetrating power of that moment has nearly doubled. If I didn’t react quickly enough and transferred some of the power, then I am afraid I will pass out.” Mai nodded very much. Certainly.

This kind of power he also saw in the old coach Situ Qingtian, but this is still fresh in memory.

“Coach that Shi Feng I have thoroughly investigated before. He was not as strong as he is now. He just stepped into the Grandmaster and his brain activity was initially liberated. He must have done something in God’s Domain and let him Mastered the skill of unity of strength,” Fang Shihan said.

“It seems that this Zero Wing is really not simple. It should be hiding a lot of secrets.” Situ Qingtian said slowly, “It is only by entering and exiting the power that you can use this power. It seems that he walked in the Realm of Truth. It’s quite deep, and at least it’s at the level of getting into the room.”

“Getting into the room! How is this possible!” Mattton was surprised.

Realm of Truth is a realm of their fantasy myths from God’s Domain. This kind of realm is very wonderful. At first, it was called the superb by some top superpowers. The use of skills is incredible. It is to integrate the combat skills of God’s Domain into the bone marrow. One stroke and one style are all combat skills, which can exert far beyond their own power.

And this realm has risen very slowly. Even if genius is like them, now it is just an introduction. The masters who reach the level of entering the room are few in their fantasy myths, but a young Shi Feng has already entered the room. Let him dare to believe!

“So I said that Zero Wing hides a lot of secrets. In order to explore Realm of Truth, our fantasy myths don’t know how much manpower and material resources are spent. At present, we can understand some training methods and cultivate a lot of talents. In the fighting world, a good name has been mixed up, attracting a lot of talented talents, which has greatly improved the strength of our fantasy myth.” Situ Qingtian also had a keen interest in Zero Wing. “This Zero Wing must have also got the clues of Realm of Truth, and even explored some training methods, otherwise it is difficult for individuals to achieve this level.”

“If this is the case, then we must get our hands.” Fang Shihan suddenly got hot.

Realm of Truth is something that their fantasy myth has been desperately pursuing, but there are too few clues about Realm of Truth, let alone the shaping method.

If she can get it, combined with the training methods of both, not only can her level go further, but the right to speak in the myth of fantasy will be greatly enhanced.

“Vice-Guild Master, this Zero Wing is on the east side of the East China continent, especially with Stone Forest City. We can hardly care for him. Even if we can deal with the Tiandou training hall, the impact on Zero Wing is very small, nothing more than Reducing the speed of Zero Wing’s absorbing talents, it is impossible to shake the foundation of Zero Wing.” Matt is in a hurry.

He is very eager for the realm of Realm of Truth. If he can go further, not only can he become stronger in God’s Domain, but his combat power can be improved in reality.

“You don’t have to worry too much about this. Since this Zero Wing has a clue to Realm of Truth, Guild will never let go. I have already seen the information of Zero Wing. This Zero Wing has been fighting Star Ring and can resist it all the time. Up to now, in addition to Guild’s own strength and resources, Thousand Rain Phoenix of the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion has also helped Zero Wing.” Situ Qingping said, “As long as Zero Wing broke the help of Thousand Rain Phoenix, I want to come. I can’t resist Star Ring for too long. You can go to the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion on behalf of our fantasy myth, let the Dragon Pavilion Pavilion’s Great Pavilion Lord Withered Glory know our attitude. Withered Glory, the old guy should know what to do. ”

“I understand, then I will go.” Fang Shihan nodded.

She used to think so before, but she is just the Vice-Guild Master of the Guild branch. Although the name is very loud, she can’t represent Guild on the key things, but now with the permission of the old coach, then the next Things will be easier.

The myth of fantasy is one of the five Super-Guild, even those Super-Guild have to give a few faces, let alone a Dragon Phoenix Pavilion that is just the First-Rate Guild.

On the other side of the Zero Wing headquarters, Shi Feng gave the three bottles of Lei Bao the first time after getting the 20 bottles of Life Elixir sent by Fang Shihan. At the same time, let Lei Bao play in the God’s Domain. Berserker goes directly to the Transcendent Tower for special training.

After Matt’s battle, Shi Feng had a sense of crisis.

Although Zero Wing has developed very well in God’s Domain, it is very weak in reality, especially in the robbing of talents. Now the major super forces have begun to deploy talents. He has been busy with things in God’s Domain, Tiandou training. The museum is simply unable to take care of it.

If you want to let the Tiandou training hall develop as soon as possible, you need a Grandmaster to stay in the training hall for a long time.

And now the closest to Grandmaster is Lei Bao, and then Fire Dance and others.

Lei Bao has reached the limit from physical quality and strength control. It can be said that only one step can break through to become Grandmaster. This step is to make the brain activity change qualitatively.

Although the Transcendent Tower is far less effective than the Tower of the Four Gods, the effect of Life Elixir will definitely increase the success rate of Lei Bao’s promotion to the Grandmaster.

As long as Lei Bao can become the Grandmaster and stay in the Tiandou training hall for a long time, the speed of the Tiandou training hall will definitely be amazing, and it will be more emboldened against the big consortia.

After doing this, Shi Feng also took out ten bottles of Life Elixir to Fire Dance, Violet Cloud, Cola, Sword Shadow, Turtledove and other Guitars masters who have mastered Inner Energy to improve their physical fitness and brain activity as soon as possible.

After doing all this, Shi Feng drank a bottle of Life Elixir, lie in the virtual reality warehouse and log in to God’s Domain again, ready to get through the transfer channel to the Westland as soon as possible, so that Zero Wing can really stand in God’s Domain. There are also plenty of resources and resources to develop the Tiandou Training Center. It is also better to compete against those superpowers and big consortia. Otherwise, Zero Wing’s funds are always a huge problem.

After entering God’s Domain, the spirit of Cola and others has also recovered a lot. Shi Feng and others just brushed a little for a while in the outer area of ​​the Devil Wolf Mountain, and the last three magical powers were finally collected.

“This task is really difficult. If there is a Fine Gold Rank escort, I am afraid it will not be completed. I don’t know what rewards will be given after the completion.” Blackie looked forward to it after collecting the last magic. “If it can Get a Legendary Fragment, then we can make a profit.”

The Sub-Legendary Rank mission is definitely the first time they complete, and this is the Sub-Legendary Rank mission on the 100-level map. The reward is absolutely extraordinary.

“Okay, let’s clean up and let’s go.” Shi Feng looked at the full-looking Blackie and couldn’t help but laugh.

He doesn’t care much about the reward of the task, because even if it is a Sub-Legendary Rank task, the probability of getting a Legendary Fragment is not high.

On the contrary, he is more concerned about the improvement of the famous artist Epa Greg, because this is the most precious.

In a short time, Shi Feng took everyone back to Ebago.

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