Reincarnation Paradise Chapter 2533

2533. Chapter 2507

    Chapter 2507

    Within the flame, Su Xiao sat on Black Dragon’s back, and the veteran running down there went straight to the sand.

    On the back of the dragon, Su Xiao looked at a red ring in his hand called “Pernial’s ring.” From this morning on, it started heating, and now it has become a little hot.

    “The descendants of the Pennier family.”

    Su Xiao will be earning in the storage space of [Pernil], and he is still a late step, and in order to ambush the world, he will not be able to return to the sand for the first time, and a certain person in the sand will probably have started and won.

    Although it was not possible to return to Saudi Arabia for the first time, there were 220,000 veterans under Su Xiao, and if the situation in Saudi Arabia was serious enough to be packed, then hit in.

    Less than ever, Su Xiao will not do so, which is the capital of the Kingdom of Flame, allowing veterinary knights to attack the capital, the soldiers’ morale will be low and some loyal officers to the Kingdom of Flame will even resist their lives.

    Everything needs to be looked at after returning to the sand, and in any event, to let the veterans under his hands drag the guards in the sand, Su Xiao just killed the world with artificial tactics, and the same trap, of course, he won’t go in.


    Great Army walked all the way through two deserts, and a large number of fairies came in front of it.

    Boubo Wang, who first divorced into the sand, ordered Su Xiao to be present outside the city on the northern side of the sand.

    The immediate vice-president, Winn Eyul, is a personal letter from Su Xiao on her way up, and she is able to redeploy the 220,000 veterans at a critical moment.

    The city gate on the northern side of Shadu was opened up, and a Royal official came from the city, where the guards were standing on two sides of the city gate to organize a welcoming ceremony, and Su Xiao had just attacked the Kingdom of Peru and was treated in a normal manner.

    On Black Dragon’s back, Su Xiao did not come to the Council to meet the Royal Officials, who were waiting for information from Boubo Wang.


    he’s right, the Shadow is in this corner, the winner is Queen Camilla and the cousin Carlos.

    Su Xiao initially did not discover the anomalies of the two sisters, even when he met the King of Peru after entering Peru, and had not guessed the plans of the two sisters until the god of neutrality was swallowed.

    Su Xiao was informed of a number of information in Rayton Red, respectively:

    1. Now the Shadow Emperor in Saudi Arabia is a fake king.

    2. The family of the true royal Pennier of the Flame has been slaughtered and the bloodline has been broken.

    In both of these information, article 1 is correct, and the second mistake, Su Xiao has acquired [the Pernial ring] a character that will be broken after the death of the Pernial family.

    The people of the Pennier family have not died yet. ‘coincidence’ is that the gods of life have been swallowed, you know, the Pennier family has a family called God.

    At the time of the previous negotiations, according to King Peru, the First Generation Sacred Emperor was not at all an alliance with a neutral god, nor a true god of faith in the flames. The First Generation Sacred Emperor was not an alliance with a neutral god, but was the leader of the army to seize that neutral god and steal that god.

    And occasionally, they can drink wine with the power of God, or stopped, and the Pennier family can be cleared, so they imprisoned that neutral god and allowed each other to provide it on a continuous basis.

    In order to ensure that the gods do not die of energy failures, the First Generation Sacred Emperor envisages an approach to publicizing the existence of the gods to a certain extent that the civilians of the flames believe in it, thereby providing a small measure of strength of Faith and ensuring that the gods do not die.

    As a result, the First Generation Sacred Emperor succeeded and the special physique of the Pennier family was allowed to continue, without any cost of heavy money, to buy a small amount of god’s power from the Death God.

    After a generation of rule, the fake king appeared, the father of the present generation, and the king was ambitious, and he was united with the noble Uno, and a family that was not seen, the brave.

    If the King joined the two, he still felt not to be the opponent of the Pennier family, so he looked for the gods of life and persuaded him to die sooner or later, and the Pennier would need the energy of the new gods to continue that powerful special physique, and the next imprisoned god is you, the goddess.

    God knows that this is not a threat, but a fact, so he finds the King of Peru, Springin, and he leads the bridge from which to talk to the King of Peru.


    King of Peru’s original idea is, what’s the good thing? When the Kingdom of Peru was beaten to find the North soon, it was agreed to the alliance of the fake king.

    If the King, Ueno, the brave family broke into the Rosemary Palace at night and attacked the Penny family, they already thought that the winning tickets had been stabilized, with the result that they were almost hammered, that the Pennier family was strong enough to make no sense, and that they had no need to protect them at all, and those guards were only seen to foreigners.

    That is why the history of the world has emerged as a result of the timely arrival of the Sovereign God and of the King of Peru, the ultimate victory of the King, the subsequent victory of all those associated with the Pennier family, historical records and so on.



    King of Peru was tricked? No, of course, there has been a change in the situation in the central battlefield in a few years, since the entire mysterious disappearance of officers of the Pennier family led to the collapse of the front line of the flame, and since then the flame has not been cheap in the middle of the battlefield.

    According to Su Xiaos’s investigation and speculation, this is the history of the blank of the Kingdom of Flame, the usurpation is not a bright thing, and if the king will certainly cover up, help him do this, it’s the god of the flames.

    This is the god Su Xiao has seen the most bitter beeping, which is worse than the one at home, who has not been seduced, locked up and often smoked the power of God.

    Following the failure of the Pennier family, the goddess could be taken off as they were, if the King attached great importance to the gods and cooperated with her, by means of which both sides wiped out everything about the Pennier family in the Kingdom of Flame.

    If the king died, Su Xiao did not investigate, the only son of the other party was the current king of the sand, and then everything happened after Su Xiao arrived in the world.

    When Sasha asked him for Goddess, he felt wrong, and, more importantly, he got the ring.

    Thus, Su Xiao still has no doubt that the descendants of the Panell family are in the sand, and that he can think of another name of the Pennier family after the “eaten” of the Moroccan god.

    He wanted Goddess, Goddess was closely linked to the life of God, and only three of them were eligible for Goddess, the Emperor, the Uno and the Carlos.

    Simple exclusionary guesses that there may be the descendants of the Pennier family in the Kingdom, Uno and Carlos, and the answer is that Carlos, Penny Carlos, and her younger sister, Penny Camilla.

    In Su Xiaos’s feelings, Pernil Camilla’s behavior was strange, and the other side was like the Shah Emperor’s chess, but it was the younger sister of Carlos, the descendants of the Panell family, how could he be cast by the Shah Emperor? It doesn’t make sense.


    specific plan of the Panell two sisters, Su Xiao, was unclear that he had not stayed in the sand for too long, as far as he understood, much more of the Pennier family secrets, and the secrets between the two countries.

    Just as Su Xiao thought, Boubo was rushing back.





    Su Xiao has some inconceivable idea, and the two sisters are waiting for themselves in the Rosemary Palace? If it’s just that, it’s not the same as sending heads.

    Don’t forget the crucial point that Goddess were caught by Su Xiao and Goddess stayed in Segova for a while, when the sand was so hard to ask Goddess, Su Xiao would certainly be prevented.


    Boubo Wang also screamed, Su Xiao’s step stopped because Boubo Wang said that only two people were identified in the Rosa Palace’s dorm, half of whom was Carlos, and Queen Camilla, who lost his ability to walk, had dozens of breaths, which should be related to the special physique of the Penny family.

    (This chapter is over)

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