RSSG Chapter 2680

Silver Wing Small Town, Junior City Wall.

More than 10 metres of tall city wall is now surrounded by players who have come to fight the Holy Plastic Army, but each and everyone has been deeply shocked by the current landscape as these players come to the city wall.

The black-compressed sacred monster can be said to be completely hopeless, the weakest of which is the High Lord of 11Level 0, strong even 1Level 22, while the shrine monster is slowing down the siege of Silver Wing Small Town, as if the night comes to the earth in general, causing deep fear…

“这么多Legendary Rank 圣塑monster ,我们真的挡得住吗?”

The members of the major venture groups present and the freedom player who came to the RUF looked at the scene and was a source of fear and despair in their hearts.

More than 300,000 players, who had left behind by Silver Wing Small Town, had relied on the defense of Magic Array in Silver Wing Small Town, and felt that there was a possibility of a war, and that, after all, it would have been possible to drag over 56,000 high-ranking Lord Rank’s sacred plastic devastators.

But the number of plastic saboteurs who come now is not only over 100,000, but even eight of Legendary Rank’s plastic swallowers, which are completely complete in the minds of the people.

At this point, it is the Indestructible War Heart and Fantastic Wort and the others that are also watching in the city wall.

“More than 100 thousand plastic devastators, eight sacred plastic swallowers, who really see us.” At 1Level 16 Indestructible War Heart looked at eight great silhouette around Silver Wing Small Town All around, and couldn’t stand to say with a bitter smile.

This war Spirit Uprise sent a royal Legion in Guild to assist Zero Wing, even with two Tier 4 Summon Scroll and 100 heavy cars.

With Crimson Emperor and Zero Wing in their projections, Silver Wing Small Town should not be a problem.

But he still looked at the power of these sacred monster, not to mention eight plastic swallowers, the plastic devastators of more than 100,000.

After all, the common Tier 3, faced with the devastators of the high High Lord, was simply unable to do so, and several people would need to join forces to attack the city in order to hold those who destroyed the sacred plastic without attacking Magic Array and the city wall.

And the Tier 4 Legendary monster out of summon can hardly do anything against tens of thousands of plastic devastators. The only use is to keep a part of the city wall from attack and reduce the defensive pressure of these players to that’s all.

Now, once the plastic swallowers come out, there’s no chance of reducing pressure…

And the hallucinations at the side of the hallucinations also point out nodded, and it’s complicated in the eyes.

“It appears that only one more time has come…” The fantasy looks at a silent move outside a thousand yards, directing the other plastic swallowers of St. monster to feel a deep powerlessness.

Although she had some confidence in Shi Feng, it was feared that Shi Feng would not even predict that Shi Feng, or even Shi Feng, was that the great superpower would not expect such a horror at the pace of San monster’s development.

It took so long to get Legendary St. monster’s birth from their Crimson Emperor, and now it’s only one day, and that’s eight more plastic swallowers.

Even if they can resist these sacred monster days, I’m afraid they will never resist the next day.

Just as people are sighing and powerless, Silver Wing Small Town’s trees suddenly rise up a golden beacon, which is a very clear one, even thousands of yards apart.

As this golden beacon emerges, the sky is completely turned into daylight, and as the dark sky becomes daylight, the magic of the heavens and the earth as a whole is like something that has been sucked out of it, magic is becoming increasingly thin, even if the players who are less sensitive to magic can clearly feel a little inappropriate.

“This is the soul 6 – layer curse!” The fantasy looks at the magic pillars of the sky, and the face has changed, and “The man of the Holy Heart is insane, with this lock, Forbidden Spell!”

The 6 th-layer curse is a very rare lockdown in Gods Domain, Magic Array, which needs to always sacrifice thousands of Tier 2 players in the legal system and 100 Tier 3 systems, so Magic Array has no superpower to use.

The simple reason is that this Magic Array could indeed close the border, dissolve the magic, prevent the player from leaving the region, and if death is not only severely punished by death, the soul will be weak for 15 days, but the use of this Magic Array player page is very serious.

Death forever!

Only the role created is permanently extinct, and the player can only be rebuilt.

However, when the people in Silver Wing Small Town have not reacted, there has been a sudden massive magic mirror in the upper sky of Silver Wing Small Town, which shows that the people of the Holy Heart who are practising the law, not others, who were killed by Shi Feng shortly ago.

Black Flame, didn’t you think about it? “The eyes in the picture said with a sneer,” I said you’d regret it, didn’t you very hard to deal with it? Now you see all Silver Wing Small Town swallowed by the Holy Plastic Army and Zero Wing removed from it! “

The insane eyes and the cold words of Silver Wing Small Town, all of the players present, are creepy.

It’s crazy!

Even at the expense of thousands of high-ranking Tier 2 jurists, and at the expense of hundreds of Tier 3 high hands, this is not even Super-Guild.

“Zero Wing is over!”

“The hand of the Holy Heart is a bunch of crazy people who can’t get into trouble! Even with such methods, the alliances of Zero Wing and Zero Wing will not only be swallowed by those sacred monster, but will also be punished by Magic Array’s weak soul death.”

The great superpower hidden in Silver Wing Small Town looks at the wild eyes of magic water mirrors, and each and everyone can feel the cold will and fear of this stabbing bone even as bystanders.

And at a time when Silver Wing Small Town’s people fell into despair, several silhouette also appeared on Silver Wing Small Town’s open city wall, where Guild Master Shi Feng of Zero Wing Guild was not the leader.


the face of Silver Wing Small Town’s cold smile, Shi Feng looked at the magic mirror in the sky.

“It’s so noisy, but it’s the 6 th-layer curse that’s all, what do you think this is gonna do?” Shi Feng doesn’t care.

Shi Fengs has little voice, but for Silver Wing Small Town, who died in silence, Shi Fengs is very clear.


as Shi Fengs is down, the whole Silver Wing Small Town becomes a scream at the end of the day, and I don’t think Shi Feng would dare to die more quickly.

“courting death!”

“Strike down! He’ll be good at it!”

“It is also estimated that Black Flame has no choice but to figure it out.”

The superpowers look at Shi Feng in magic mirrors, each and everyone are full of shi Fengs’ rhetoric and smile, and perhaps there is no real threat or effect to the mere curse of 6 – layer, but, together with the blackrepression of the Holy Plastic Army outside that city, that is definitely the nightmare of all players.

“No use? Then let me see if the six-layer spell will be useful or useless for you after your attack by the Holy Plastic Army.” The eyes are not angry with this, but they’re low with a smile.

With all the eyes, the Holy Plastic Army, far away from Silver Wing Small Town, came up.

Millions of St. Plastic Army embrace, just like the tsunami, where the earth is crushed, space exploded, yelling at the sky, sucked in a breath of cold air for all of Silver Wing Small Town, and some Tier 3 hands can’t even stand back.


Shi Feng watched the infinite jirga coming up, and then waged his finger at three plastic swallowers in the sacred monster bunker far away.

All around Silver Wing Small Town, five Magic Tower shoots red white light together and bursts into the sky.

Not until people react, the Holy Plastic Army has fallen over a giant red white light.

And then the red white light began to spread to all around, and blinking swallowed everything, including three hundred yards of the sacred plastic swallower, as if the whole area had vanished from nowhere in general and never existed.

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