“Level S evaluation?” Shi Feng looked at the system prompts to be slightly different.

He originally thought that he was barely able to complete the task, that is, to achieve Level C qualification. After all, he spent nine days to get a thousand magic.

However, I did not expect to reach the Level S evaluation in nine days.

In the God’s Domain, there are few advanced tasks that can achieve Level S. One is that the Quest Difficulty is very large, and the other is that the task is almost at the perfect level to reach Level S.

However, when the Level S evaluation is reached, there will be a small increase in the level of Quest Reward.

Don’t look at it as a small upgrade, but this small upgrade is very precious for the tasks above Epic Rank.

For example, the original Epic Rank task only has a chance of getting a 20% chance to get Epic Rank items. After a small upgrade, you may not get the Legendary Fragment, but you can increase the chance of getting Epic Rank items to 30% or 40%.

But in front of it is a Sub-Legendary Rank task, to achieve Level S evaluation, but it is quite possible to get a Legendary Fragment.

Although Zero Wing already has a lot of Legendary Fragment, every Legendary Fragment can make a top master or even a peak master, so that the future road is much better. It can be said that this kind of thing is not too much.

And as the system sounds over, Ebgre also comes to Shi Feng’s.

“Adventurous friends, thank you for saving me from the curse. I owe you a lot of people. Although the Knights are no longer there, I can do my best to help you accomplish something I can do.” “Ai Bagley looked at Shi Feng and did not have the pride of being the top of Tier 5, very grateful.”

System: You get the trust of E Bagre, get 80 points of good feelings, get the communication crystal of E Bagre.

Everyone couldn’t help but be excited.

Ebbagre’s previous strengths, but they saw it with their own eyes. At this time, I can make one thing for Ebago. This kind of reward can’t be imagined.

“Guild Master, with the help of Epagre, we can completely destroy the city of Star Ring, and see how the Star Ring is arrogant!” Cola watched Ebgrere with his eyes shining.

“Yes! The city that killed Star Ring, see how their Star Ring is going to cost us!” Blackie nodded.

During this time, Star Ring didn’t aim at their Zero Wing. The biggest obstacle was the new city of Star Ring. It grabbed the benefits of Zero Wing. If you can ruin the city of Star Ring, you can not only Let Zero Wing stand out and make a big blow to the Star Ring, which is definitely a good thing for both.

“No, the meaning of destroying the city is not great now.” Shi Feng shook his head.

Star Ring did build a city near the 100-level neutral map, but even if the city was destroyed, Star Ring might have built one, and it was not just Star Ring, other superpowers might not New cities will also be built.

After all, the masters of the major superpowers have already reached the level of more than 100, and there is no shortage of masters who have transferred to Tier 3. It is not difficult to build a city near the top 100 neutral map.

And Ebgrere’s human feelings are so precious, especially now that Ebhagre has become Sword Saint. Even the imperial Imperial Capital is hard to get Ebago, so that Ebago can deal with a Guild city in the district. The cannon hit the mosquito.

Shi Feng then walked to the front of Ebgre.

“My Honorable Hero, I am a Blacksmith. I have always been very keen on forging. I have long been eager for magic forging. Your research on magic forging is unparalleled in the God’s Domain. I hope that Get your research notes on magic energy.” Shi Feng took a deep breath and said.

Letting Tier 5 Sword Saint not destroy a city is not difficult to destroy a kingdom, but it is worthless to destroy a kingdom compared to the knowledge of a master craftsman.

To know that the emperors and even those Demigod are respectful to Ebago, it is entirely because Ebago is a master.

Among them, Ebago’s most famous achievement is the magic notes, which is the capital that makes Ebago a master.

The Ten Holy Empire can be so strong, and many items in the magic notes can be inseparable.

In order to get the residual pages of those magical notes that Ebgrere circulated in the world, the great superpowers of the last generation smashed their blood and even wanted to redeem the Legendary Fragment.

Now that Aba Greg is in front of him, and he still owes a big man, he naturally tries to see if he can get the famous name of Ebago.

As Shi Feng finished, Ebhagre suddenly silenced, his eyes were quietly watching Shi Feng, and the atmosphere in the air was too strange to say.

“Can’t you?” Shi Feng looked at Ai Bagre, who was not talking for a long time, and was nervous.

“Young adventurers, you are very visionary, since you know what is the most precious.” E Bagre slowly said, “But unfortunately, the magic notes I wrote are stored in the Royal Library of the Ten Holy Empire. Even if I can’t take out the magic notes and give them to you, the material that can make the magic notes is gone.”

“Sure enough.” Shi Feng did not feel too strange.

In fact, if you think about it, the magic notes written by Ebago are the national treasure of the Ten Holy Empire. The preciousness is more than the Legendary Level. If you can get it, it will be a big profit.

Just as Shi Feng was about to give up, thinking about whether or not to let Ebgrere make a picky Legendary Fragment, Ebgre suddenly spoke again.

“But you don’t have to despair. I made some originals when I made the magic notes. Although many of the originals are no longer in my hands, I still have a manuscript of the magic notes, if you don’t If this manuscript is delivered to you,” Ebago said, he took out an old book with a hint of magic.

This old book looks very worn, but it gives people a timeless taste, as if there is something in the world that is hard to destroy.

“Thank you, Hero, I will save it.” Shi Feng looked at this book of magic notes and couldn’t help but take over the magic notes.

Although there is some loss of the complete magic notes, it is beyond Shi Feng’s expectation to get one of the magic notes.

To know that this is what makes Ibago a master craftsman, even a single book, is worth far more than the Legendary Fragment, comparable to Legendary Level items.

“Don’t thank me, if you have anything in the future, you can contact me with communication crystal.” Ebgrere nodded with a smile and immediately disappeared into the eyes of a stream of people.

System: You get the appreciation of E Bagre, and the degree of goodwill increases by ten.

System: Ebago has a hundred points of goodwill for you, you become a friend of E Bagre.

Blackie and others on the side looked at it for a while, and did not understand why Shi Feng asked Aba Gray for a dilapidated note, and he was too excited to see Shi Feng.

After Shi Feng took away the magic notes, the Skywalk Overflow not far away came directly with a white energy crystal.

“Guild Master, this Ugnehem drop is very strange, my Master Level identification is not able to identify this crystal.” Skywalk Overflow took out the energy crystal, with a hint of excitement in his eyes.

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