Looking at Ebago from the curse, Shi Feng is also deeply relieved.

Although the upper Battle Angel has been entangled in Uznhem, the upper Battle Angel can last for a short time, and if it is entangled, time will come.

At that time, even if he started the double explosion, he couldn’t stop Ugne Nem’s Magic Attack. After all, the gap between the equals is not big. Uznhem is even more rivalry of the Great Dragon. He has no resistance at all. .

“Damn! You dare to let him out!” Ubneim looked at the completely restored Ebago, the expression on his face was an indescribable anger, and suddenly lifted the Ice Snow scepter in his hand and stared at Shi. Feng sang a spell, “If that’s the case, then you will go to hell with him!”

As Ugneem began to sing, it was seen that the sky formed a three-fold Magic Array with a cloud cover of more than five hundred yards.

The momentary sky formed by this triple Magic Array splits countless holes, but in just a second or two, the sky turns into a void black hole.

“Is this the real strength of Ugneem?” Shi Feng looked at the hollow black hole in the sky, his face was indescribably dignified.

Tier 5 Magic Netherstorm!

Tier 5 magic is a magic that transcends extraordinary fields. It can easily destroy a city and turn a region into a place of death. Because of this, the Tier 5 profession has always been feared by major kingdoms and empires, even the empire. The Imperial Imperial Capital wants to be awesome.

He did not think that Ubernem of Tier 4 would be used.

To know that Tier 4 and Tier 5 are only poor Tier 1, but the strength between the two is a world of difference, because the magic of Tier 5 can cause serious damage to Tier 4 creatures. The player who is dealing with the Tier 4 career is Insta-kill, even the Tier 4 MT can’t stop.

Even under this attack, there is no chance to escape, because the magic of terror will directly freeze the space.

Everyone saw this trick, and each one was also a face.

The scope of this move has been at least a thousand yards, and with the power of that horror, they are simply a dead end.

And before everyone wants to turn around and escape, the endless black storm suddenly falls from the void black hole, turning the whole world into an endless darkness, and it is inevitable that it is inevitable, and some just greet death.

At this time, Shi Feng has no way. The Absolute Domain may be able to block this blow. However, the Absolute Domain has been used. It is still in the Cooldown Period. As for the use of teleports to escape, it is simply impossible.

Space is frozen, unless you use a high-space move, and high-space moves are super rare in Tier 4 magic, let alone make a magic scroll.

This is why players rarely have to escape in the face of Tier 5 careers.

The only thing to be thankful for is that the mission has been completed. Even if it is killed, it will only lose some experience value, and it will be able to get back soon.

Seeing that the storms of the sky have fallen, Shi Feng is ready to die.

Suddenly, E Baghray took out a golden sword at the waist, and the endless darkness directly in the air was a wave.

Just throwing a sword is like a dawn illuminating the sky. The endless brilliance is to purify all the darkness in an instant. Those horrible wind blades are only invisible in just two or three seconds under the divine light.

After a sword, the night turned into a day again.

“I rely! This hero is too strong!”

Skywalk Overflow and others are stunned at this time, especially the attack, which has made them unable to understand.

Ugneem is a move to turn the day into night black, and Ebago is a sword that turns the night into a day, and the means of both sides is incredible.

Looking at Ebgre, everyone really understands what a hero is.

This kind of existence really does not depend on the number of people to fight, the monsters that have been dealt with before are weak, and even a group of Tier 4 professional players may be part of Insta-kill.

“Damn! You broke through to become Sword Saint!” Udon Neum in midair looked at the dissipated Netherstorm and looked at Ebgrere incredulously.

“Yes, in the long curse, I have just mastered some of the rules, and now you are no longer my opponent!” E Bagre couldn’t help but say with some excitement.

Although the curse of Witch of Envy brought him endless pain, he gradually explored the law when he concentrated on how to crack the curse. After the curse was completely broken, he completely mastered some rules and became a Real Tier 5 Sword Saint.

“Tier 5 Sword Saint ?!” Shi Feng is also amazed at the fact that I have become promoted to Tier 5 Sword Saint.

Saint Magic Knight, hero, Sword Saint, grade? ? ? , HP? ? ? ? ? ?

The promotion of NPC is no more difficult than the player, but it is also because of this, every time NPC upgrades Tier 1, its status will be greatly changed.

For example, the Tier 3 professional NPC can become a small city Magistrate, the Tier 4 professional NPC is the Magistrate of the big city, the Tier 5 occupation is the Imperial Imperial Capital to be awesome.

Ibegray was only a Tier 4 hero in his last memory. Even after ten years, Ebgre has always been Tier 4 and has not become Tier 5 Sword Saint at the top of God’s Domain.

But even so, with the extraordinary physique of the hero, you can also compete with those of the Common Tier 5 career, plus the identity of the master, is to let the major empire not to be underestimated.

It’s incredible that Ebago is now promoted to Tier 5 Sword Saint.

“Very good, since you broke into Sword Saint, I am not your opponent, but you should not think that you can count it.” Ubneim looked at Ebgre, and turned to Shi Feng, “And You are an adventurer!”

Saying that Ugneem is turned into countless snowflakes is ready to flee here.

“Ubernem, it’s not that easy to escape!”

Abbagre suddenly pulled out another black sword from the waist, and stepped out to the front of Ugneem was a sword.

Although this sword is just a simple sword, it does not use any magical skills. But when everyone looks at it from a distance, they see that the sky has risen to a dark wall, extending to five hundred yards away. It can be said that it is really The sky is divided into two.

And Ugneem also uttered a scream, and a white energy crystal fell from the air. Ugne Nem’s life was significantly reduced, but Ugneem also escaped. The space of the space makes the Ice Snow completely dissipate, leaving only Aba Gregory in the air to stand still.

“Still let him escape.” Ebgrere looked at the empty space in front of his eyes, frowning slightly.

For the escape of Ugneem, Shi Feng, who is not far away, is not surprised at all.

Legendary Rank’s high-level Magic Extract is so powerful, but like World-class BOSS, even Ugneem uses Tier 5 magic, it can be said that the Tier 5 sanctuary is probably only half a step, even Tier 5 The hero wants to kill, it can’t be done in two or three, and it takes a long time to fight.

However, with the disappearance of Ugneem, Shi Feng’s ear also heard a system sound.

System: Congratulations to the player who completed the Sub-Legendary Rank mission. The mission completion is 93% and the rating is Level S.

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