RSSG Chapter 2428

When the old voice fell, the blood of the hall and the members of the Star Ring sucked a sigh of relief. For a long time, they couldn’t say a word, and they were full of surprise and disbelief.

“The lining elders are defeated?”

The vowed blood warrior looks at the old man, can’t believe it is true, but the old man does not need to lie to him, and he also knows that Linxie really brought the members of the main force of the Devil’s Palace to come over, at the time. On the top right.

However, the elders of the Devil’s Palace are the top ten masters of Dragon Heart Island. Even if Sword Demon has improved its strength after being promoted to Tier 3, there is still a big gap with Lin Elder.

Moreover, there are two deputy heads next to the Lin Elders. The strengths of the two deputy heads have been personally experienced. I am afraid that Sword Demon can fight, others are worse, plus other Tier 3 Occupation is a top player with a special blood, strong strength, it can be said that on the entire Dragon Heart Island, in addition to the team of the three peerless monsters dare to fight, other super-powerful teams will not work.

Now the team led by Lin Elder’s elders has retreated. Even Shi Feng almost made a move to Insta-kill Lin Elder, which made him believe.

“I know that you won’t believe it. I have the video of the battle recorded at the time. You can see it yourself.” The old man looked at the bloody soul who was completely stunned, and a smile appeared on his mouth. Then he passed a video message to him. The vows of blood and soul.

Before the war, they faced the warnings of their thirteen king courts, and even dared to chase the Blade of Heaven’s Vault, which made him somewhat angry.

At this time, he does not mind letting the bloody soul and others know about their own weight.

Although Shi Feng’s battle video is still secret, but the character who swears to the blood of the soul, as long as you check it, you can get it immediately, so he does not intend to hide.

“How could this be?”

The whole person stayed with the battle video of the bloody warfare.

Because this battle scene is more exaggerated than he imagined.

In the video, Shi Feng is not only a one-handed insta-kill, but also a person who is chasing the main team of the Emperor’s Temple, so that the masters of the Emperor’s Temple are hiding in Tibet. It is a one-sided battle…

“Now do you still think you can fight Black Flame? Just because of your strength, I am afraid it is not enough for him to kill alone. Of course, if you think you can fight the three peerless monsters on Dragon Heart Island, you can Let’s try it.” The old man looked at the horror of the bloody battle, and could not help but laugh.

“No wonder he didn’t care about us before, and he already has such strength.” Sword Demon looked at the battle video and his face was white.

He asked himself to be stronger than the deputy head of the konjac. This is because of the realm, but Shi Feng is facing the konjac. It is simply a move to Insta-kill. If he is replaced, he will not be good, even if it is an open battle. The array is also almost the same as Lin Qi, and the result will not change.

The swearing of the bloody soul is a complexity that cannot be said.

Both frightened and fortunate.

Frightened, I didn’t expect Shi Feng to have the power of a peerless monster after being promoted to Tier 3. Fortunately, because there was no war with Shi Feng, otherwise the loss of their blood will definitely be very serious, and even forced to get a hole, but this is The last thing he wants to see.

“I have already reminded you, I heard that your blood is not small with Zero Wing’s aggro. You will be self-sufficient in the future.” He looked at his face with a bad bloody soul. He smiled and took people away. The altar hall.

Before the bloody battle, there was the Emperor’s Temple behind him, and they did not put their thirteen kings in their eyes. Now Zero Wing has a peerless monster like Shi Feng, and the days after the bloody battle are not so good.

“Damn old fox!” The vowed blood warrior looked at the old man who left, and his heart was wide.

At this time, the old man told them that these are not good at all, but remind them that their backstage has touched the nails, and they have no arrogant capital.

“Head, this Black Flame has such strength, we will probably become very difficult in the future.” Deputy head Mo Xinyu couldn’t help but say after watching the video.

They fight blood but there is no less fighting with Zero Wing on Dragon Heart Island. If Shi Feng, the Guild Master, ignores the high-handed hands of their blood, their blood loss may be very heavy. The most important point is that they still take Shi Feng has no way…

“It seems that I can only go to the Devil Hall and the Star Ring to talk about it.”

The bloody war soul also understands that the situation is now beyond their control. It can be said that they are not able to cope with the blood. The only hope is the Star Ring and the Emperor Temple. After all, the influence and strength of a peerless monster is terrible.

It can only rely on these two super forces. Star Ring can develop across two continents. The headquarters of the Devil’s Palace is a ten-sacred empire built in one of God’s Domain’s four empires. It can compete with Super-Guild. Not the super power of Common.

At the same time, the news that the Emperor Temple Lord’s squad was defeated by Shi Feng was like a long wing, spread throughout the Dragon Heart Island, especially the strength of Shi Feng, letting the Dragon Heart Island The super forces were taken aback.

One person defeated the main team of the Devil’s Palace, and this strength is also available to the three peerless monsters on Dragon Heart Island.

Because of this, the attitudes of Dragon Heart Island’s major superpowers to Zero Wing have also begun to change.

If the big powers of Dragon Heart Island feel that Zero Wing is close to some super powers, but the overall strength is bigger than the big super forces, the two sides are not at all a level, then now Dragon Heart Island The attitudes of the major superpowers to Zero Wing are treated equally, at least to the Shi Feng Master Guild Master, which is no less than the super-powered Guild Master.

Not because of anything else, just because Shi Feng can have the power of a peerless monster in Tier 3, but there is the ability to change the battle in the Tier 3 team battle.

To know that the Tier 3 career in God’s Domain is not so successful, even those top players have nearly half of the unsuccessful, others need not say, although everyone will follow the level upgrade and equipment upgrade, There will be more and more people moving to Tier 3, but this number is definitely not much compared to the total number of players in God’s Domain.

And Common’s transfer of Tier 3 is completely different from Tier 3, which has passed the difficult task. This has been recognized by the major superpowers.

Simply Shi Feng can now show such terrible power in Tier 3, which means that Shi Feng’s difficulty level when transferring to Tier 3 is absolutely high, and the future achievements and strength growth should not be underestimated.

When the entire Dragon Heart Island vibrates for this, Shi Feng also walks out of the melting ruins with the owner of Heaven’s Vault. The members of the super powers on the way see Shi Feng, just like seeing Ghost. Like One, they have opened up a road, and the scene is spectacular, so that the members of Heaven’s Vault’s blade are stunned and heartfelt.

I have to say that in God’s Domain, strength is everything.

Their head, Ziwei, although very strong, is ranked in the top of the Dragon Heart Island in MT, but this strength can not attract the jealousy and respect of the super power, in contrast, Shi Feng is different, one person You can kill a Tier 3 team, and even if the power is too strong, you can’t do it.

“Guild Master Black Flame Thank you for taking us out personally. According to the agreement, the trunk of this tree of life is yours, but the trunk of this tree of life has completely withered, and it is very difficult to live.” The state of its own blockade has been lifted, and then a dark gray crystal stem is removed from the backpack, which is a little pity.

For the backbone of this tree of life, although very precious, compared to other life-like branches, this trunk has completely withered, even a trace of life has no breath, even if it is obtained, can not live It is unknown.

“Is it completely withered?” Shi Feng took over the crystal branches and could not help open the All-knowing Eye.

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