“This building is tall and tall!”

“What is the situation? Can Basic Grade cities build such tall buildings?”

On the main street, with the sudden appearance of the free hotel, the players on the main street were watching.

Stone Forest City’s tallest building can be 100 meters high, but the free hotel is not only more than 150 meters, but even the footprint is amazing, there is a large stadium size, not to mention a Guild. Cities are very rare in NPC cities, and only a few buildings can outperform.

It can be said that the free hotel just puts on the main street to give people an indescribable shock.

While the players on the street were talking about the sudden emergence of the Liberty Inn, the Zero Wing in front of the Liberty Hotel was also watching.

Although they already knew that Shi Feng had made the building they built not simple, but the moment they were actually built, they let them understand how powerful this free hotel is.

Outsiders may not be able to understand, but they have entered the free hotel but they are very aware of how powerful the free hotel is.

Because after entering the free hotel, it is like entering another World, the internal space is far larger than the outside world, and the magical intensity inside the free hotel is simply high.

If the magical intensity of the outside world is counted as 1, then the magical richness in the free hotel is between 2 and 3. This magical richness is not achieved in the Basic Grade meditation room with the highest magical intensity in the Candlelight Firm.

And this is still not done…

To understand that the buildings in God’s Domain are built and not built, the difference between the two is very large. After all, the Magic Array of the building is integrated. The Magic Array of the building is incomplete before the last Magic Array is engraved. Only after the last Magic Array has been engraved, all Magic Arrays are integrated to achieve the Magic Array effect.

That is to say, the magical intensity of the free hotel before, just relying on the effects of various rare materials, without any bonus of Magic Array…

And these are not counted, the height of the free hotel itself is more than 150 meters is enough for them to yearn for it.

Not only because of the small mountain scenery that can be seen in the Stone Forest City, the Stone Forest City all around is a place where the scenery is like the Immortal Realm. It can be seen from a height, just think about it. They are all very refreshing. They just stood in the scenery of the 27-8-Layer, so they feel comfortable. If they can stand on the top floor, it feels better.

In order to make their own moods happy, they are afraid to spend a lot of money here for a day, let alone that the rich magic can greatly increase the effect of accumulating double experience points. Quite a lot, after all players in the 100-level neutral map activities need to go back to the city to rest, and the double experience value that can be stored during this break time is more or less, but the impact on the player’s upgrade speed is not small.

When the architects of Zero Wing were excited and excited, Shi Feng looked at the free hotel in front of him.

In the last life, he went to the main city of other super-powers to experience the free hotel. Today, Zero Wing has its own free hotel.

To know that as the top building in God’s Domain, it is not just a small number, but the powerful function is the reason why countless forces are crazy.

However, waiting for Shi Feng to open the system interface of the free hotel, take a closer look at the free hotel, there is a system hint sound coming from the ear.

System : The large free hotel was built successfully, rewarding all players with a level of +1 and a free life proficiency of 8,000 points.

System : The large free hotel was successfully built. The popularity of Stone Forest City increased by a thousand points, the city’s prosperity level was +1, and the popularity of Stone Forest City increased by 10%.

System : Congratulations to Stone Forest City as the first Guild city with top-class architecture, and the title of Liberty City, which allows more NPCs to come and live.

System :Stone Forest City To qualify for an Intermediate Grade city, do you want to be promoted to an Intermediate Grade city?

A series of system hint sounds not only made Shi Feng’s level increase from 1Level 11 to 1Level 12 in an instant, but saved a few days. Shi Feng was also surprised to see it.

“Is this the title of Liberty City?” Shi Feng looked at the system hint column and didn’t know what to say.

In God’s Domain, it’s easy for players to get the title, but it’s very difficult for a city to get a title, and the title of Liberty City is a Guild city, which is what every force dreams of.

Because under the title of Liberty City, it is not only easy for Human race NPC to come to the city, but also attracts a large number of other ethnic NPCs, especially those NPC caravans and NPC guards, that is to say, they are not only after Zero Wing You can enroll the Human race NPC and recruit NPCs from other races.

To know that Human race’s innate talent in God’s Domain is not very good, compared to the strong constitution of the Giant Human race and the affinity for the earth, as well as the affinity of the Spirit Race for the magic elements and the keen sense of the Orc family. The Human race really has no advantage. The reason why it can occupy most of the land of God’s Domain continent depends on the inheritance of knowledge and constant research, and there is a huge amount.

With pure wheelwork, the Human race NPC is far worse than the Giant Human Race, the Fine Spirit Race, and the Orc.

However, Shi Feng did not think too much, because the title of Liberty City will not be effective immediately after the acquisition, it will take a considerable amount of time, and what really matters is to promote Stone Forest City to Intermediate Grade City.

Intermediate Grade City!

This may not be too much for the current forces. After all, those NPC cities are just like that. Even if the city is promoted, it will only increase the floor space and accommodate more players that’s all.

However, the major forces are not clear, the Guild city is the Guild city, and the NPC city is the NPC city. The two are not a type of thing at all.

In God’s Domain, the Basic Grade city simply has a city shape that’s all, and only a promotion to the Intermediate Grade city is a real city.

That’s why he wanted to be promoted to Intermediate Grade City before entering the 100-level map, especially the city on the 100-level neutral map.

Because after the promotion to the Intermediate Grade city, the city’s defense system can really be opened, and the Guild city has the foundation to live on the 100-level neutral map.

Shi Feng then chose to promote Stone Forest City.

System :Stone Forest City is a 100-level neutral map of the cold spring forest. To be promoted to Intermediate Grade City, you need gold coins five hundred thousand and magic crystal hundred thousand. Do players want to be promoted?

“Promotion!” Shi Feng did not hesitate.

Then I saw that Shi Feng’s backpack was missing five hundred thousand gold and hundred thousand magic crystals. It was all over time that the entire Stone Forest City was covered by a huge Magic Array. All Stone Forest City players were directly transferred. Outside of Stone Forest City.

“What happened? How was it suddenly transmitted?”

“What happened to this Stone Forest City?”

The players who were sent out of Stone Forest City looked at the virgin forest in front of them and Stone Forest City, which was completely covered by magical barriers. All of a while, they didn’t know what was going on.

However, when some players are in a state of sorrow, the expression on the faces of some members of the major forces is not surprising.

“Is this Stone Forest City going to be transferred?”

“No, I have seen some promotion of Guild towns before. This magic barrier is very similar to the promotion of the town. It should be promoted by Stone Forest City.”

“I rely! No! Stone Forest City has been promoted?”

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