Once again, I came to Ebgrere. At this time, the Divine Might from Ebago’s ice sculpture was much weaker than before. If it was consumed, even if it was protected by the gods, it would endanger life.

I have to say that the Witch of Envy is too powerful.

Just a curse can make a hero fall, and it is no wonder that Witch of Envy is called a natural disaster, moody, and a disappointment can make a kingdom die. If you are happy, you can make a kingdom flourish. The Empire is respectful and fearful of the Witch of Envy.

“His Excellency Ebgre, we have collected the magic of a thousand Witch, don’t know what we are going to do to get rid of your curse?” Shi Feng looked at Ebgrere, who was frozen into ice sculptures and couldn’t move at all. Do not ask by the opening.

“It’s simple, you just need to liberate the magic of collection around me.” Ebgrere was slightly excited. “But when I unblocked, the Witch of Envy’s elf left at the bottom of the lake would definitely detect it.” I hope you can help me with it for a while.”

Just as Shi Feng was preparing for the opening, suddenly Ice Snow was rolled up all around, and I saw that these Ice Snow quickly became a figure in midair.

This figure is only two meters tall and looks like a human being, but this person is made up of Ice Snow, and there are many gods on it. It gives people an indescribable sense of sacredness. Want to surrender.

With the appearance of this figure, the magical elements around it seem to have found the master, all gathered together, as if dominated by the heavens and the earth.

“High Magic Extract!” Everyone looked at the figure in front of them and couldn’t help but breathe a sigh of relief.

Ice Elf Ugneum, Advanced Magic Extract, Legendary Rank, Level 110, HP 355 million.

Magic Extract is a relatively high-level creature in God’s Domain. Compared to those of Elements Lifeform, many of the magic that humans currently master is acquired by learning Magic Extract. It can be said that it is compared to the magical darling spirit. The family is strong because they are the magic elements themselves.

There is also a creature above Magic Extract, which is the higher Magic Extract, which is like a royal family in Magic Extract, comparable to Great Dragon Clan.

“Ai Bagre, do you think you can escape the master’s curse?” Udneki looked down at Epa Greg, and then turned to Shi Feng and others. “Adventurers, you better not to gossip, leave me now. Can let you go, if you dare to help Epagree to lift the curse, then you will stay with the stupid knights forever!”

As the voice of Ugneem fell, everyone felt a sense of horror and oppression. The surrounding space seemed to be frozen, not only making them feel that they were having difficulty in action, but even breathing became difficult. .

“Is this really a legendary monster?” Cola looked at Ugneem, and her heart was shocked.

Just one sentence, they can make these Tier 3 careers difficult to move, which is basically two kinds of creatures with the Legendary Rank monsters they encountered before.

“Guild Master, this Ugneem is too dangerous. If we fight, we will not live for ten seconds except for the guards present.” Skywalk Overflow is very difficult to face the general oppression of Ugneem. Said to Shi Feng.

“Don’t say ten seconds, we’re afraid that we can’t live for five seconds.” Shi Feng looked at Ugneem and couldn’t help but smile.

He did not think that this Sub-Legendary Rank mission is so embarrassing!

Collecting a thousand magic powers in the past ten days is already an impossible task, and now it is a joke.

If it’s just against Common’s Magic Extract, the high-quality Magic Extract can be comparable to the Great Dragon’s creatures.

Although they had dealt with the Tier 4 legend Ice Dragon, but the Ice Dragon was a seriously injured Great Dragon, the strength was not at its peak, and there was a chance to suppress it with Heavenly Dragon’s Sacred Breath.

But the Ugneem in front of you is completely different.

There is no limit to the strength of the battle. As a high-level Magic Extract, there are hundreds of magical hands in hand. The 100-Man group against Tier 3 is as simple as playing. If there is no target for the player, Tier 3 is a professional. Players who have encountered it can only detour.

As for summoning Tier 4 Great Devil, it doesn’t help. The intelligence of Uznhem will kill him as the summoner for the first time. Tier 4’s Great Devil can’t stop it.

“Adventurers, give me ninety seconds, as long as you can hold him for ninety seconds, I can come out of the curse!” Abbagre said suddenly.

As Ebhagre opened, everyone was silent for a while.

In front of Ugneem’s magical field, they have even difficulty in activities. Don’t say that it’s ninety seconds to drag Ugneem. It’s a luxury to be able to hold for ten seconds. After all, Ugneem is not a legend of Common. Monsters, but creatures that use magic more than Archhage, are best at group battles, don’t give them the chance to single-handedly fight the wheel, just need an AoE magic to get them all.

“Ninety seconds?” Shi Feng suddenly fell into meditation. After a moment, he asked Cola to the side. “Cola, are you sure you can block it for ten seconds?”

“If you start an outbreak and save your life, you should be able to do it.” Cola thought about it.

He is now wearing a set of cold wolves, plus the Legendary Fragment Titan Guard. There is absolutely no problem in resisting the 100-level Tier 4 legendary monster. Even if Ugne Neum does not lose to the same level, it will open the explosion and save his life. I still have no problem if I want to resist ten seconds.

“Guild Master, do you have a way?” Skywalk Overflow looked at the thoughtful Shi Feng and couldn’t help but curiously ask.

Although they can also give up without fighting, the task punishment is definitely indispensable.

“There should be a way, but I don’t know if I can succeed.” Shi Feng is not sure about this. “But now it can only be a dead horse, and Cola is ready.”

If Ebago made him resist for a few minutes, he did not have a single solution, but he only had a glimmer of hope when his time was only ninety seconds.

Saying Shi Feng took out the book of darkness and began to summon the demon.

This is also a strange look for everyone, do not understand why Shi Feng summons the demon out, with the intelligence of Ugne Nem, will not take the Tier 4 demon as an opponent, will definitely kill the summoner in the first time, and Tier 4 How can the demon stop Ugneem?

Although everyone has doubts about this, they are all dispersed according to Shi Feng’s requirements, as far as possible from Shi Feng’s position, and Cola is also starting to explode skills.


Shi Feng looked at everyone’s position and directly liberated all the magic collected around Ebago, and the Cola, which opened the explosive skills, seemed to be a god of war, and rushed to the angry Ugneem.

“Stupid humans, you will stay here with the knights forever!” Ubnehem looked at the rushing Cola and gave a righteous roar to attract aggro and attention, and suddenly waved with one hand.

I saw a pair of ice guns with a height of more than ten meters in the air, which fell directly to Cola, and Ugneim did not perform any singing from beginning to end. Tier 4’s Ice Element magic ice The tooth is used up…

The huge ice gun fell, even if the level of Cola was not low, the reaction was quicker, but in the face of more than a dozen ice guns that fell rapidly, there was still one that did not escape, and only used shields to resist.


With a burst of cold ice, Cola’s feet fell into the ground, HP lost more than 300,000 in an instant, and HP’s losses were directly more than one-tenth.

“This is too strong!”

Everyone saw their eyes almost out.

Cola now has the ability to explode and save life. In the case of a significant reduction in the damage, HP has lost more than one-tenth. If there is no damage reduction, it can be said that it is the rhythm of instant killing…

Ugne Neum couldn’t strike, and once again raised his arm and sang a spell.

I saw an ice storm in Ugneem that swept directly to Cola, and these ice storms seemed to be a living giant, usually biting to Cola, and several were besieged together. Cola could only resist, HP is The festival is falling, not to mention that it lasts for ten seconds, that is, five seconds are hanging. Fortunately, the treatment in the back row is to restore Cola with all strength, and barely let Cola hang a blood.

Time passes by, and Cola’s HP is like a roller coaster. Once on, it’s always a lifeline, and HP is getting less and less.

“Guild Master, I am afraid I can’t resist it here!” Cola looked at her HP and felt that she had a lot of support before.

Just as Cola said, an ice storm came from behind Cola, and Cola had no time to resist the other ice storms. He could only watch the ice storm swallowing away from far away.

“It’s over!”

Cola saw the ice storm swallowing up, and the heart had already understood it, but at this moment a figure suddenly appeared behind Cola.

This figure is not someone else, it is Shi Feng himself.

“Ten seconds have arrived, then give it to me!” Shi Feng said to Cola, directly to the ice storm.

“Guild Master?”

Everyone looked at Shi Feng who took the initiative to meet the ice storm, and it was not clear for a while.

The power of the ice storm is even as the main tank’s Cola uses the shield to resist HP mad, as the swordsman Shi Feng if the front is hard, it is definitely a dead end.

“The power of collapse, open!”

Shi Feng looked at the ice storm in front of him and used the power of the strongest skill that comes with the Armor of Destruction.

The power and breath that Shi Feng radiated from his time was a crazy climb, and his body was still surrounded by the horrible gray fog, and the surrounding space began to collapse.

As the ice storm hit, Shi Feng also waved the Holy Sword Thunder Slaying in his hand and slashed directly into the ice storm.

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