On the resident square, with Shi Feng opening, Nine Dragon Emperor was in the face and couldn’t help but cast an angry look on Shi Feng.

Playing such a big battle, even the entire Haotiancheng is on the verge of enemies.

How could it bother you to talk about things?

Moreover, he managed to incite all the Guild members present, and let these people have a longing for the cooperation of the myth of fantasy. Now, because Shi Feng’s appeared, they were all shocked and cooperated with the myth of fantasy. Forgot one side.

“No, Guild Master Black Flame, you didn’t bother us, and the time came just right.” Feng Qianyu heard Shi Feng saying that his mouth could not help but reveal a rare smile, and his eyes turned to the cold poetry. I took a deep breath and said with great certainty, “The Cold-Guild Master, although I really want to work with the fantasy myth, but the shares of Candlelight Firm can’t be sold.”

With the refusal of Feng Qianyu’s righteous words, the entire resident plaza has been silenced. The members of the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion are looking at Feng Qianyu one by one. The eyes are incomprehensible, but surprisingly no one is noisy.

If Feng Qianyu refused to cooperate with the fantasy myth, they would definitely not understand very much, and doubt Feng Qianyu’s ability as the Pavilion Lord.

But now the three airships of Zero Wing Guild appear in front of them, and they can’t really question Feng Qianyu.

You know that this is an airship, and if you look at the Zero Wing, you will definitely get more airships in the future. For this kind of Zero Wing that has complete control over the air, I am afraid that there is no super power to dare to provoke, especially at sea. On the route, the fleets of the major superpowers are not worth mentioning.

With the safe transportation line at sea, the marine resources of their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion will be guaranteed.

Even their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion can borrow Zero Wing to attack the sea and go to more areas of the sea to develop, so that the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion’s sea power can be further developed. After all, an airship can master the sea range and three ships. The range of seas that can be controlled by airships is a world apart.

If the shares of Candlelight Firm are sold, their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion may not be able to take advantage of the power of Zero Wing. After all, there is a share of allies and allies without shares. The relationship between the two is completely different, especially in Zero Wing is not willing to give shares to other people, it is not an ally, or even an enemy.

“Thousands of rain, you have to think clearly. At present, we should know very well about the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion in the Heavens Revelation Empire. The Heavens Revelation Empire has already seen a lot of potential forces on the sidelines, and you should know more clearly why we are braving. The risk shifted the city to Yu Tiancheng.” Nine Dragon Emperor looked at the silent Dragon Phoenix Pavilion members and couldn’t help but say, “If we can work with the fantasy myth and get the Battle Demon, our Dragon Phoenix Pavilion can quickly become neutral in the 100th level. The map stands firm, and with the resources and equipment of the 100-level neutral map, our Dragon Phoenix Pavilion’s position in the Heavens Revelation Empire will be completely stabilized. Do you want to give up this opportunity?”

If he didn’t see Zero Wing’s three airships in front of him, he wanted Feng Qianyu to lose his heart at the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion, so now he is eager to let Feng Qianyu break with Zero Wing.

After all, Zero Wing and Feng Qianyu are absolute allies. Zero Wing is strong and Feng Qianyu is strong. On the other hand, the fantasy myth is different. Maybe it will make Feng Qianyu reach an unattainable height in Guild for the time being, but the fantasy The myth is not an ally with Feng Qianyu, but with the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion, but he has many opportunities.

If he switched to Zero Wing, he didn’t have a chance.

Fortunately, this time the myth of fantasy has come up with items that are urgently needed for the entire Dragon Phoenix Pavilion. The Guild veterans present cannot be unmoved.

Their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion is super First-Rate Guild, but among the many super-powers, their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion can only be in the middle level, and a mid-level super power is occupying the Black Dragon Empire and occupying the Heavens Revelation Empire. Moreover, both of these empire have occupied a lot of resources and territories, which has nothing before.

However, the current forces have invaded, and there are some new superpowers that make their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion very difficult.

To this end, their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion is also a fight, transfer the Tiancheng City, intends to take the dominance of the hundred-level neutral map, but other super forces are not eating dry food, there is no less resources and combat power.

Nowadays, with the props such as the Battle Demon, their ability to open up a hundred-level neutral maps at the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion can be greatly enhanced, which is what the Guild veterans are most eager for.

After the opening of the Nine Dragon Emperor, several of the Guild veterans were also frowning and couldn’t help but look at Feng Qianyu, which meant that Feng Qianyu was thinking about it.

Battle Demon’s help for their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion’s 100-level neutral map is very large, and the benefits are not necessarily worse than Zero Wing’s, even higher. After all, the airship is Zero Wing, not their Dragon. Phoenix Pavilion, and if you reject the myth of fantasy, that is the face of the myth of fantasy.

As one of the five giants in the Virtual Game world, the myth of fantasy is willing to condescend to cooperate with their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion. It has already given the face of Tianda. If you reject the myth of fantasy, it is tantamount to playing the face of fantasy myth. The myth of fantasy will definitely not give Their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion is good for fruit. Then the myth of fantasy is mainly developed in the western continent, but after all, it is the five giants, and it is a breeze to want to complete their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion.

At this time, Feng Qianyu was also a little face, I did not expect Nine Dragon Emperor to play such a hand.

When I saw that I couldn’t move the Guild members, I immediately turned to the Guild veteran. Although these Guild elders didn’t manage much, they were the same generation as the Great Pavilion Lord. The influence of Guild was very big, even the Great Pavilion Lord. I have to carefully consider the speeches of these people.

“This Nine Dragon Emperor is awesome. It’s no wonder that the previous World can hold such a big territory in the Black Dragon Empire!” Shi Feng couldn’t help but glance at Nine Dragon Emperor, who was sneer at this time.

There are many planes in the area where the Black Dragon Empire is located. The battle is very intense. It can be said that except for Super-Guild, there is no super power that can confidently block the invasion of the plane forces, but the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion led by Nine Dragon Emperor blocks And did not let the original occupied territory lose much.

“Phoenix Pavilion Lord, don’t rush to refuse, our fantasy myth is very sincere about this cooperation. If it can, I can even sell some of the Tier 3’s Battle Demon pattern to the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion like Guild Master. Dragon Phoenix Pavilion has absolute dominance in the 100-level neutral map.” The cold light poem smiled, and could not help but glance at Shi Feng, saying that the three words of the dominance also deliberately paused.

For the current situation of the Dragon Phoenix Pavilion, she also knows that, as long as she can get the shares of Candlelight Firm, she does not mind Nine Dragon Emperor borrowing her power to pressure Feng Qianyu.

What they have come up with in mystery is not what Zero Wing can compare.

With the opening of the cold poetry, the presence of several Guild veterans was a little heavy, and the eyes were filled with excitement.

Although they don’t know much about the West China side, they still know some about the Tier 3’s Battle Demon, but there are only two or three Super-Guild in the West China that can’t be sold. If you can give Guild. On the Tier 3 master’s equipment, in the 100-level neutral map of the ruins of the hills, no one in the entire Heavens Revelation Empire can compete with their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion.

And with this power, their Dragon Phoenix Pavilion can also develop very well at sea.

Just when several Guild veterans wanted to persuade Feng Qianyu, and the cold light poetry slightly showed a glimmer of victory, Shi Feng suddenly took an old magic scroll from his backpack and handed it directly to Feng Qianyu.

As Shi Feng took out the magic scroll, everyone’s eyes couldn’t help but turn to the magic scroll.

Not because of anything else, just because the magic of the magic scroll is not only huge, but also unusually rich, not exactly comparable to their usual magic scroll.

“This is a good sample before. If there is no problem, we can talk about the price and make a lot of transactions.” Shi Feng pointed to the magic scroll, which is very plain.

What Shi Feng said, let the cold poetry smile.

A magic scroll in the district thought that compared with the Tier 3 Battle Demon pattern, Feng Qianyu was able to support the face.

On the scene, a Dragon Phoenix Pavilion veteran with Master Level identification was curious about the magic scroll in Feng Qianyu’s hand and immediately took a breath.

“Advanced… Ancient Magic Formation Circle Scroll?!”

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