RSSG Chapter 2427

“How is this going?”

“Why are you so polite to Black Flame?”

In the quiet hall, some people in the place were unbelievably looking at the old man, and they did not understand what happened.

As the elder of the thirteenth royal court, he said in the thirteenth king’s court that many things, even the 13th King’s Guild Master, had to listen, and it was one of the giants of Dragon Heart Island.

How could it be so kind to a Zero Wing Guild Master?

“What happened in the end? Isn’t the thirteenth king court even the tree of life not to be?” The vowed blood warrior looked at the old man’s eyes full of surprises and puzzles.

The preciousness of the tree of life, I am afraid that there is no super power to be unmotivated, after all, it can produce valuable items for the resurrection of NPC, and even get the fruits of life that enhance the potential of NPC protection.

This can be said that there is no small improvement for any super power.

Obviously he has clearly expressed his willingness to help, and he does not want any return, but the old man still gave up this great opportunity, which is simply incomprehensible.

At this time, not only the vows of blood, but also the eyes of Heaven’s Vault are incredible to watch Shi Feng.

“Where is this Guild Master Black Flame?” The tiger’s watch looks at the ambiguity of the old man.

The name of the old man is very famous in Dragon Heart Island, and it is still a tough name. Even in the face of the super-powered Guild Master, it never gives a good face, even in the sea, to win the treasure, with Two super forces played a game and alerted the entire Dragon Heart Island.

And that treasure is nothing more than an Epic Rank item, and the two are not at the same level as the trunk of the tree of life.

Because of this, he decided that the old club would do it, and even if it was done, the major forces on Dragon Heart Island couldn’t say anything. After all, the thirteenth king court did not promise the backbone of the tree of life to give the winner a hand. snatch.

Now don’t say that the old man grabbed it, and he congratulated him. He suspected that Shi Feng was not the Guild Master of Zero Wing at all, but the Guild Master of Super-Guild.

At this time, Van Gogh was stunned on the side, and I did not expect such a situation.

Just when everyone was surprised by this, Shi Feng was slightly surprised by this. I didn’t expect this old man to speak so well.

“I have won the prize, I will definitely go there in the future. In God’s Domain, there are many places in Zero’s Zero Wing that we want to cooperate with the thirteen kings.” Shi Feng responded with a smile after a short surprise.

The old man is friendly and wants to cooperate on the tree of life. This is a good thing for Zero Wing. After all, the 13th King Ting is the Super-Guild on the Eastern Continent. Wang Ting’s full cooperation has helped tremendously after the development of Zero Wing.

And it is not an easy task to make the trunk branches of the tree of life alive. This can be done with a lot of precious resources.

Like the blade of Heaven’s Vault, although it has the backbone of the tree of life, with the resources of Heaven’s Vault, I am afraid that the trunk branches can not survive, only to look at it.

“That’s it, I will be very happy when I am happy.” The old man looked at Shi Feng and was willing to cooperate. He couldn’t help but smile more.

“Of course, we, Zero Wing, have always wanted to work with the thirteenth royal court.” Shi Feng nodded very surely.

For the cooperation with the thirteenth royal court, he is not a joke, nor is it casual.

Thirteen King Ting’s headquarters are located in the corner of the Eastern Continent, where the plains and mountains are famous for producing a variety of ores, many of which are the main materials for the production of more than 100 weapons.

Because of this, the thirteenth royal court has strengthened many superpowers in the previous century’s hundred-level weapon equipment.

If Thirteen Royal Court can provide a large amount of main materials stably, their Zero Wing can definitely lead other super powers in the weapon equipment, and there is no need to worry about the problem of insufficient materials. After all, Zero Wing currently occupies too little territory. The superpowers simply can’t compare, and the materials collected mainly depend on the market and the Heavenly Secret Pavilion channel, which is very unstable.

The main materials of the weapon equipment sold in the market are largely to look at the major forces. If the major forces are unwilling to sell, it is difficult to buy on the market.

In the last world, because the drop rate of the hundred-level weapon equipment has been greatly reduced, the main materials in the market that can produce the hundred-level weapon equipment are not only sold at a high price, but also the number is unusually rare. They can only rely on those sold by free players, but they cannot Support the development of Guild.

That’s why, after the mainstream level of God’s Domain reached 100, those First-Rate Guilds have always been better than those of superpower.

As Shi Feng and the old man talked more and more happy, Van Gogh, who looked at the distance, was a big mouth.

Everyone in the field is a master, and the emotional perception of the player is clear.

If you said that the performance of the old man was just a slap in the face, now it is true that Shi Feng is treated as a friend, and this is even their head, Ziwei, even the bloody group of the first adventure group on Dragon Heart Island. The long-swearing blood war soul is not qualified.

After Shi Feng and the old man talked for a while, Shi Feng said goodbye to the old man. According to the agreement with Heaven’s Vault, everyone with the blade of Heaven’s Vault left the melting fire.

“Black Flame!” The bloody warfare is watching the Shi Feng who is leaving the team. The anger of the heart makes the blood-stricken members around him chill.

Before Shi Feng killed him on the spot at the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion, he lost his face.

Now he has to watch Shi Feng take the people of Heaven’s Vault’s blade to leave, it is a shame.

“The swearing blood leader also asks you to calm down. The people of the thirteenth Wang Ting are still there. We are not suitable for hands-on now.” Sword Demon looked at the bloody soul of the anger in the anger, and could not help but whisper.

Shi Feng’s strength is close to the three peerless monsters on Dragon Heart Island. Now he has a relationship with the thirteenth royal court. If he starts to work, all that is waiting for them will be destroyed.

Sword Demon’s words slightly calmed the bloody war, and his eyes could not help but sweep away to the thirteen kings.

I saw that the members of the thirteenth royal courts were staring at them at this time. It was obvious that as long as they started, the thirteen kings would be unceremoniously shot to them.

This makes the blood of the vows look silly.

Thirteen Wang Ting does not intend to snatch the tree of life. It is no problem to maintain neutrality. Now he is still standing on the side of Shi Feng. He doubts whether these people are pretending to be thirteen.

When is the relationship between Zero Wing and Thirteen Wangting so good?

And with Shi Feng and others completely leaving the altar hall, the bloody war soul can not help but look at the thirteen Wang Ting’s old man.

“Hey old, what do you mean by this?” The vowed blood war soul has completely ignored the other, not asking, “If you don’t want the tree of life, there is no need to do this!”

For the Super-Guild of the thirteenth royal court, their blood and Star Ring may not be opponents, but they are not able to resist on the Dragon Heart Island. It is common to give some face, but now he can’t manage that much. After all, it is impossible for the thirteenth king court to fight against the blood and the Star Ring for a question.

“I am here for you.” The old man did not have the slightest anger for the question of the bloody war, but he shook his head and laughed.

“What do you mean in the end?” The bloody soul was even more angry.

He slapped him and told him that it was good for him. He was just joking.

“I know that you have the support of the Emperor’s Temple after the bloody body, so you are unscrupulous on the Dragon Heart Island.” The old man glanced at the bloody soul and sneered, “but you probably don’t know, just before, Black Flame has already defeated the members of the Emperor Temple Lord who led by Lin Xie, and even almost killed a sneak attack with a single hit. It is already recognized as a peerless monster. I believe this news will soon be uploaded on Dragon Heart Island. Are you still planning to go to Black Flame for a game now?”

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