RSSG Chapter 2426

With the appearance of the old man and others, the atmosphere of the original silence has once again become tense.

“The head of the team is not easy to do this. It is actually which old man to run for himself.” The tiger prison looked at the 13-level Wang Ting master and the headed old man standing in two rows, his face was heavy.

At this time, the team of the 13th Wang Ting, all of them are Tier 3 occupations, the number of people is more than the sum of them and the blood of the war, it can be said that the strength of Super-Guild is revealed.

And the old name is probably not known to all the major forces in the Dragon Heart Island. After all, this old man is the real veteran and major shareholder of the thirteen kings, all witnessing the growth of Super-Guild thirteen kings. Even the current Guild Master has to listen to this old man in some respects.

It is the real power of Super-Guild.

Among them, Dragon Heart Island is completely calculated by the old man, even the Guild Master of the thirteenth kingdom can’t just intervene.

This time, the Blade of their Heaven’s Vault had to deal with the thirteenth royal court in order to protect themselves.

Of course, this transaction is about the first, whoever arrives at the rescue first, who is the backbone of the tree of life, but now the old man of the thirteenth king of the court personally came over and things are not so easy to do.

“No matter who they come from, the agreement is an agreement.” Ziwei’s words are plain, and there is no such thing as the appearance of the old man and others. “This time, only the thirteen kings can run away.”

The words of Ziwei are to worship and admire everyone at the edge of Heaven’s Vault.

It was because of the power and absolute justice of Ziwei that they wanted to join Heaven’s Vault, but it was also a headache for everyone.

Thirteen King Ting is Super-Guild.

So the fascinating people rushed over and let them return without success. This kind of thing, the thirteenth court, may be difficult to accept, let alone the old man who led the team.

It is very likely that one is not good, and the thirteen kings will clean them all.

On the other side, the original bloody soul of the sorrowful blood, at this time saw the arrival of the thirteenth royal court, his face could not help but reveal a trace of a bright smile.

“It’s good! Here I have to look at what Zero Wing people should do!” The swearing-blooded gaze can’t help Shi Feng look at it, and the excitement is even common to Common people.

He is very clear about the appointment of Heaven’s Vault and the thirteenth court.

If Zero Wing didn’t come before, they would have been desperate for their bloody battles if they met the thirteen kings.

This point can be seen from the fact that more than 50 Tier 3 occupations have been dispatched from the 13th Royal Court.

And there are two old left and right hands in this team. It is a man and a woman who are standing behind the old man and whose face is completely covered by fog. Although these two people have no performance and fame on Dragon Heart Island. However, he has secretly learned that the strength of these two people should be able to rank in the top ten of Dragon Heart Island.

Because the two men secretly had a single match with the sorcerer of the Emperor’s Temple, the two sides were equal.

These two masters and fifty Tier 3 masters are absolutely on the Dragon Heart Island. I am afraid that even the team of the three peerless monsters will not be willing to play.

At this time, the thirteen kings appeared, not only will not become their enemy of blood, but will become the biggest helper.

Unless Shi Feng is willing to abandon the trunk branches of the tree of life, or wait for Shi Feng’s to be the sanction of the thirteen kings, then he does not mind helping the thirteen kings.

Just when Heaven’s Vault’s blade and the blood of the battle both sides figured out this matter, the old man and other people who came out of the inner corridor also clearly understood the situation on the spot.

“Zero Wing is one step ahead?” He looked at Shi Feng, who stood in the distance and was opposite to the blood. His face looked a little bit bad.

The change of the old face is so noticeable to the top players. After all, the Tier 3 profession is too strong, and some subtle expression changes can’t hide the perception of top experts.

The atmosphere of the audience became a bit cold.

“It seems that this is going to be a war?” The tiger can’t help but have some headaches. The gaze whispered to the side of the van Gogh. “You can see if you can find a way to persuade the Black Flame, the hero does not eat the loss, right. On the thirteenth Wang Ting and the blood of them, we have no chance of winning at all.”

For their head, Ziwei, he is very clear, it must be persuaded.

The only possibility is to see Shi Feng himself. If you are willing to give up the trunk branches of the tree of life, then this battle can be avoided, but if you hold the backbone of the tree of life, it must be with the thirteen kings. Blood and others fight.

“Let me persuade?” Van Gogh sighed and couldn’t help but smile. “Tiger brother, this is probably too difficult.”

On the way, she is very clear about Shi Feng’s character. Once decided, it must be a road to the end, and this is the decision of Zero Wing, she can’t do anything outside.

Just when the tiger prison and other people had a headache for this, the bloody war soul and other people also took the initiative to go to the old man.

“Hello, hello, I am the head of the bloody vows to swear by the blood.” The vowed blood warrior said with a smile, “For your old name, we have been long-awaited for a long time. Today, since you are old, you have come personally, we The blood and the Star Ring are also going to quit the battle for the tree of life, no longer managing this matter.”

“It turns out that you are the head of the bloody battle. The young people are really better than the one generation.” The old man looked at the respectful bloody soul and nodded.

“If there is anything we need to help us with blood, then we can say that we can help the affirmation.” The bloody soul could not help but glance at Shi Feng in the distance, faintly laughed, “If anyone is confrontational Old you are disrespectful, we will definitely make him look good.”

The attitude of the vowed blood warfare suddenly made the entire staff of Heaven’s Vault’s blade a little nervous.

I didn’t think that the bloody soul could give up the tree of life so simply, and even stood on the side of the thirteenth royal court, which is very unfavorable for them, whether it is the blade of Heaven’s Vault or Zero Wing.

“Thank you for the old man.”

He smiled and laughed. He did not care about the bloody soul, and went straight to Shi Feng with his men.

As the old man and others are getting closer and closer to Shi Feng, the members of Heaven’s Vault are getting more and more nervous, and the air is getting more and more dignified. It is a feeling of great war.

“I hope Guild Master Black Flame is not too persistent.”

Although the tree of life is important, there are still many opportunities for the remains of the melting fire. If you play with the thirteenth royal court at this time, it is not a good thing for Zero Wing. After all, the power of the thirteenth royal court in Dragon Heart Island, Not at all, blood and Star Ring are comparable.

Not far from seeing everything, the bloody soul is a sneer.

Now, as long as Shi Feng has a bad choice, I will face the full suppression of their blood, Star Ring, and Thirteen Wangting. Even if Shi Feng chooses to compromise, the tree of life is so precious that it has no connection with Zero Wing. It is.

So no matter how you choose, Shi Feng can’t get any benefit.

Just when everyone thought it was necessary to make a hit, the old man also walked to Shi Feng’s and watched Shi Feng quietly.

“Guild Master Black Flame, we met again. This time, I congratulate Guild Master Black Flame. I can get here from the outside of the melting fire, so I have to admire the old man. If Guild Master Black Flame has Time, you can come to the thirteenth Wang Ting’s residence, Yi Yi that child has always wanted to cooperate with Zero Wing.” Looking at Shi Feng with a smile, it is like seeing an old friend.

As the old man finished, whether it is standing in the distance, the bloody soul, or the tiger prison, etc., all of them are stunned and can’t believe this is true.

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