Looking at the system prompts, Shi Feng directly chooses to enter the second floor of the Magic Temple.

During the time, Shi Feng’s foot appeared a triple Magic Array, which instantly turned into a streamer that broke into the corridor wrapped by the Magic Array and disappeared into the eyes of everyone.

As Shi Feng blinked again, he was already standing in the hall of a magnificent temple.

The whole hall is magnificent, surrounded by twelve Spiritual God statues. These statues are full of infinite vitality, supporting the zenith of the entire hall, and also emitting a touch of Divine Might, which makes Shi Feng feel like a back. A huge boulder is generally heavy.

“The strong Divine Might, if you change to Tier 2 career under the pressure, I am afraid that it will not move.” Shi Feng looked at the statue in front of him, and his heart was secretly surprised.

He felt a little struggling after taking a few steps. If he switched to Tier 2 career, I am afraid that if I appear in the hall, I will not be able to get on the ground.

And under this pressure, the mental power is constantly being consumed, and it is impossible to stay here for a long time.

Just as Shi Feng’s second floor of the Strange Magical Temple was set up like this, the walls around the hall were also open and there was a corridor, a total of three corridors, each leading to a shrine, and in these shrines. The middle is filled with a variety of magic scrolls, and even in the center of the temple there is a stream of pure gold books.

“Magic Array Book!” Shi Feng looked at the pure gold books in the temple and breathed a little.

Because the Magic Array in the temple is not a general magic town illustration, but a high-level Magic Array in the kingdom and empire.

To know that the Holy Beast Descend Magic Array as a Guild card is just an Intermediate Grade Magic Array, a powerful high-quality Magic Array icon can definitely be regarded as a treasure of the town, and the Magic Array in front of the scene is a high-quality Magic Array. Some are rich in magic.

It’s just too far away to see what kind of advanced Magic Array illustrations are.

Just as Shi Feng stepped into the corridor, a magic Array suddenly appeared in the corridor, and there were nine Magic Arrays in front of Shi Feng’s.


Shi Feng looked at the Magic Array that appeared, and some of them understood how the magical temple on the second floor was going on.

These appearances of Magic Array are more difficult than one, and the three corridors also have strengths and weaknesses, such as the first layer of Magic Array set up is very different.

The easiest is the Intermediate Grade Magic Array, followed by the Advanced Magic Array. The hardest way to set up a corridor is the Master Level Magic Array, which is not the place where Common players can come.

And in this hall, the mental energy is constantly being consumed. According to Shi Feng’s estimate, he can only spend six or seven hours at this time and consumes mental energy. This is because he has blood and is replaced by other Tier 3 I am afraid I can only stay for four or five hours.

That is to say, he has to crack the Magic Array in six or seven hours, otherwise he will not be able to enter the temple in the corridor.

As for destroying the Magic Array, it is just a joke.

There are twelve statues of Spiritual God in the face of such a Divine Might, not to mention a Tier 3 career, that is, the Tier 4 career can not destroy the Magic Array in the corridor, except for the Tier 5 occupation, but how strong the Tier 5 career is, The player wants to be promoted to Tier 5. The career doesn’t know how long it will take.

It is impossible to borrow external forces, because in the moment of entering the hall, he can use the backpack space, and other props are not used.

“The time is limited, it seems that I can only start with the simplest Magic Array.” Shi Feng thought about moving to the corridor where the Intermediate Grade Magic Array was set up.

The first Magic Array set up in this corridor is an Intermediate Grade Magic Array, but the difficulty is not low. It is definitely in the middle and upper reaches of the Intermediate Grade Magic Array. It may take a lot of money for Common Intermediate Magic. The time is only possible to crack.

However, for Shi Feng, a master who is only half a step away from the Magic Array master, it is much easier to crack, but it takes less than two minutes to get it.

The difficulty of the second Magic Array is only slightly improved, and it is about 20% complicated. Shi Feng took three minutes to get it.

The third Magic Array is also the Intermediate Grade Magic Array, but it is the top Intermediate Grade Magic Array, which took Shi Feng to take almost five minutes.

But when I saw the fourth Magic Array, Shi Feng was slightly frowning.

“Is this a high-end Magic Array?” Shi Feng looked at the simple Magic Array, which was very simple, and he was very surprised.

Although the top-level Intermediate Grade Magic Array is easy to crack, it is because he is only half a step away from the master. It is probably a matter of 20 minutes to break into the senior magician of Common.

The Magic Array Advanced Magic Array is not even comparable to the Intermediate Grade Magic Array. This is the essential difference. Now, the fourth Magic Array is already a high-end Magic Array, and then I can’t imagine it.

But to think about it, Shi Feng did not stop cracking the Magic Array.

The fourth Magic Array Shi Feng took 12 minutes to crack, and the fifth Magic Array did not improve as much as Shi Feng imagined. It was also Common’s Advanced Magic Array, which was just a bit more complicated, which made Shi Feng only spend In fifteen minutes, the sixth Magic Array reached the middle level, and Shi Feng took nearly twenty minutes.

As for the difficulty of the seventh Magic Array, it didn’t improve as much as Shi Feng imagined, but it also reached the upstream level. It is impossible for Common’s senior magician to crack it for an hour or two.

It took Shi Feng half an hour to get the advanced Magic Array.

The difficulty of the eighth Magic Array is directly at the top level. Even Shi Feng feels a little tricky, but after spending an hour, the eighth Magic Array is still fixed.

At the moment of the eighth Magic Array, the ninth Magic Array also appeared in front of Shi Feng’s.

“Master Level Magic Array !” Shi Feng looked at the magical power of the Magic Array, and almost wanted to come out.

Master Level’s Magic Array is essentially different from the advanced Magic Array. It is not only complex, but also needs to be multi-purpose. The manipulation of magic is not something that Common people can do.

However, only the last Magic Array from the Hall of the Temple, Shi Feng is still going to try it.

The Master Level Magic Array in front is very Basic Grade. It is not impossible for his half-step master magician to use it. It only needs to be used with one heart and three hands, and the magic control of these three positions must be used at the same time. Different speeds are depicted, otherwise they cannot be completed at the same time.

If these three locations cannot be completed at the same time, the rendering of the Magic Array will fail.

Shi Feng took a deep breath and began to carry out the magical depiction of the three positions at the same time, carefully controlling the output of the magic of the three places, too big, too small, too small, this magical control is the former Tier 2 occupation It can’t be done at all.

The first attempt was because the magic of the three positions had two positions that were too large, resulting in no success, which led to the failure of the crack. The second attempt failed because the output of the two positions was small, and the difficulty was even harder than the needle lead. More than double.

However, the repeated attempts also made Shi Feng feel the magical control of the Master Level Magic Array, which is similar to the magical control of the magical body. Even the magical manipulation of the magical body can be controlled like the Master Level Magic Array. The efficiency of the magic can be greatly improved.

Seeing the bit by bit, the rest of the time is getting shorter and shorter, leaving less than half an hour, Shi Feng’s spirit is getting more and more embarrassing, but Shi Feng’s Focus is getting higher and higher. The brain will become more and more active, even forgetting the manipulation of the body, and treating the magic as your own hands and feet.

On the Magic Array, the magic of the three positions gradually produced different flow rates, and the magic of the previous too fast or too slow was adjusted to some extent.

Seeing the difference between the magic lines in the three positions, the magic of the three positions is perfectly maintained at the same time to reach the final node.

“It’s done!” Shi Feng couldn’t help but get a little excited.

I saw that the last three magical forces reached the node at the same time, and the entire Magic Array was completely formed, and it burst into a dazzling brilliance.

Shi Feng’s ear also heard a system sound.

System: Congratulations to the player being promoted to Master Level Magician.

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