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At the moment when the ice storm and the blade touched, everyone looked at it.


Because with a Thunder Ray bloom, the huge ice storm was directly split and slowly dissipated in the air, as if it had never existed before…




At this time, whether it is Cola, who is desperate to resist the ice storm, or Skywalk Overflow, who is watching in the distance, doubts whether his eyes have an illusion.


The power of the ice storm, they have seen it through Cola, and switched to the explosion mode of any one of them, not to mention blocking the ice storm, that is, it can not die under the attack of ice storm, it is a miracle.


To know that Cola is now with life-saving skills, it can greatly reduce the damage, or Cola has already died under the ice storm.


But now Shi Feng is actually a sword breaking the ice storm, the power of power is incredible.


At this time, he was promoted to Tier 4, and he somewhat understood why there were few Tier 3 occupations in the past to fight the Tier 4 career, even if it was a weapon with the best Legendary Fragment.


Because the Tier 4 career is not as simple as improving his physique, his current state of mind is unprecedentedly good, and there is a state of excitement that is always at a super level.


The seventeen swords seemed to be one, and they were able to devour the space in front of them, but this is absolutely impossible for him in the Tier 3 profession.


Just as Shi Feng carefully felt the state of Tier 4 in a short time, Ugneem, who was blocked by the ice storm, suddenly became angry, and suddenly the surrounding magic became Berserk.


Because those large magics require a long period of singing and writing time, but the dozens of scriptures in front of them are actually in less than two seconds, which is incredible.


Not waiting for everyone to return from the singer of Ugneem, it looks like there is a Magic Array with a radius of more than two hundred yards in the sky. It seems that the surrounding ice elements are sucked by this Magic Array. Empty, all condensed in the Magic Array.


“A small human, pay for your stupidity!” Ugneim sang the last spell, and the raised finger slammed at Shi Feng.


In the sky, hundreds of Ice Snow meteors fell in the sky. It was like countless missiles descending from the sky. Every meteor has the power to break the space, and hundreds of them fall like the end of the world.


“It’s over!”


Everyone saw this scene, and some just despair.


Under this trick, let alone their more than 20 Tier 3 occupations, it is futile to come to hundreds of Tier 3 occupations. The strength of both sides is not at all a level.


That is a natural disaster. Even if a kingdom uses all its forces, it can’t be confronted. It can only be silenced by the Great Dragon.


The horror magic that takes a lot of time to use is available for the higher Magic Extract, just like the Tier 4 big magic in front of you, the Archer 4 of the Tier 4 profession takes more than ten seconds to get the magic, the Ugne Mum only takes a short two or three seconds, and the gap can be imagined.


I saw the ice-falling Starfall and instantly turned the space of two or three hundred yards into a cold hell.


Ugneem belongs to the Magic based Class. If you let Uznhem use magic, let alone the Tier 4 occupation, Tier 5 can’t resist it. If you want to drag Ugneem, you have to fight close.


I saw the moment when the Absolute Domain was lifted. Ugneem seemed to be accurate. There was a sneer in the corner of his mouth. The Staff in his hand was raised. Many Magic Array hidden on the ground suddenly appeared, and there were countless ice spurs. Shi Feng, and the mid-air is the ice storm, so Shi Feng is inevitable.


“Cheats! Is this Uzbek really a monster?” Blackie looked at the Magic Array hidden around Shi Feng, and his eyes almost came out.


There was a trap on the way to the battle, and the Magic Array was very clever, that is, his Cursemancer didn’t notice it. He didn’t hear it in God’s Domain.


Hidden more than a dozen Magic Array, which broke out together, it is equivalent to a dozen attacks against Magic based Class, even the same level of MT will be sieved.


But the legendary monsters above the 100th level should not be underestimated in intelligence. For example, the creature of Magic Extract is a normal thing, or the forces want to kill the upper class. The legendary monsters will not be that hard.


However, it is to resist the amazing ice storm, because the power gap between the two sides is somewhat large, and without the Tier 4 magic skills can resist, Shi Feng’s HP is falling, if there is no recovery in the back row, I am afraid that even fifteen The seconds can’t hold on.


With the Great Devil as a shield and the continued treatment of the rear row, it is much easier for Shi Feng to drag on Ugneem. Unconsciously, it has passed more than 50 seconds. The continuous effect of the power of collapse There are less than five seconds left.


“Humans are only in vain to do this. Your power is now running out. As long as the power disappears, whether you or Ebgre will become an ice sculpture, stay here forever!” Shi Niem looked at Shi Feng, who was getting weaker and weaker, and his eyes showed a hint of embarrassment.


“Is it?” Shi Feng looked at the force of the collapse that was about to disappear. Not only was there no rush, but a smile appeared on his lips. “But I don’t think so.”


As Shi Feng finished, Ubeneem seemed to feel something wrong, and his eyes turned to Anna, who was singing a spell in the distance.


At this point Anna has sang the last syllable.


In the sky, a sacred light fell in the sky, and there were three teams of white feathers, and the Battle Angel appeared in the distance of Ugneem.


The Upper Battle Angel did not prepare for Ugne Nem. The Spear of Thunder in his hand was swept away. The power of terror was that even the entire space burst, and countless thunderbolts flew to Ugne.


Seeing the passage of time, the curse of Ebago is getting weaker and weaker, but Ugne is not a way to do it. He can only watch the time of ninety seconds.


With a loud bang, Ebago was completely liberated from the ice sculpture…


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